The meeting minutes listed below are approved, unless it states “DRAFT” at the start

Monday 16th July 2018 Bi-Monthly meeting – Minutes

Present (at The Lemon Tree, Framlingham):

Jenny Stockman (FBA Chair) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Seckford Foundation

Richard Whitaker (FBA Vice-Chair) – Fram B&B/Richard the Architect

Steve Calver (FBA Management Committee) – DJ/S.R Epic Sound and Lighting

Rebecca Winn – Winnthinking Ltd

Herve Duvoid – The Lemon Tree

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd

Victoria Perkins (FBA Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing

Meeting Chaired by FBA Chair Jenny Stockman

1.Attending –

Attendees and apologies noted, as above. Introductions were made.

2.Minutes from the last meeting (14th May 2018)-  for approval

Minutes for the March Bi-monthly meeting and AGM, were approved by Jenny Stockman and seconded by Richard Whitaker.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 14th May 2018
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.

Action: Volunteer Policy to be done by JW.

  1. FBA Insurance. Awaiting a final quote from alternative broker. Have requested full breakdowns per event, quote may be a Year quote rather than for specified 3 events – which could be less expensive.

ACTION: SC to continue to pursue, final quote to be considered by Management Committee at September meeting.

  1. Speaker – Rebecca Winn

 A summary of Rebecca Winn’s presentation to Framlingham Business Association – How the Ancient Greeks Made Friends and Influenced People

The period 500-336 BCE is known as Classical Greece – an era of new thinking, exploration and cultural change. Much of Ancient Greek thinking remains with us today.

Why do I think the Greeks are so brilliant?

They invented ‘democracy’ (unless you were a slave, woman, foreigner, non-landowner or male under 20 – but you have to start somewhere…). Everyone else could be heard at the assembly once a month.

Greek theatre – we still design our modern theatres to a strongly Greek model, including scenery and stage props. Our plays are also full of Ancient Greek echoes and conventions. Plus, they invented the word ‘obscene!’

Philosophy and science: Some scholars believe they worked out the basics of atomic theory, just by sitting and thinking about it. Consider this fragment of text: “Nothing exists except atoms and void. Everything else is opinion.” Accredited to a thinker called Democritus, who lived in Thrace at the end of the 5th century BCE. Mindblowing.

Medicine, though they didn’t always get it right… Philosopher Heraclitus tried to cure his fluid retention problem by burying himself manure. It didn’t end well.

Debating! Skilled debaters were the superstars!

In 500-200BC, as a great debater and influencer of others you were an A-lister! One of the most celebrated is Aristotle (384-322 BCE), and here it becomes interesting for us in the business world today.

The Aristotelian ‘modes of persuasion’ model is used by great negotiators, salesmen, customer service professionals and people managers, often without realising. It’s also commonly adopted by political columnists and speechwriters. When I cover the approach with training and coaching clients, I like to call it The Three Greeks.

The Three Greeks are:

Ethos – Credibility (distinctive character, spirit, ethics)

Pathos – Empathy (to do with emotions)

Logos – Logical Argument (reasoning)

To find out how to make friends and influence people like Aristotle, you can visit an article I wrote about it in 2012 here:

Rebecca was thanked for her thought and discussion provoking talk.

  1. Framlingham Town Council

Members of Fram Town Council were unable to attend this meeting.  The link to their current newsletter is:

5.FBA Events 

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival (TGFSF18), 10-4 on Sunday 14 October 2018

Event launch was at The Crown on 2nd June, attended by sponsor Suffolk Cottage Holidays.  JS has listed TGFSF18 onto the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.

Trade stands are booking, some would even like a 2 day event, but it was felt that wouldn’t be practical, SC will attend a similar style of event in Essex to research.

In the last 3 weeks 18960 have liked the last TGFSF18 post, and still being shared.  Website updates will be required, it was agreed that a student available for the summer would carry out updates at £5pr hour.  We have continued to receive a few on line ticket bookings.

SC would like to investigate aerial photos of TGFSF18. JW commented that we have a new member qualified to take aerial photos.

ACTION: JW to provide contact details of FBA member Ben Nichols to SC.

Nearly new crowd barriers have been purchased by SC for FBA, cost £370.  SC will arrange collection soon, also will arrange FBA branding for the barriers.  Barriers purchased to improve crowd experience and reduce queues at TGFSF18, most producers very keen on new format.  Barriers will also be available to FBA members, and partner local organisations, for their events.  JS reminded that FBA have a range of useful items available to borrow, see

ACTION: SC to arrange collection, branding, and storage arrangements.

JW had been asked by Patrick’s Newsagents about the set-up time for TGFSF18, after a poor access experience around the Cycle tour (see below).  SC commented that set up begins from 5am until about 9am, but that should not disrupt Patrick’s as it is FBA led rather than at the Cycle Tour.

ACTION: JW to inform D C Patrick’s.

The Harvest Exhibition of local businesses planned by St Michael’s Church to coincide with TGFSF18, will not now go ahead due to workload changes.  It is hoped to revisit this great idea in the future.  St Michael’s have been thanked for their input.

Heritage Open Day 8th September 2018 – Organisation in full swing.  National HOD website event content now launched, FBA have 7 events including a Photo Trail, History Trail, Food.  These events were sent to HOD, but they are behind uploading them, see:

Some event details being finalised currently, including food venues and camera club photo trail. Promotional materials have arrived, including a new banner.

HOD visitors will need to sign in as last year, they will only then receive a HOD sticker that entitles them to free entry/food/trail maps. One event will need to be booked, as there are limited numbers on the History Walk.  The sign in page will be analysed, as last year, for feedback to SCDC and to aid future planning.

Press will be done asap, the leaflets will be done soon once all details confirmed, as they need to go out the first week of August.

ACTION: SC will locate the 2 HOD banners from 2017

ACTION: Banner to be put up at the Co-op (permission sought)

FBA gazebo will be needed, JS commented that the gazebo is now stored with other FBA items (including TGFSF voting boxes and FBA display boards) and no longer at the Technology Centre.

Parking discussed, it hasn’t appeared to be a problem in past years, will review after the 2018 event.

Event future – RW has been advised that SCDC will not be able to provide funding for Fram HOD in 2019, but could again in 2020.  In line with other towns it is suggested we run HOD on a 2 year cycle.  This was agreed, and could allow focus on another event in Fram in intervening years, possibly around Suffolk Day 21st June – to be reviewed.

Christmas 18 – An initial meeting had taken place on 9th July, including representatives from FBA, Fram Town Council and Framfare.  Apologies had been received from interested retailers and Churches Together.  It was agreed that a 3 day event should take place:

Friday 30th November – Christmas Shopping evening and Tree Lighting, traditional theme.

Saturday 1st December – FOSM Tree Festival at St Michaels Church.

Sunday 2nd December – Christmas Market: Charity/Community/Business.

There would need to be separate groups to organise and run the event elements – with autonomous committees.

There would be a pooling of resources for road closures and traffic management, insurance, funding and sponsorship, raffle, promotion, branding and leaflets, event figures.

Another meeting is needed to ensure that tasks can be allocated, and to gauge progress on actions already set.  FBA are already looking at insurance quotes, have applied for some grant money (will find out in September), and will be looking at branding and promotion shortly.

FBA plans to ensure that Framlingham is appropriately decorated for the festive season, and are currently looking at tree quotes and the plan for installation and disposal.

ACTION: JW to arrange the next meeting, ensuring that key retailers and committee members can attend, plus other parties.

OVO Women’s Cycle Tour – 13th June 2018

Stage One departed from Market Hill Framlingham at 10.30am on 13th June, after a community ride out. The race returned to the top of the town around 12.30.  Two FBA committee members attended the VIP breakfast on Market Hill, 3 committee members attended an SCDC breakfast briefing followed by distribution of the new Framlingham Z Booklet to visitors to the town. This is a guide to what is currently happening in Framlingham – including Heritage Open Day, the Cycle tour and the Fram Lawn Tennis Club 125th anniversary Tennis tournament.  FBA are very grateful for the sponsors of this – Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils, Chris Hudson, Clarke and Simpson, Fram Town Council and FBA.  Booklets have been distributed within Framlingham at locations tourists and visitors can easily find, some have been delivered out of the area.

ACTION: RW to continue to distribute the Z Booklets, a list of suitable tourist venues has been drawn up.

Before the event RW and JW visited all businesses potentially affected by the road closure and parking.  Some questions and issues were picked up and addressed, including that Patricks hadn’t heard from SCDC about arrangements, RW actioned on this. Some businesses had not received the SCDC letter, so we were able to update them. Some businesses opened earlier, some closed or cancelled morning appointments, most were very enthusiastic about the event.

Event feedback – The Crown and The Lemon Tree felt that it had not been as busy as the organisers had predicted in their leaflet, but had felt well prepared with staff numbers – footfall had been up and they had been busy.  They felt that visitors had not stayed long as hoped after the race left.  Committee members at the event felt that while SCDC had wanted visitors to stay, the fact that some visitors wished to cycle or drive to the end of the Stage at Southwold meant that they didn’t stay very long – and once the race left the event organisers started to demount the venue elements ready to go to the next venue.  If Fram was the start venue again there would need to be more consideration on what would encourage visitors to stay longer – entertainment, music etc.  However we had great TV and press coverage, including an hour on ITV4 in the evening, and peak time coverage on BBC1 Look East and ITV Anglia News programmes.  Coupled with visitors receiving the Z Booklets, FBA are optimistic that visitors will return another day.

FTC had one complaint that tour buses had been parked in Church Street but there had been no obstruction.

Negative feedback from Patricks Newsagent, they (and a local milkman) had not been issued with the promised official stickers allowing them through to enable deliveries (between 5am and 6am), finally allowed through at 6.30am after long discussion.

There are concerns this inadvertently reflected poorly on FBA, although FBA was not involved – just attempting to aid maximum benefit and minimum disruption to Framlingham.

ACTION: RW to feedback poor experience to Sarah Shinnie at SCDC, and request an apology for Patrick’s.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business

Still delayed, due a new form required by the deciding committee.  It looks promising for the 3 year funding, if confirmed recruitment will go ahead in time for a re-launch on 2nd November.  SCB is valuable, helping all the associated business associations including networking for the individual chairs.

