FBA Member GFT enters Bosshog at Wantisden Hall

GFT bootcamp is a successful bootcamp based in Framlingham Suffolk.  It has been running in Framlingham for 2 years and is owned and operated by Kelly Goody a personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience within the fitness industry.

This year GFT Bootcamp is taking part in the Bosshog at Wantisden Hall, Woodbridge on the 14th October.  ‘I have over 30 bootcampers taking part this year and everyone is pushing themselves to do the Bosshog race’.  The Bosshog race is around 7miles long with over 35 obstacles set amongst lots of mud and lots of water.

Last year GFT Bootcamp took part in two events.  The Filth Girl Mud Run Camping Party in Derbshire and The Wholehog in Suffolk.   ‘Everyone that took part in last year’s events had never done anything like it before and were buzzing when they had completed it’. Said Kelly.  ‘It is such a lovely feeling to have people come up to me after the race and thank me! And tell me that they would never have dreamed of taking part in the past as they would never have been fit enough or brave enough to even have attempt it!’

GFT bootcamp is not about ‘beasting’ people it’s an exercise community where confidence is built, jiggly bits become less jiggly, and everyone pushes each other to reach their fitness goals.  It’s a mixed sex class which is fun, challenging and varied and everyone works out with tyres, battle ropes, powerbags, suspension trainers and kettlebells.

You don’t have to be fit to attend as each session is tailored to have a progressive or regressive exercise option for you to get the best from a workout.  ‘Of course, if you want the be ‘beasted’ then I can do that too’!

To find out more then get in touch.  Sessions take place at Thomas Mills High School, Saxted Road, Framlingham on Mondays and Wednesday at 7:15pm

07901 923 874



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