Here’s our inventory of the equipment and other items that members can borrow. The more notice you give before requesting anything, the more likely you are to get it!

Please email your requests – explaining what you’d like to use, for how long, and for what purpose – to: 



1 x 3m square gazebo in black travel case with wheels

20 x medium pegs, 4 x large metal pegs

12 x grey rubber guy rope tighteners

4 x gazebo sides in black bag

1 x gazebo roof (in black frame bag)



10 x blue display boards (1m sq approx.) in square black travel box

4 x blue wooden feet with poles for display boards

33 x grey post sections for display boards in boxes



2 x 6ft folding tables

Pink and green tablecloths



2 x large vinyl FBA banners

Various SausageFest A3 posters (laminated)

Various bits of correx board (A3 and bigger)



2 x big plastic boxes with Union Jack bunting

Various cerise, green and blue balloons (SausageFest) + 2 x balloon pumps



20 x hi-vis waistcoats (1 at Jenny’s)

3 x boxes of 2012 t-shirts (various sizes)

4 x Union Jack waistcoats



40 x empty Christmas light boxes, 2 x large empty ones

12 x black collecting buckets with white lids (1 at Jenny’s)

30 x 2 x 6 long wooden stakes

10 x “Fly Leads” – see below (converts 16amp socket to 13amp – for use on Market Hill, and other venues)

Fly Lead