Traffic Management Course should be available soon, this should reduce the cost of events.

ACTION: JS to chase TM course information, and share with SC and FBA local partners.

ACTION: SC to check local Ladder course availability.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

There will be a social media update at the next meeting, as VP away at the moment.

SSL for FBA website.  SSL has been installed on TGFSF website by the host.  An SSL certificate has been purchased for the main FBA website, but requires a knowledgeable person to install.

ACTION: JS to look at the installation of the SSL certificate.

A second set of the Z Booklet has been delivered, without the Cycle Tour information. The initial set continues to be distributed, and the second set will be used once they run out.  Suitable places for distribution further afield have been researched.  The booklets will also be distributed at Tennis Tournament, HOD, Best of Suffolk and with Suffolk Cottage Holidays.

ACTION:  RW to ask if Fram Castle would like the Z Booklets, others to be distributed.


8.FBA Membership Update

Total membership represents 88 businesses, this includes a number of recent new members, some approaches have been made.  A new membership pack was approved, but it was agreed advisable for the Join FBA form to have a tick box for newsletter opt-in/Privacy Policy read.

ACTION: JS to look at Join form again, and change as appropriate.

ACTION: Membership pack to adjusted by JW, to take account of any changes above.

ACTION: Prince of India keen, needs to be approached again. 

ACTION: SC to approach Kelly Goody, once form ready.

It was agreed that the annual membership process should include a date by which payment would be appreciated, followed by one reminder.  At that point details can be hidden on the website.  JW suggested an email to the few that didn’t renew last year in case they wish to re-join, one such person had already approached JW about this.

ACTION: JW to process annual membership invoicing in August, as above.

Networking meetings – going well, slowly increasing numbers.

ACTION: Management committee to consider the networking name.

Membership fee – Membership fee is currently £60.  Those present at this meeting voted to keep the fee at £60 for 2018/19 membership year. It was noted that members would not be charged for Christmas trees, only non-members, so that the town would be appropriately dressed for the festive season.

  1. Management Committee

Management Committee Minutes – currently the minutes form these meetings are only published to those attending, these can only usually be FBA members and members of the management Committee.  In the interests of transparency the Management Committee feel that a report from the minutes should be available to all FBA members on the FBA website.

ACTION: JW to write a report for approval, then request uploading onto the FBA website.

AGM – reports should be sent to JW in time to send to members/post on website by around 20th August.  Reports include: Chairman’s Report, FBA Accounts, Election Procedure, and forthcoming events.

The management committee steps down at the AGM, and can be voted back in.  JS is unable to remain Chair as she has been in position for 2 consecutive years (FBA Constitution), RW is unable to remain as Vice-chair as he will be moving from Framlingham.  JS is willing to become Vice-Chair which would support a new Chair, in addition there is admin support.

ACTION: FBA members to consider Chair position for 2018/19. Nominations can be made anytime between now and the AGM.

FBA continues to look for new committee members, new FBA members and those considering joining the Management Committee members are very welcome to come to a Management Committee meeting (open to all FBA members) and/or talk to the Chair or other Management Committee members. Being a committee member is really interesting, and not just about volunteering to help. Please contact Jacqueline on or Jenny on

  1. AOB

CCTV – FBA Management Committee had met with Secure Response, awaiting further information and a new quote.  Information on CCTV unit style and colours is needed so SCDC can give initial opinion on suitability on the Grade 2 listed buildings, which will require (free) listed building consent, applied for by the building owners.  The new quote will take account of having just 1 DVR in a central location linked to all CCTV units.  This will mean there would not be the GDPR issues associated with individual DVRs on business premises – it would not be allowable for business customers to even accidently view DVR sight of Market Hill which is a public place.  It may also make CCTV a bit more affordable, currently there is £1K funding available for CCTV, but FBA have identified that on top of the set up costs, there would be annual maintenance visits costing nearly £900 per annum.  A discrete survey can be made to ensure the system would be workable, including the wi-fi signal required to the central DVR.

Once FBA have all the information they will inform all interested parties, and discuss with FTC the possibility of CIL funding.

Fram Business Phone Alert – A number of options have been considered by FBA, and Secure Response has also advised – FBA are awaiting more information from them before moving forward.

Framlingham Groups Meeting – this will be discussed at the next Management committee meeting.

Email Issues – SC had had a second opinion from Olly Stockman about the issues experienced by some of the committee.  The conclusion is that we should change to gmail.

ACTION: SC to contact Robert Chittock regarding codes to make changes.  He will continue to host.

Local Business Issues – Some FBA members had spoken to FBA about some concerns they had about duplication in the make-up of the market and in relation to the shops.  The shops had contacted FTC with their concerns and had copied FBA in.  Both the shops and FBA are supportive of the market.

RW had looked at the Market regulations, and felt that accurate factual evidence of issues should be collected by those concerned, he is happy to collate for members if they wish him to.  It was thought useful for those concerned, and a representative from FBA, attend the next PR and Markets meeting in September.

ACTION: RW to make a supportive walkabout.

Lime Trees –

During the recent walkabouts some FBA members had complained about the Lime trees on

Market Hill.  The complaints were that the trees had been insufficiently pollarded last time,

that the growth at the base of the trees was too bushy, that the tree overhang on the

Market hill pathway meant that people couldn’t walk along the path without being brushed

by the trees, that customers and staff had complained they had sap on their clothing, that

the buildings along the top path were in relative darkness, that the trees hid the view

of the businesses – with both customers and business deliveries not able to see the

shops.  The beds were untidy and had litter, customers had commented that it wasn’t what

they expected in Framlingham.  It was believed that pollarding would not take place for over

a year.  Previous complaints had not been satisfactory, as there was confusion about who to

complain to.  There had recently been a very light trimming of some of the overhang, but it

was insufficient.  It was felt that the community could become involved in improvements to

the area, one premises would be happy to water. The state of the wooden benches was also

commented on.

This matter was discussed in the meeting, noting that the ownership and responsibilities of

the lime trees and beds was a complicated issue it was agreed that the affected members

should contact Fram Town Council to ask who should be contacted about the trees, beds

and benches.

ACTION: JW to feed information back to one of the complainants.


  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members and FBA members.  The networking meeting is a new initiative, a quick half hour or so chance to meet up at a central Framlingham location with other local businesses.

Next FBA Management Meeting:  5.30pm, Wednesday 12th September, venue TBC

September Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting and AGM:  Monday 17th September, 5.30pm at Framlingham Technology Centre , guest speaker Victoria Perkins, Deep Space Marketing

Networking Meetings: Wednesday 25th July, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree and Wednesday 22nd August.

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard

Meeting closed at 7.30pm

Herve was thanked for hosting the FBA meeting

18th January 2016


Present (at The Castle Inn)
Jenny Stockman (January Meeting Chair/Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations
Richard Harrison (Management Committee) – RichWords Limited
Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin
Dan Wood ( Secretary and Treasurer) – Framlingham College
Richard Whittaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast
Kelvin Gibbs (Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd
Simon Tinkler ( Management Committee) – Ernest Doe
Trish and Chris Plant – Kitchen Range and Cookshop/Kr Bears and Dolls
Tony Man – The Castle Inn
Eileen Coe – Town Clerk, Framlingham Town Council
John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council
Geoff Mayhew – Framlingham Sports Club
Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance


Bill Bulstrode, Karen Haynes – Bill Bulstrodes
Verity Hales – English Heritage
Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Alan Williams – A W Artworks
Heidi Harrison – The Lemon Tree
Rev’d Mark Sanders – St Michaels Church



Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network from 5.30pm, followed by FBA business, from 6.00pm to 7.45pm.

  • Attendees – noted, and apologies for absence (as above). Jenny Stockman stood as January FBA Meeting Chair.


  • Minutes from last meeting held 14th December 2015 were approved by Richard Whittaker and seconded by Geoff Mayhew.

Richard Harrison noted that an email had been received from Bill Bulstrode, with questions relating to the minutes of the last meeting.

Some of the questions would be answered in agenda items including AOB, others at the next Management Committee meeting.

ACTION: RH to contact Bill Bulstrode with a reply to his questions.


  • Fabulous Framlingham Christmas – update by Richard Harrison, Richard Whittaker, Jacqueline Ward.

Christmas Trees – A plan had been made for erecting, collecting and lights. Bill Bulstrode kindly stepped in and ensured that everything was done, ably assisted by Karen Haynes,

Chris Plant, Geoff Mayhew and Keith Whatling. RH and JW assisted with the small tree light removal. The management committee would like to thank Bill for his efforts with

the small trees, and with his help on the big tree lighting. Jenny Stockman suggested a meeting with Bill in February, to ensure planning for Christmas 2016.  Christmas tree planning will need to be effective, with required extra help approved. There will need to be a Sub-committee to organise this aspect of Christmas, Bill will be asked for his advice and if he would be able to join.  The sub-committee will need to discuss the costs of the large and small trees.  Eileen Coe commented that the trees, with their synchronised twinkling, were very effective

ACTION: Meeting with Bill to be progressed from the Management Committee meeting.

Richard Whittaker will be the Chair of the Christmas 2016 sub-committee. This will cover the event itself, including Santa’s grotto and raffle – volunteers have already been asked to run these. There will need to be 6-7 members to organise the event and about 20 volunteers on the night – doing just one hour shifts.  The current plan is to run a very similar event to 2015, with partial road closure, unless funding available for the preferred option of full road closure.  RW was asked if he had consulted with previous organiser Fiona Mealing, he had but on road closure the procedure and cost has since become more complex.

Feedback for Christmas 2015 event was very good. Bill Bulstrode had queried the increase in the cost of Christmas leaflets and banners.  Richard H explained that the banners at the Co-op and Fram College were a new innovation and cost, the leaflets were high-class – designed locally by Tom Huggins – and had to be reprinted due to demand. These increased marketing costs had improved general awareness and buzz leading up to the event, and large crowds on the night.  Members of the public had enjoyed the event and thanked the FBA and RH for organising. There was profit for FBA and the majority of traders and the shops that were open reported good trade.

Bill had also asked about where the sponsorship and grants came from. Business Sponsors were Clarke and Simpson, Conrad Consulting, The Crown, The Round House, Framlingham Tech Centre, Fram College, Ernest Doe and Bulstrodes. Grants were from Suffolk county Council (£899), Suffolk Coastal District Council (£1500) and Fram Town Council ( £400).



  • Framlingham Town Council – report by John Ashley-Smith and Eileen Coe.

James Tanner has been elected as the FTC Chair until the usual election takes place on 5th May 2016. With the resignation of Cllr Carolyn Youngs there is a vacancy on the FTC. Anyone interested in applying should contact FTC Office for information (10 Riverside, Framlingham, 01728 720183 or

2017 Framlingham Calendar. Photographs of Framlingham and surrounding area are sought for next year’s calendar. Please send suitable photographs to Eileen Coe, as above.

The new FTC office assistant, Amanda Scott, has started her role – and doing a great job already. Her addition to the team means the FTC office will be open for 4 days, Monday to Thursday, at the usual times.

The Neighbourhood Plan. John Jones the Chair of the Neighbourhood plan Committee is doing a fantastic job.  The Pre-submission Public Consultation period is 18th January-28th February 2015. Information is available to download from or can be viewed at the Library and FTC office. Everyone is encouraged to read, and give feedback to FTC.

The Annual Rights of Way Walk was held 3rd January, and was a great success. The next walk is arranged for Saturday 26th March 10-12, please check website for details. Intended to be a social occasion as well as checking the rights of way.

I.D. (Speed Indicator Device) Gary and John continue move this around the town, both location and direction being varied.

Go-Kart Race. The PR and Markets Committee are looking to relocate this event back to Market Hill in March. Spadge Hopkins has sought funding required towards road closure and straw bales. Insurance is being researched.

Annual Parish Meeting 28th April, 7.30pm at St John’s Westbury Centre, Fairfield Road. All are welcome.

14th March, 2 Councillors will raise the Commonwealth flag on Market Hill.

Electronic communication is being set up, details being distributed by flyers. This gives people the opportunity to give their email address to FTC, via A database will then be set up as a way of getting news and information out to the local community.

FTC has agreed to fund additional street cleaning from 1st April to 31st

Eileen Coe will be looking to support Jenny Stockman with her plans for the Framlingham Sausage Festival event in relation to the Saturday market traders. Also on possible grant funding for other FBA events, including Christmas.

Queens 90th FTC has set aside £500 in the budget towards a town event.

FBA suggested that this is likely to be a Tea Party, hopefully on Market Hill.  Eileen Coe would write to County Councillor Stephen Burroughs requesting his help and support in waiving the cost of the road closure cost for this specific one-off event. The PR and Markets committee is keen to help and support an event organised by the FBA.

Jenny Stockman felt the event may be short of an event manager and volunteers, and that the FBA would lack someone to take on the whole project. Eileen and John Ashley-Smith agreed to help with an event, and Eileen would request the help and support of other Councillors.  Eileen noted that other groups in the town may be interested in helping and taking part. Kelvin Gibbs had spoken to Bill, as he had organised the 2012 Olympics and Diamond Jubilee events. Bill’s experience was that organising the big screen on Market Hill was easy to organise. Mark Jenkins is happy to be involved through the FBA, hopefully along with the Baptists. Jenny Stockman commented that a screen and marquee would be required, that funding would be required.  Eileen Coe would speak to Jenny regarding funding as she has a possible new contact.  Others suggested that there could be some catering, and tables provided, but that people could bring their own chairs/rugs and picnics. This would require less expense, organising and volunteers. Jenny Stockman volunteered to lead the sub-committee, aided by Eileen Coe, John Ashley-Smith and Mark Jenkins. It was asked if there would be national funding available for Q90, Eileen suggested applying to Awards For All.  It was also asked whether the event would be a fundraiser for local charities, reflecting the hopes of the organisers of the London Patron’s lunch in Pall Mall on June 12th. Both will be investigated through the event sub-committee

ACTION: JS to organise a sub-committee meeting.

  • FTC December Sunday Charity Market. This event has been run successfully for 15 years, with 18 out of 21 planned stands this year.  However it has experienced decreased footfall the last two years, possibly due to other similar events around, including an event in Woodbridge on the same day. It has been decided to not run it as a stand alone event again. It was suggested that the charity market could combine with the Christmas shopping evening, incorporated but in a separate area within Church Lane and Hollins parking areas. There would need to be a full road closure but FTC could have access to a grant for this, this could be applied for from April. It was noted that lighting would have to be looked at for the suggested charity stall locations.  With potentially more stalls there would need to be a fine balance with the shops, whose feedback for the 2015 Fab Fram event was positive.  The possibility of full road closure was received positively, fewer marshals would be required.

ACTION: To pursue this through the Christmas event sub-committee.


  • FBA Membership – Update by J W FBA Admin ( figures amended since meeting)

79 members renewals so far.  This includes some where businesses had changed hands mid year. Two others changed their minds and have renewed. There have been 7 non-renewals, 4 of which are because they have closed their business.  (At the same time last year we had 91 renewals and had lost a total of 12 members by the end of February). The 28 who have not as yet renewed have received reminders, some have said they are renewing.

During 2015 we had 7 new members join, including 1 since September. Another 2 are planning to join but have not yet completed the process. Interest has been shown by a couple of others, these will be followed up by JW.

ACTION: JW to follow up those not yet joined, and continue to remind those who have not yet renewed, with the help of the Management Committee.


  • FBA Banking and Finance

The online banking is now working for the FBA Admin.  This allows banking to be checked on a daily basis, financial updates and statements  quickly available for the Treasurer, Management Committee and event sub-committees. Transfers between the 2 FBA accounts can now be made more easily. On line payments can also be made, with 2 email confirmations from Management Committee members to keep in line with the 2 signatures required for cheque signing. The first on line payments have been made.

Dan Wood will complete the Year End accounts shortly, now that online banking is fully in place.

Banking (as at 18/01/16)

Community Account – £3748.57

Active Saver – £6062.60 ( includes £3064 interest applied 31/12/15)

Total £9811.17

Cheques yet to clear out of FBA account total £735.00

Overall total will be £8937.17

This figure is lower than the December total, largely due to the cost of the Christmas trees £2382. Some additional Christmas event costs of £84 and one charitable donation from the raffle profit of £112.50 have also reduced the figure slightly. We have invoiced Grant money totalling £2389 from SCC and SCDC, which has yet to be received.  FTC paid their grant money some time ago. Please note that we did receive all the grant money in for SausageFest.


  • Management Committee

Management Committee is to meet in the near future (arranged for 25th January post this meeting). This will include a review of the sub-committee memberships, working without a Chair and event planning.


  • FBA Events 2016

Q90 – This has already been discussed during the town Council part of the meeting, see agenda item 4. It was noted that Nick Corke of Rotary Club through Bill Bulstrode and Rev’d Mark Sanders have asked if there is going to be an event.  Geoff Mayhew asked if funding could be available from the Mills Charity. Eileen Coe said that local organisations will be approached. It was felt it should be a social event.

ACTION: JW to contact Mark Sanders and put in touch with Jenny Stockman

ACTION: Kelvin to speak to Bill to see if wishes to be a part of the event and for information.


AGM – Feedback has indicated that we should have a specific AGM, not attached to another event.  It is felt that a family/social event would be a good idea. Nothing planned as yet.

ACTION: Management Committee to progress AGM.


SausageFest – Jenny Stockman already planning the 2016 event, in partnership with Sandy Ruddock of Scarlett and Mustard – who has excellent contacts within the food sector. More national funding and sponsorship is to be sought. It will remain a fringe event of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, their sponsors can be approached for funding by the SausageFest organisers.  Jenny will be meeting the Aldeburgh event organisers soon.

The main focus will still be on local producers, but there will be an addition of some outside producers. There will be 3 categories – gluten free, classic pork and pork-free, there will be 3 prizes awarded.  All entries must include a local ingredient.

Jenny Stockman sought an answer on the re-naming of the event.  After some discussion it was agreed to call it The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival – reflecting it as a local event with a national profile edge.

Car parking will be charged, likely to be a reduced charge of £1 for the day for ticket pre-bookers, £2 for others.  This is to offset the cost of the Castle Meadow hire and the Rotary payment for car park marshals, this all totalled £948 for 2015. Discussion followed on reasonable charges, to be pursued by the sub-committee. Potential effect on parking around the town for this and any event was also noted.

Kelvin Gibbs noted that account should be taken of the increased PayPal charges, as this account is used for event pre-bookers.

More marketing would be required, a quote from last year’s marketing company was £3840- which although discounted was still more than last year.  Further quotes are being sought, Sara Green was a suggestion. Marketing would cover advertising, PR and social media.

A road closure for the event was being considered, as this is expensive it could however be a risk to profit. It would provide additional safety.  Alternative event plan would also be considered, probably not using John Grose as a site, The Round House and The Station becoming the most outlying venues.  Alternative venues within the town, eg Church Lane, could be considered.

ACTION: Jenny Stockman to progress ideas, some with Eileen Coe and FTC.



  • Suffolk Coast Business – report from Jenny Stockman

Jenny Stockman is writing to Suffolk County Council, explaining that the new road closure costs are prohibitive for events to bear, and that it relates to safety issues. Suffolk Chamber  Of                    Commerce and other Business Associations are also affected, and getting involved. Eileen Coe can contact all the Town Clerks in Suffolk to support this campaign.  Starting a petition,

and contacting Councillors and MP’s are other actions being considered.

SCB ‘Routes to Market’ event at Ufford Park on 23rd March from 9.30am to 2.30pm. There will be stands offering useful information and help for businesses.  £35 delegate

fee includes workshops and lunch. Booking details can be found on the SCB website on  – early bookers will be entered into a prize draw for a case of

wine. Trade Stand booking applications now being taken, on:  The event has some sponsors, more are being sought.

The SCB Board are asking business association members about the information and help they would like to see – help, lobbying, meetings, breakfast meetings, workshops.

ACTION: RH to email J S with some ideas, ideas from all FBA members are welcome. Please email to

Jenny explained that event management funding is being applied for to produce an event Pack.  There isn’t currently money to employ an event manager for all the member business

Associations. Jenny has resigned from the SCB effective April 2016, there needs to be someone from the FBA to replace her.  Please email Jenny as above for more information if you are                      interested.  There is a Chair and a paid admin in place at SCB.


  • AOB

Thomas Mills Careers Fair 4th February.  Jenny Stockman is helping promote this important event, hopefully encouraging more information and fun. If any businesses are interested in                      taking part please contact Sandra Treeby at Thomas Mills

A letter has been received from FAYAP, thanking the FBA for the donation given in recognition of their help at SausageFest 2015. A letter had also been received from St Elizabeth Hospice,               thanking the FBA for the donation from the Fab Fram Christmas raffle.

Bill Bulstrode is doing the London Marathon this year, in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

ACTION: RH to publicise on the FBA website

ACTION: JW to email FBA members


A letter had been received from the charity Home-Start.  They are planning a fund raising Jail & Bail event on the 11th March. If you would like to take part please contact them at or 01473 621104. The event involves being ‘arrested’ and put in ‘jail’ at The Shire Hall Woodbridge, you raise your ‘bail’ which is donated to Home-Start.  The

Charity aims to help give children the best possible start in life, matching trained volunteers with families experiencing a number of pressures.

Jenny Stockman noted that this meeting had been long and suggested that in future reports for the Bi-monthly meetings should be sent in advance and to be read before the next


ACTION: JW to prepare agenda 2 weeks in advance, to send out 1 week in advance with the reports.

Kelvin Gibbs appointed Chair for the next B-monthly meeting March 21st.

Richard Harrison was presented with a small gift in recognition and thanks for his time as FBA Chair.

  • Next Meetings – Bi-Monthly meeting March 21st Venue TBC     Management Committee and Q90 (Queens 90th Birthday) to be arranged




14th December 2015 – DRAFT


Present (The Lemon Tree)

Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

Richard Whittaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast

Andrew Niekirk (Vice-Chair) – Eagle Media

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations

Kelvin Gibbs (Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council

Geoff Mayhew – Framlingham Sports Club

Heidi Harrison – The Lemon Tree

Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance


Sarah Clarke – About Media

Verity Hales – English Heritage

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

The pre-Christmas get-together began with a free drink upon arrival, followed immediately with FBA business, from 5.30pm to 6.15pm.

       1)    Attendees – brief introductions by attendees as well as Apologies for absences (as above).

  • Minutes from last meeting held 16th November 2015 were approved by Richard Whittaker and seconded by Kelvin Gibbs.
  • Fabulous Fram Christmas – update by Richard H

Positive feedback from the public, stall holders and shop owners. Large crowds between 6 and 8pm; very quiet for the last hour (after the raffle was called). Suggestion from RH to move the event forward one hour (5pm to 8pm) was welcomed, on proviso that we close car park earlier (from 12 noon). Also need to stagger the arrival of stall-holders.

John Ashley-Smith gave feedback on the partial road closure, manned by two people wearing hi-vis jackets. He explained that some road users took little notice of sign (which had been praised by a policeman, since it was compliant with legislation that doesn’t allow anyone to use copies of official signs). Others did stop for information, particularly on disabled parking (perhaps need to sign-post this more clearly next time – it was in front of the trees along the left-hand side of Market Hill as you go up towards Church Street).

Discussion followed regarding parking around the town on the night. Castle Car Park and others were full, and parking was heavy in Double Street. There were a lot of people from outside the town driving to the event, so FBA should consider extra parking in future. It was noted that SCC has suspended parking charges for events elsewhere.

John Ashley-Smith said that some of the entertainers were unsure where to go, and Richard Harrison explained that they’d been given full instructions, as had stall holders. The clearance of parked cars from Market Hill after 3pm had encountered problems.  The Police, although fully aware of the event in advance, had been unable to assist and one car remained in place all evening.  Stall layout had to be altered to fit around it, which had an effect on crowd flow past stalls. Ideally the road closure would commence earlier in future.

ACTION: Richard Whitaker will organise the event next year and review feedback within                 

the Xmas even sub-committee (see item 5, below).  RH and JW to assist; about 5 people required.

Jenny Stockman asked about the distribution of raffle prizes, Richard Whittaker said that all were distributed or about to be. He also gave general feedback on the Raffle, which generated charitable donations (which in turn increased the number and value of the prizes donated).

It was also noted that the raffle and event on-the-night had a number of non-members making a valuable input to the success of the event.

Mark Jenkins commented that the evening was very popular and a resounding success.

Richard Harrison ran through the expenditure and income items for the event:


Item Last Year (£) This Year (£)
Grotto (Santa) 50 0
Sports Club 50 100
Raffle prizes 350 0
Raffle posters 0 30
Raffle ticket printing 70 70
Puppet Theatre 220 0
Entertainment 320 450
Horse and Carriage 80 80
Road closure 763 50
Leaflets and banners 204 740
Licences 21 41
Big tree 1050 1260
Small trees 780 1122
Xmas lights 610 848
Storage boxes for lights 58 0
Tree brackets 252 0
Sundries 107 0
Thank you gifts 140 109
Charitable donations

(SEH, EACH, Guides/Scouts)

0 350


Totals 4676 5250

We spent £465 more this year


Item Last Year (£) This Year (£)
Sponsorship/Grants 3090 3649*
Grotto 375 125**
Stall-holders 170 395
Raffle 810 874
Puppet Theatre 76 0
Small trees (incl sales) 282 640***
Totals 4803 5683

* Grants: SCC = £899; SCDC = £1500; FTC = £400

Sponsors: Local companies = £850

** We made it £2.50 for 5-and-overs and free for under-5s, and had 130 visitors in total. This means we only had 50 over 5s in the Grotto (accounting for the £125) and therefore 80 under 5s. For Xmas 2016, we should consider charging more for the older children, or charging for both age groups, to raise more funds.

*** Still 29 payments outstanding, which (if/when paid) will add a further £290 to our total.

Summary: Last year’s profit = £327; This year’s profit = £433

  • Town Council – report by Gary Kitching/John Ashley-Smith
  • The FTC Chair had stood down at the last full meeting. Stephanie Bennell was standing in for the time being, and it was hoped that a new Chair would be appointed very soon.
  • The budget had been looked at will be agreed at the full meeting in January.
  • The new assistant for the FTC office has been appointed, in addition to Eileen Coe and Jane Parlone.
  • The Neighbourhood Plan will be out in January, the final one prior to publication. The group now has a new leader – John Jones.
  • Charity Market held Sunday 6th December went well, and the weather was good.
  • The Annual Rights of Way Walk to be held 3rd January from 11am, starting at The Elms Car Park. To include points of interest along the way and concluding at the FTC offices at 1pm with mince pies and mulled wine.

Richard Harrison asked if the FTC grants would be at the end of January and the end of June. FBA is looking to run an event to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday, possibly as a shared event with FTC? GK/J A-S advised applying for January grant asap.

ACTION: RH to contact Eileen Coe re grant application.

Mark Jenkins asked about the fundraising of FTC Fram bags and calendars and Charity Market. GK/J A-S commented that the charity Market only really makes money for the charities, the main fundraiser for FTC is the November Firework event.

Mark Jenkins asked about FAYAP.  This is run as a charity and has recently bought a building.  It is helped by FTC, two FAYAP members Steve Lovett and Spadge Hopkins are also on the FTC. The Drill Hall money was queried, GK and J A-S explained this is for a capital project and is within a timeline.

A question was asked about the success of the Charity Market this year, given that it was promoted as being part of the Fab Fram Christmas weekend (along with the Tree Festival at St Michael’s Church). It was considered there had been neither a detrimental nor positive effect.

John Ashley-Smith asked if consideration had been given to alternative town Christmas decorations.  He highlighted the different approach in Saxmundham, where the whole town was lit, rather than trees on individual buildings. The general consensus was that the current approach was attractive and sympathetic to the town, and that the shape of Market Hill made other options problematical. Potential costs were also noted. There was also a need to consider the costs of what we currently do, there would be further expense should current volunteers be unavailable in the future.


  • FBA Chair vacancy/Management Committee meeting/Web stats – update by Richard H

FBA Chair – nobody has stepped forward to take on the role, despite conversations that RH had with two people who expressed some interest. Now RH has stood down so, in the absence of a new Chair, Committee decided as follows

  • For “Chair” emails to be re-directed to Vice Chair Andrew Niekirk.

ACTION: AN to organise re-direct

  • Andrew’s contact details to go onto the website, so he can be the spokesperson for the press and in other circumstances as needed

ACTION: RH to update website

  • FBA Administrator Jacqueline Ward to email ALL Committee members when payments need to be made. She’ll only make those payments after she’s received at least two confirmations that it’s OK (equivalent of getting two signatures on cheques)
  • If Jacqueline receives emails where it’s unclear what action is required, she will share with the Committee and/or sub-committee(s) – see (6) below.
  • To hold open meetings once every two months rather than monthly. This means the dates for 2016 are: January 18th; March 21st; May 16th; June 12 – if AGM to coincide with proposed event for Queen’s 90th (see 6b below) – or July 18th (to include AGM if not held in June); September 19th; November 21st.

Having bi-monthly meetings will allow us to:

  1. Reduce the onus on Admin and each meeting’s stand-in Chair (a task to be shared around the Committee members) re agenda-setting and running of meetings
  2. Encourage (we hope) more members to attend the meetings – we have effectively halved the commitment required
  3. Still meet before events to finalise plans/inform members of what’s happening


  • To set up sub-committees (which will meet as often as required) to take on various tasks:
  1. Marketing, which includes advertising, brochures, posters, PR and website

Dan Wood agreed to sit on this sub-committee, but we need members (and/or non-members) with marketing knowledge to join him. Tasks will include:

web updates (news items, meeting minutes, members’ directory listings etc.)

social media activities

writing and distribution of press releases

creation and distribution of promotional materials as needed

update of the Marketing Plan (dated March 2015).


A small budget of £2080 (£40 per week, assuming 2 hours at £20ph) is available to cover some or all of the cost of the time spent on these updates and activities.

Richard explained that he had taken on these Marketing duties as Chair, saving FBA the budgeted amount of £2080. The slight downside was that he only had time to do the most essential web updates, plus write and distribute occasional press releases, and write and oversee design, production and distribution of all promotional items.

Press coverage has been OK throughout the year, and promotional materials have been in line with the new branding and, most importantly, very effective in attracting crowds to FBA’s key events: SausageFest and Christmas. However, with Richard stepping down from the role of Chair and not continuing to do the marketing, there’s a need for the budget to be assigned this year.

In addition, there’s room for improvement in terms of PR coverage and the integration of social media and the website. The web stats in FBA’s Web Report for December 2015 show that there’s been a drop-off in the number of site visits over the past year. This could be a reflection of the reduced amount of social media activity during the period compared to the previous 12 months. If this is adjudged to be the case, then the creation of a social media campaign that pushes members (and others) to the website may be a good starting point for the Marketing sub-committee and/or the paid-for marketing resource.

ACTION: The report includes a number of actions for the Marketing sub-committee (when formed)

ACTION: Anyone interested in getting involved as a volunteer for marketing and/or a paid-for service provider, should email Jacqueline Ward in the first instance:


  1. Events – Jenny Stockman agreed to oversee/co-ordinate this sub-committee, as long as teams are in place to organise the details of individual events

Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations (weekend of June 11th, 12th) – Sunday 12th is the day that country-wide picnics are likely to take place, as there is a street party in The Mall, , with entertainment (all televised) – raising money for charity/local projects

ACTION: RH to initiate discussions with Eileen Coe about Town Council’s possible involvement with event, and about TC’s next funding round at end of January 2016.

ACTION: We need a team of volunteers willing to organise this event. Please email and/or Jenny Stockman:

AGM – traditionally July

It was suggested that AGM should/could be a family event, to encourage more attendees. This led to a suggestion that we could combine the AGM with the Queen’s birthday event and take advantage of the larger crowds that it should attract.

ACTION: Andrew Niekirk & Jenny to discuss. Volunteers welcome – contact as above.

Heritage Open Day – September

AboutMedia will not be able to run this event in 2016 and the Committee felt it unrealistic for FBA to take it on currently (despite the success of recent years).

SausageFest – October

Committee agreed at last open meeting to run the event again, and we’re already discussing the format of next year’s event (see AOB).

ACTION: Jenny (who’s agreed to run the event) to share latest thoughts with Committee, and start building her team of volunteers and paid-for service providers

Fab Fram Christmas – December

Richard Whitaker agreed to take on the organisation for next year

ACTION: As noted, RW to review feedback and pull together a team of volunteers


  • Suffolk Coast Business – report (Jenny Stockman)

Jenny said that the new SCB admin Alyson Tipping was doing an excellent job. She is currently working on the SCB March conference. Grants were being looked at too.

  • AOB

SausageFest – Jenny Stockman has someone who is interested in helping to move the event up a gear.  Jenny was concerned that the event could become stale, she noted that others had tried to run similar events and failed.  The possibility of a Market Hill full road closure, and the use of additional non-central venues around town could be considered.  Extra funding could be available if the event name was changed, it was felt that a minor change could be acceptable but that Framlingham and Festival/Fest should appear in the title. The event was seen as showcasing the town and also British pork. Discussion on how large the event could be to be sustainable, how to attract further sponsorship, and whether to remain an Aldeburgh Food Festival fringe event. Mark Jenkins asked if Ladies in Pigs had been approached for 2016 and Jenny assured everyone that they would be.

Richard Harrison commented that the event made a profit this year (and hadn’t previously), but that its success and levels of attendance are somewhat weather-dependent. It was felt that the event should develop within its current framework, with improved marketing to increase pre-sales.

ACTION: Jenny to walk the town with Eileen Coe, FTC Clerk, to consider the best promotion of the town.

Outgoing Chair – Richard Harrison received thanks from those assembled for his time as Chair, and for his work organising the Fab Fram Christmas event.


  • Next meeting – January 18th @ 5.30pm (The Castle Inn)


16th November 2015

Present (Framlingham College board room)



Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

Simon Tinkler (Management Committee) – Ernest Doe

Dan Wood (Secretary and Treasurer) – Framlingham College

Kelvin Gibbs ( Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations Forum

Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

Trish and Chris Plant – KR Bears and Dolls/Kitchen Range and Cookshop

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council/Suffolk Punch Construction

Verity Hales – English Heritage

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Allan Williams – A W Artworks

Gary and Jaye Seaman – 221B Bakers

Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance

Geoff Mayhew – Framlingham Sports club

Mia Pascoe – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Sara Green – Sara Green PR


Bill Bulstrode and Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes

Sarah Clarke, Kathy Churchill – About Media

Ingrid Simpson – Simpsons Sweets

5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.

6.00pm to 7.00pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees brief introductions and apologies for absence. Please see above.
  1. Minutes from last meeting – for approval

Action Point – PFBA planters now replenished by Garnett’s Gardens and back in situ adjacent to Simpsons Sweets.

Minutes of meeting held 19th October 2015 were approved by Richard Whitaker and Jenny Stockman, and signed off.

  1. Fabulous Fram Christmas – Update by Richard Harrison

Event to be held Friday 4th December, combined with the Lights-on Ceremony.

Raffle Ticket Sales – raffle tickets are available to take away and sell.  There is the Co-op ticket selling to take place on Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st and Wednesday 25th November, some gaps in rota to be filled. Wearing of Christmas jumpers and tinsel requested.

Raffle prizes have been collected. Some donors were only happy to offer a prize if some of the raffle income was to be given to local good causes. It has been decided to donate £450, split between EACH, St Elizabeth’s Hospice, the Framlingham Scout and Guide Group and Sports Club (this latter payment also an acknowledgement of Sports Club’s help with erecting tents on the day and so on).

ACTION – Volunteers sought for 25th November.  Times 3-4pm and 7-8pm

Partial Road Closure – due to SCDC no longer organising full road closures and the resulting huge price increase, we have asked for (and received agreement from SCDC) on a partial road closure. We need hay bale barriers alongside the road still open on Market Hill, so local farms have been contacted. Harris fencing would be too expensive.  It has been proving difficult to source 70 hay bales and SCDC have not given agreement yet to using 35 instead. It was noted that fewer farmers now have the smaller 3’ bales we require. Richard Whittaker is waiting for confirmation on hay bale number requirement and availability. Mark Jenkins has sheep fencing which could also be used. John Ashley-Smith has some too. They would require spikes and netting.

ACTION – Mark Jenkins and John Ashley-Smith to co-ordinate with Richard Whittaker on the barrier.

[Note from Chair: After the meeting, Simon Tinkler said that Ernest Doe would provide fencing (costing £325 + VAT) for free, as long as Ernest Doe could place a minimal amount of advertising on the fence. Since ED is already a sponsor and raffle prize donor, as well as helping to light the large tree, I agreed to this and thanked Simon.]

ACTION – Road Closure Notices to be put up by Richard Whittaker 2 weeks before December 4th.

ACTION – Marshals needed by Simpsons Sweetshop with a Slow Down sign for traffic wanting to go up Market Hill

We will need marshals (in the hi-viz vests we provide) posted along the barrier on Market Hill, and carrying own torches. Need 12, with 6 on duty at a time. John Ashley-Smith and Gary Kitching volunteered for this.

ACTION – More volunteer marshals sought.

Jenny Stockman has produced leaflets, and Richard W posters, to warn people living nearby that the event will be taking place and that cars won’t be able to park on Market Hill from early afternoon.

Jenny Labbett suggested leafleting car windscreens too.


Santa’s Grotto – Jane Bloomfield is organising this.  The venue is in The Crown, thanks were expressed to Chris Harber. The leftover presents have been collected and extra ones being organised.

Event Schedule-


Start time Duration


Who’s on?


5 Blessing of the tree (by Martin Dawes, Minister at United Free Church)


5 The lights-on ceremony (featuring Bill Bulstrode)


5 Santa arrives by horse-drawn carriage


10 Church choirs singing traditional carols


15 Ipswich Piping Society


30 Pop Chorus


15 Ipswich Piping Society


10 Framlingham College Choir


25 The Rabble Chorus


10 Fab Fram Festival Raffle Draw


45 The Alibi Club (Chris Bayfield’s band)



MC – still required.  Richard Whittaker may know someone.

ACTION – Volunteer sought to be MC.

ACTION – RH to confirm stage set-up (with Robert Foster) and lighting (with Michael Spink)

Advertising/promotional activities –

A reprint is being done this week. Flyers distributed to many businesses around the town, more to be distributed at the raffle ticket sales. Yet more are to be distributed at SRH and TM schools and the area.

ACTION – Volunteers sought to help with distribution.

ACTION – David Garnett has kindly offered to make the road poster signs and place at key road points. More volunteers required to help with this.

Sarah and Kathy (About Media) are promoting through Facebook and Twitter.

ACTION – FBA members asked to Like/Follow the FabFramChristmas Facebook account,  and Twitter feed, and share widely and often please!


News in today from SCC that the £1050 promised for the main Christmas would not happen as it was a repeat application (despite assurances from SCC that this wouldn’t cause a problem). Richard Harrison is now applying for a £889 grant for other cost items.

Grant of £889 plus £400 grant received from FTC equals £1299.  We are also still waiting to hear about a grant of at least £500 from SCDC.

Sponsorship of £850 gained, added to the £1299 grant equals £2149.  With the £500 added in makes a potential total of £2649. Last year was £2740 for grants and sponsorship.

£420 income should be generated from the trade stalls (up from £100 last year). There will also be income from:

Santa’s Grotto (£375 last year –at this year’s prices assumes 150 children paying £2.50).

% takings from horse and carriage rides and from the carousel.

Raffle sales (last year £810).

Total income potentially £3459 (includes £500 grant, raffle – using last year’s figure – and stalls, but not sales on the night)

Total expenditure £5621

Current potential shortfall £1382

Current combined bank balance for FBA (see below) is £11,267.48


FBA Bank Accounts 14/11/15

Active Saver Account:

£6031.96 balance on 13/11/15

Community Account:

£7166.87 balance on 13/11/15

Minus outstanding cheques issued but not yet paid in by recipient – total of £2129.35

Balance total of £5235.52 when cheques clear.

Total for 2 accounts of £13198.52

Minus o/s cheques gives balance next week of £11,267.48

  1. Framlingham Town Council Report – by Gary Kitching and John Ashley-Smith

New Building in Framlingham:

This is the main challenge at the moment.  The FTC meeting 2 weeks ago was a very full meeting and this is expected to continue.  There are a number of issues to be worked through.

Christmas Charity Market:

This is taking place on Sunday 6th December. Richard Harrison pointed out that the FTC Christmas Charity Market and St Michael’s Christmas Tree Festival are both in the FBA Fabulous Framlingham Christmas Festival leaflet.

Fram Market Pitch Applications:

These are posted on to allow feedback. Views from shopkeepers are welcome. Decision making process includes looking at whether the town already has what is on offer from the applicant.  Two new pitches recently approved.

Queens Head Alley Lighting:

FTC decided to check with Historic England, regarding listed buildings, before going ahead.  This is the last hurdle, everyone else has given permission, money in place and contractor agreed.

Firework Event:

This took place Saturday 7th November.  Despite the bad daytime weather which made setting up very wet, the evening was dry. The event was well organised and safe, produced the best fireworks yet and considered a great success. Event generated about £2000, less than last years £4000.  John Ashley-Smith thanked Ernest Doe and Fram DIY for supplying firewood for the event bonfire, and for the help delivering.

Rights of Way Walk:

The Annual Right of Way walk will take place on Sunday 3rd January 2016, meeting at 11am in The Elms car park.  More regular walks are planned, the first having taken place on 14th November.  These will include interesting information along the walk on points of local interest and interest. These will be social 2 hour walks with refreshments. Richard Harrison mentioned that the first walk had been added to the News items on FBA website.

  1. FBA Membership Renewals

So far 66 members have renewed, this includes one new member. Those present were asked for their feeling about the numbers. Discussion followed on how to improve the speed of renewals.  Suggestions included early payer discount and the use of direct debits. This would include the Christmas tree cost.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to send 2nd reminders.

ACTION – Management Committee to consider use of direct debits.

  1. SausageFest and Suffolk Coast Business Update – by Jenny Stockman


Jenny explained that putting on this event costs money, including entertainment, hire of Castle Meadow, PR and marketing. This is offset by sponsorship and the sale of a considerable number of tickets. Jenny was pleased to report there had been a profit of £735.11 on income of £8410.07.

Jenny asked if the event should continue for 2016, she would be happy to run the event on the same basis as before. She also explained that Fram SausageFest will receive good PR from Jimmy’s Farm Beer and Sausage event in July 2016 (since it has agreed to let FBA appear there and promote our own event).

Kelvin Gibbs asked if any donations would be made from the SausageFest 2015 event.  Jenny asked that the valuable help from Fram Sports Club, FAYAP and Framlingham Scouts could be acknowledged with a £100.00 donation each as a thank you. This was agreed.

ACTION – Jacqueline to raise 3 payment s for the 3 groups.

There were 6 members of the Management Committee present, a vote was taken on whether to hold Sausagefest 2016. The agreed decision was in favour of continuing for 2016..

ACTION – Jenny Stockman to start work on the next event.

[NB – Since the meeting, further updates have changed the SausageFest figures. Payments In figure increased to ££9410.07, Payments Out increased to £8069.96 (including the £300.00 donations as above). This has resulted in a balance credit amount of £1340.11.]

Suffolk Coast Business:

A Project Administrator has finally been appointed, for the 20 hours per week role. Alison is experienced with other events including Flipside, and is now working on the March 2016 SCB conference. This will be on the theme of “Routes to Market” and build on last year’s event on the same topic. The cost will be £150 per stand plus a 5 minute presentation to delegates. This is a morning event.

Business Breakfasts continue and can be found on the SCB website.

East Suffolk Coast Partnership is overseen by Suffolk Coastal District Council.  There are networking meetings which help with PR and marketing and available grants. It is useful to connect with the other local business associations – for example, some are working on self-running loyalty schemes and their experience/knowledge could be useful for FBA. Richard Harrison noted that FBA has already talked about loyalty/membership cards and we should re-visit the idea.

ACTION: Management Committee to discuss loyalty scheme/card

Jenny mentioned the Capacity Funding from SCDC. It can, for example, be used to build membership but needs someone to run it. There are also Revenue grants which can be applied for, usually £500 to £2000.  Information from

There is also a Festival Fund.

  1. FBA Chair Position.

Richard Harrison is standing down from the role of Chair in December. He outlined the key tasks for the role:

  • Decision-making, alongside the Management Committee, on behalf of membership
  • Figurehead/spokesperson/point of contact for media
  • Budgeting and financial control (with help of Treasurer and Administrator)
  • Event management/co-ordination
  • Agenda-setting for, and Chairing of, FBA meetings
  • Awareness and execution of FBA’s vision, mission and purpose, plus its constitution
  • Developing the support and benefits for members, while growing membership
  • Liaison with Town Council and other local/regional organisations

Richard highlighted that the role of Chair is helped by the Management Committee, and that it shouldn’t be that onerous a job as long as everyone (including members) is willing to get involved (e.g. with organising events and running them on the day). He took on organising the Christmas event, but this is not essential, the role can be more about overseeing events.

A lot had been achieved in the last year behind the scenes with formulating plans (i.e Business Plan and Marketing Plan) as well as with putting on a series of successful events: Heritage Open Day and SausageFest. He felt he’d gained experiences in performing the role that he would not otherwise have had. However, his other commitments to his business and family mean he can’t continue in the role.

Richard asked that if anyone is interested, or knows of someone who might be, to contact him confidentially on:  or 01728 723644 or 07786 930674

Discussion followed about potentially interested people.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to advertise the Chair role on the FBA website.


Jenny Stockman asked if the leftover 2012 Olympic T shirts could be bought by or donated to the Young Enterprise Team.  They have been making bags and legwarmers from old jumpers and T shirts to sell at The Fab Fram Christmas Festival. It was agreed that they could have the T shirts for zero cost.

Kelvin Gibbs asked if there was an up to date lottery license in place for the Christmas event, his name appears on the tickets. It was confirmed that the return for this had been completed.

Lindsay Want-Beal asked if there could be a return to having the FBA website as an agenda item for the monthly meetings. She had concerns about the speed of the site and a dip in Google rankings. Richard Harrison noted that the speed had been raised at the AGM and that the technical team (Tom and Rob) had been consulted and done what they could. Others present had not had issues.

ACTION -Richard Harrison will look into speed issue again, and get web traffic data, before next meeting.

Lindsay also commented that many businesses still only have the FBA rather than their own logo showing on the website.  Richard said that members had been given opportunities and reminders about having their logo put in place.  Consideration was given to only showing businesses with their own logo on the rolling carousel.

ACTION – Management Committee will review.

  1. Next Meeting.

The next monthly meeting is to take place from 5.30pm on Monday 14th December at The Lemon Tree in Framlingham. This will largely be a social meeting, with a minimal amount of FBA business under discussion.

19th October 2015

Present (The Conservative Club)


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

Simon Tinkler (Management Committee) – Ernest Doe

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre and Fresh Aspirations Forum

Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing and Consultancy

Trish and Chris Plant – KR Bears and Dolls/Kitchen Range and Cookshop

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council and Suffolk Punch Construction

Christopher Rayner-Green – The Suffolk Coffee Company

Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance

Julia Nathan – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Alysha Stockman, Erica Nathan, Mia Pascoe – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Tim Berry – Watch Commander, Framlingham Fire Station

Wil Tel – Deputy District Commander, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service


Andrew Niekirk (Vice Chair) – Eagle Media

Dan Wood (Secretary & Treasurer, Management Committee) – Framlingham College

Bill Bulstrode and Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes

Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Sarah Clarke, Kathy Churchill – About Media

Tim Smith, Julie Foley – The Conservative Club

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.

6.00pm to 7.00pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees brief introductions and apologies for absence. Please see above.
  1. Minutes from last meeting – for approval

ACTIONS from previous meeting:

Richard Harrison has not yet done research into footfall in Framlingham.

ACTION: RH to check for other sources of data

J Ashley-Smith reported that Fram Town Council does not have data on footfall in Framlingham

A meeting to discuss the possibility of an event to celebrate the Queens 90th has yet to take place.

ACTION: Jacqueline Ward to work with new Chair and/or Committee, with aim to put date into diary for January/February 2016.

Jenny Stockman has met with a careers adviser, promoting links with FBA as well as Fresh Aspirations.

ACTION: Jane Bloomfield outreach yet to take place.

Dan Wood to have researched PA costs, but not at this meeting to report back. ACTION: Dan to research (if not yet done) and report at next meeting, please.

Jacqueline Ward has contacted Garnett’s Gardens regarding planters for winter.

These outstanding actions not withstanding, the minutes of the meeting held 21st September 2015 were approved by Jenny Stockman and J Ashley-Smith.

  1. Fabulous Fram Christmas – Update by Richard Harrison

Event is to be held Friday 4th December, combined with the Lights-on Ceremony

Full Road Closure for event

Cost in the past few years has been £763 through Suffolk County Council, but SCC has now contracted out and Richard Whitaker has been quoted £1421 – double the price!   Discussion followed about the need for full road closure and the effect on the event budget.

In relation to this, we discussed the current state of FBA Finances:

Community Account:     £5575.81

Active Saver Account:   £6031.96

Total:                              £11607.77

SausageFest takings of £3955.77 paid in on 13/10/15 and explain the high

Community Account figure (we’re awaiting a final balance for Sausagefest, as there are still outstanding invoices to come in and be paid). Without the nearly £4k, the balance of the Community Account would be a more typical (and reasonable)£1620.46.

FBA has applied for SCDC funding to try and help cover the costs of the event, but there are never any guarantees about payment or amounts. Therefore, FBA must assume that it will be financing the event from its own funds (including revenue from the night, commercial sponsorship etc.).

Discussion followed about partial road closure as at previous FBA events and as on Framlingham’s regular market days. The cost is just £50 and involves using barriers on Market Hill, leaving the road open on the upper side of the Market Hill. The usual staging area near to the outside of No 10 Teashop and the L-shape position of the stalls would remain the same.

Safety issues of paramount importance regarding children, for this reason the previous positioning of Santa’s Grotto at Hollins would have to be re-considered. A location behind the barrier would have to be found for the Grotto – using the FBA gazebo, Scout Tent or a suitable building.

DECISION – It was decided by show of hands to not go ahead with the full road closure, and to arrange instead a partial closure of Market Hill for the event.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to contact SCC and SCDC regarding alteration to the event Licence for this year.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to contact Fram Town Council re appropriate signage and barriers for partial closure for this year.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to re-plan the event layout for this year, including new location for Santa’s Grotto.

Richard Whitaker asked the meeting to consider changing the location footprint of the Fab Fram Christmas event by using other central locations including Queens Head Alley (with the Grotto in a secluded garden area off the Alley), The Mews and possibly part of the Co-op car park for stalls and entertainment. Locations could be linked up and would need additional lighting. The idea was welcomed.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to investigate possibilities for 2016 Fab Fram Christmas Event.

Jenny Stockman asked about the location of stalls, and whether new locations such as Carley’s Yard car park or The Crown could be considered for this year.  Richard Harrison stated that stalls had already been told they would be on Market Hill, but that these areas could be considered within Richard Whitaker’s ideas for 2016.

Jenny Stockman enquired about extra parking for this year’s event. Richard Harrison felt that the majority of people attending were local (and therefore would walk) and that the usual car parks and road parking would be sufficient.

Event Raffle

A number of excellent prizes have already been offered by Darcy B, Easton Farm Park (2x family tickets), EAS Tuition (language/creative writing training), English Heritage (2x family tickets), Ernest Doe, Fram Wine Shop, Paddy & Scotts, The Crown (meal £50), The Round House (stay), and more are being sought.

Richard Whitaker has been canvassing opinion about prizes and found that more would be forthcoming if FBA could guarantee a donation (of approximately £500) to local charitable organisation(s). This should be affordable, bearing in mind the saving on road closure costs. Tickets to £1 per ticket, books of 5.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to check the event budget figures and arrange for production of raffle tickets in time for sale in Co-Op (lobby areas booked for 18th, 21st and 25th November) and elsewhere, with prizes/photographs to be displayed..

ACTION – Volunteers wanted to help sell raffle tickets in Co-Op. Jenny Stockman, Jacqueline Ward, Julia Nathan, Richard Whitaker and Richard H volunteered.

More people are still needed, please – even for short (1 hour) stints. Contact Richard H via email:

ACTION – Richard Harrison to set up timetable for volunteers and sales.

ACTION – Richard  Whitaker and RH to organise display boards/posters advertising events and prizes.

Santa’s Grotto

We have 2 large boxes containing wrapped presents from last year that need to be checked for age/sex suitability and whether more are required.

Information was sought on contact details for previous Santa, Lindsay Want-Beal had some useful information.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact Santa! [Subsequently, Jane Bloomfield has been able to find a new Santa for this year.]

Information on dressing of Grotto – Julia Nathan mentioned that the Primary School Friends have a red carpet that might be suitable.

ACTION– Grotto organisers [Jane and Jacqueline appointed after meeting closed] to investigate Grotto location, decorations and gifts, plus direction signs and price/info board at entrance.

Event schedule

There will be a blessing of the Christmas Tree accompanied by carols.

Lighting of tree at 6pm (Simon Tinkler has volunteered to help put lights on the tree, date to be confirmed post delivery, will require 1-2 cherry pickers). Jenny Stockman explained that there is a person on the stage who officially lights the tree [Bill Bulstrode this year], someone else actually turns on from a plug within a cupboard on the wall of The Crown Hotel (key with FTC).

FBA gazebo will be set up as info and raffle ticket sales point.

Entertainment –

To include Fram College Choir, Church Choirs, Pop Chorus, Rabble Chorus, Ipswich Pipers, Al’s Kitchen and Lucy Sampson. RH has tried contacting Vernon Readhead to act as MC again this year but with no luck yet.

PA- Tom Howard of Fram College has agreed to help with PA but needs final info about acts.

Stage and Electrics – Robert Foster has agreed to provide and set up stage again. Michael Spink has agreed to do stage electrics.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact Al’s Kitchen and Lucy again for confirmation, and to sort order/length of appearances and share with all concerned. RH to confirm Vernon through Nick Corke of Rotary.

Commercial and community stalls

So far, there are 10 commercial stall booked: Rustic Charm, Oh Fudge, Flying Chef, Kingdom Forge, Suffolk Coffee Company, Kevin Hilliard, Cheese and Pie Man, Scarlett and Mustard, Crafty Mrs Foxs. Invoice in advance or collect money on the night.

Suffolk Coffee Company tradestand – Richard Harrison introduced Christopher Rayner-Green of the Suffolk Coffee Company who asked if he could have a coffee tradestand at the Fab Fram Christmas. Richard H explained that Paddy and Scott’s had already indicated that they did not wish to do this.

Those present agreed to the request, Christopher Rayner-Green gave his thanks and asked about FBA membership.

So far there are 10 community and FBA member stalls: Debenham High School Young Enterprise, Fram Community Baptist Church, Fresh Aspirations Forum, TMHS Young Enterprise, Earl Soham Scouts, English Heritage, Fram Wine Shop, Ernest Doe, Hall Farm Butchers and possibly the Sports Club.

ACTION – Richard Harrison has been approached by someone who can provide a merry-go-round, which he will investigate further.

Plan is to set up the stage and market stalls from 4pm (event starts at 6pm). We need volunteers to act as marshals (on a rota) to:

Direct traders in and out and to clear area of vehicles asap.

Pick up external lights/barriers/spotlight/loud speaker from Town Council on Friday afternoon, and return on Saturday.

Help Sports Club to set up/take down tents and to clear up (incl. litter pick)  after 9pm.

ACTION – RH to set up volunteer marshal list/rota.

Advertising/promotional activities

Flyer almost finalised and to be printed by end October. ACTION: RH

RH has arranged with Suffolk and Norfolk Life, About Fram and Essentials magazine to do give diary coverage and/or do articles based on press release.

ACTION: RH to approach EADT, Suffolk mag, Radio Suffolk, Castle Radio, Heart etc.

ACTION:  Sarah and Kathy (About Media) have already started Facebook and Twitter activity to promote event through social media. If any member has accounts with these platforms, please Like/Follow the FabFramChristmas account and share widely and often!

ACTION: RH to produce road posters based on flyer. To be distributed at public points such as Co-op/library/FBA notice board/doctors etc plus possible leafleting door to door/paper insert/car windscreens considered.

ACTION– RH to co-ordinate advertising, do FBA web page and order laminated signs.

  1. Framlingham Town Council Report – by Gary Kitching and John Ashley-Smith

Queens Head Alley Lighting:

The owners of Leo’s Deli building have agreed to a spur being taken from their box.  Hudsons have agreed this is OK to do.  FTC now awaiting their quote, and to then go back to the building owners with the final proposal.

FTC Membership:

Spadge Hopkins has joined FTC and has attended his first meeting

Fram Market:

2 casuals agreed for the market, one selling honey, the other chocolate and fudge.

FTC Autumn Newsletter:

This is due to be published soon


Christmas Charity Market – To take place on Sunday 6th December, arrangements finalised and will run in usual way.

Firework Event – To take place Saturday 7th November.  John Ashley-Smith requested firewood for the event bonfire, to be delivered on-site on the day only. Please contact Kelvin if you can help.

Remembrance – To take place Sunday 8th November.

Fram Town Maps:

Gary Kitching had seen an excellent book of tear-off maps in Edinburgh, thought to be useful in places the public visit such as pubs, castle, events, B and B’s etc. The maps would help to promote the whole town, not just the centre.

The current map produced by About Media was praised for its excellent content and ads, Gary Kitching asked if this could be combined with the tear-off format. FTC is interested but would not produce as it is business based, that would be for the FBA.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact About Media.

Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D):

This continues to be moved around town, the data produced is now being analysed and will be published via the newsletter.

Rights of Way Walk:

This is usually done annually in January. John Ashley Smith plans to organise it more frequently and the next one planned starts from Jeaffresons Well on 14th November, from 10am to 12pm.  Richard Harrison said the walks could be a useful addition to the next Heritage Open Day.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to publicise on FBA website. [See News and Events]

  1. FBA Membership Renewals

114 membership renewals sent out, 43 have renewed so far, 4 are not renewing (2 because they have given up their business).

Information on joining or re-joining sent to 4 businesses – heard back from 1 so far.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to send reminders.

  1. SausageFest Update – by Jenny Stockman

Event weather was good and visitor numbers were up.  The finances are being worked on with one or two bills to still to come in.

The stamping of the Trail Maps worked very well and helped to minimise number of ‘freeloaders’.  The Trail Map Programme was excellent and could be improved further.

There were 3 trading areas which all worked differently.  The Castle Meadow venue was good and could be extended for the future.  The John Grose venue needs a plan to bring it more to the fore, the farm animals from Easton Farm Park were popular.

The general feedback was that Framlingham had an improved footfall during the event, with a number of businesses having a very good day.

Jenny asked if the event would continue. Richard Harrison suggested a final decision be taken once all the finances were completed.

ACTION – Jenny Stockman to complete the finances.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business – Update by Jenny Stockman

SCB still looking for the right person to be the Project Co-ordinator/Admin person, a role of 20 hours per week. Difficult for SCB to function without this post filled, but the conference event in March 2016 is still set to go ahead.

Following a question, the benefits of SCB membership were highlighted, including breakfast networking meetings, annual conference, and dissemination of useful information on areas such as funding and training opportunities.

  1. FBA Chair Position

Richard Harrison explained the need to have a new Chair in post for December 2015, post the Fab Fram Christmas event. This will allow time for a handover period, prior to starting the role in January 2016.

While the maximum tenure for the role (according to the Constitution) is two years, Richard explained that his own business and family commitments require him to step down after 12 months at the helm.

The key tasks were highlighted as follows, although many are shared with the Management Committee:

  • Decision-making on behalf of membership
  • Figurehead/spokesperson/point of contact for media
  • Management of promotional activity
  • Budgeting and financial control
  • Deciding which public events to hold each year; appointing/managing organisers
  • Management of FBA Administrator
  • Chair at FBA meetings
  • Awareness and execution of FBA’s vision, mission and purpose
  • Awareness of the constitution and its rules
  • Developing the support and benefits for members
  • Growing membership
  • Management of inclusion in groups such as Suffolk Coast Business
  • Liaison with Town Council and other groups locally, and in district/region

No-one as yet has volunteered to take on the role of Chair, Richard Harrison said that there will need to be a Plan B if that remains the case – he cannot stay on as Chair indefinitely while awaiting a replacement. However, he is willing to remain on the committee until an appointment is made, and afterwards (should that be agreeable to the new Chair).

Richard asked if the group believed FBA could run as a committee.  Jenny Stockman said that the SCB had done this for 2 years, but that decision-making tended to drift.

Richard said that while the role does involve time and commitment to do it well, there are advantages of “being the FBA face” in terms of getting known in town and beyond. It also brings adds experience and knowledge to the person concerned, which can only benefit their own business while also making a contribution to the Association and wider community.

It is ideal for someone with business experience and knowledge of the area, with established contacts a bonus. Retired or part-time business people would also be ideal.

Julia Nathan asked if there was a job description, Richard highlighted the above list.

It was asked if we should advertise the role so that it’s open to both members and non-members and this was thought a sensible course of action.

ACTION: RH to publicise/advertise

Anyone approached or showing interest should be invited to a FBA meeting and/or should contact Richard via

DECISION – If no-one is appointed Chair then FBA will be run by the Committee until someone is appointed. This person does not have to currently be a member.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to email all members regarding the role.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to approach a suggested possible candidate.

  1. Fire Fighting in Framlingham

Wil Tel, Deputy District Commander, gave a talk on the need to recruit On-Call Firefighters in Framlingham since the service is struggling to find local people – in particular to cover big gaps in the daytime period.

He highlighted that when they don’t have sufficient crew to fully man (minimum of 4) the fire engine they can’t go out to incidents such as fires and car accidents. This means that, in emergencies ,people would have to wait a minimum of 20 minutes in the daytime for a fire engine to attend (e.g. from Ipswich).

He asked businesses to consider the impact this could have on individual and business situations, and that businesses consider releasing their staff for firefighting duties during the daytime period. He highlighted the transferable skills these staff would acquire from this role, including first aid and large goods vehicle training.

The date for people to apply for March 2016 training is the end of November 2015. Applications should be made through Suffolk Jobs Direct.

Those who have the initial intensive 2 week training next March would be ready for the following Autumn, although it takes 3 years to be fully competent after further annual (5-7 days) and weekly training, and experience.

On-Call firefighters are paid an annual retention and receive payment for training and on-call time. They carry a pager for call-outs, and need ideally to be within 1 mile and 5 minutes of the fire station, this can be extended in certain circumstances such as work location. The age range is from 18, with no upper limit, those settled and with life experience are welcomed.

There can be flexibility on the times people can be available, the usual availability requirement is for 90 or 40 hours per week Monday to Friday, 9-5 would be ideal as would 24/7. Availability does affect the retention pay. Some retained firefighters do go on to permanent positions as already trained and experienced.

Tim Berry, Watch Commander at Framlingham, also spoke of the urgent need to recruit in Framlingham in particular, and the rural areas generally.

Will Tell handed out leaflets and an information sheet for employers. Any employer who wants more info, should contact or 01473 322658.

ACTION – Members wishing to receive a copy of the handouts can contact FBA Admin on


Jenny Stockman highlighted that the SCB had approved an event to be run for local Business Associations by The Ideas Centre. Information to follow.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to co-ordinate with SCB on a suitable date.

Richard Harrison highlighted that members can promote their business and any news and special offers on FBA website. He hoped it would be considered appropriate for him to promote an event he has coming up, and to do the same for member Jenny Labbett. Decision was that this was most appropriate and a good example to members.

Richard has written a 3-step Guide (viewable to members only) to help anyone wanting to use the website in a similar way.

Mark Jenkins asked if you can link to your own business website from the FBA website, this was affirmed.

  1. Next Meeting.

The next monthly meeting is to take place from 5.30pm on November 16th in the boardroom at Framlingham College. Members are advised to go to the main Framlingham College entrance where you will be guided to the room (it is to the right and about 10 yards along the main corridor).

The December meeting will be on Monday 14th December, venue and time TBC.


21st September 2015


Present (The Stables at The Crown Hotel)


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Dan Wood (Secretary & Treasurer) – Framlingham College

Kelvin Gibbs (Management Committee member) – Charnwood Milling

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee member) – Fram Technology Centre & Fresh Aspirations Forum

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council & Suffolk Punch Construction

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing and Consultancy

David Garnett – Garnetts Gardens

Chris and Trish Plant – Kitchen Range and Cookshop/ KR Bears and Dolls

Reverend Mark Sanders- St Michael’s Church



Fiona Mealing – Green Apple Nutrition

Verity Hales – English Heritage

Julie Foley and Peter Borg – Framlingham and District Conservative Club

Tom Huggins – Carrot Gold

Richard Whitaker – The Round House Bed and Breakfast


5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.


6.00pm to 7.15pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees – brief introductions and apologies for absence.
  1. Minutes from the last meeting, AGM on 17th July 2015 – approved by Jenny Stockman and Dan Wood and signed off.
  1. AGM Questionnaires – discussion led by Richard Harrison on issues arising and suggestions made.
  • Expansion of retail offering in Fram to include national chains

This was suggested by one person only, debate followed concerning the type of business, potential impact and benefits. Those attending generally saw the potential benefits to Fram of a likely increase in footfall and noted the improvements national chains had brought to Saxmundham. Some felt that an expansion in the town’s housing would be required to attract national chains. Others felt that there’d need to be sensitive consideration given to applications, to ensure the unique essence of Fram wasn’t lost. It was also felt that there’d have to be consideration of the potential impact on infrastructure and parking. There was a question about availability of data on where people came from to shop in Fram, what attracts footfall into the town, and the effect of FBA and SCB events.

ACTION : Richard Harrison to look for research in conjunction with John Ashley-Smith, who will check with Town Council.

  • Offering work experience to young people throughout the year

Discussion about how the FBA could encourage members to offer work experience, what that work experience could entail. Do we cater for young people aged 16+? Are businesses offering apprenticeships and other forms of training?

Jenny Stockman said that Fresh Aspirations has been approached by local businesses, including 2 FBA members, to offer some form of work experience. This would probably involve 1 afternoon a week and be for school-age children. DBS checks not required for one-off sessions. Work experience useful on the CVs of young people.

Local apprenticeships are already on offer: Carley Hill Hair offers apprentice opportunities, with internal on-going training. Ellen Ross Hair Studio has recently advertised opportunities for apprenticeships as well.

David Garnett explained that he takes young people for one week work experience, in one case taking on someone when he left school – and now a valued member of staff with 13 years’ experience.

Jane Bloomfield gave information about apprenticeships, with particular reference to those out of work and non-school attendees. Jane also informed the meeting about getting young people aged 18+ back into work.

Richard Harrison asked if FBA could raise awareness among members about work experience. It was noted that Suffolk Coast Business communicates with businesses about opportunities for young people, and that short work experience can lead to apprenticeships.

John-Ashley Smith commented favourably on his experience of taking young people on for work experience in his construction business. He also spoke of the benefits for both parties, and of his willingness to be involved.

Kelvin Gibbs has experience of providing work experience and giving short experience visits to young people from specialist colleges. The need for risk assessments and insurance cover were things to be considered.

ACTION:  Jenny Stockman and Jane Bloomfield, on behalf of their respective organisations and FBA, to outreach to three local high schools (Thomas Mills, Debenham and Farlingaye) in the near future.

  • Investing in more equipment for FBA members to borrow

A PA system was suggested, for use at FBA events and for members to borrow. Currently the FBA borrows from Fram College and Fram Town Council (although John Ashley Smith commented that the FTC PA isn’t great and that they hire-in a system for the firework event), or hires from Rotary.

Discussion of possible cost of a high quality PA, in addition to the cost of insurance and maintenance, and the times likely to be used – all in comparison to hire costs.Thought to be expensive to buy – expert advice and a grant would probably be required.

ACTIONS : Dan Wood kindly agreed to lend Fram College’s PA system for FBA’s SausageFest and Christmas events. He also agreed to liaise with College technician(s) about PA costs.

If any member has ideas about equipment that may be useful for FBA to purchase and lend out (e.g. 2-way radios; Signage) please email

  • Encouraging more members to attend meetings, volunteer for events, get involved

Richard Harrison explained that following the good reaction to the presentation by The Ideas Centre (TIC) at the AGM, he’s approached TIC about running a workshop on this. He’s also approached the other business associations of SCB to join in and share the cost of such a session, since all BAs have similar issues.

  • Working more closely with Fram Town Council, and other groups and organisations.

Richard Harrison has spoken to Eileen Coe about this, and already has informal chats with her as needed. Of course, John Ashley-Smith and Gary Kitching already attend FBA meetings and act as a conduit for exchange of ideas and information. This year’s arrangements for Christmas are a good example of FBA and FTC working together well.

ACTION: Richard Harrison to discuss further with Eileen, John and Gary.


  1. Framlingham Town Council – Report by John Ashley-Smith


  • Gary Kitching had put forward the idea of £1 slot machines that dispense a local map. It was noted that AboutFram has recently produced a local map and distributed it widely.

ACTION: Rev’d Mark Sanders offered to take some maps and put in St Michael’s Church.

  • Skate Park complete, snags excluded, and is already in use (photos appeared in EADT). Grand Opening planned for June 2016, with FTC keen that local young people know they are important to the town.
  • Queens Head Alley – lighting issue resolved (thank you to Hudsons) with a cable run from Leo’s Deli powering a 12V light in the alley.
  • Mount Pleasant housing plans rejected, awaiting outcome of Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Firework Event to be held on Saturday, November 7th at Pageant Field.
  • Charity Market event to be held on December 6th on Market Hill (part of weekend of festivities including Fab Fram Christmas on Friday 4th (see below) and the Christmas Tree Festival at St Michael’s Church.
  • The speed camera is being moved around the town, data yet to be analysed although positive effect (i.e. speed reduction) has been noticed by both John Ashley-Smith (on all relevant roads) and Richard Harrison (on Saxmundham Road, specifically).
  • Go-Cart event. Fram College was thanked for allowing its golf course to be used for this event.  The Scouts were also very helpful, and there were good articles in both EADT and Framfare.
  1. FBA membership renewals

Richard Harrison thanked all members who have already paid, including those with Christmas Trees on the invoice, since early payment helps to save admin time and cost. If you haven’t paid yet, please do so as soon as you can!

  1. Flower tubs

Richard Harrison hoped that members had noticed the colourful display in the two oblong flower tubs outside Simpsons Sweet Shop, opposite the bus shelter. He thanked David Garnett who supplied the tubs and plants (and tended to them recently) and to Ingrid and Jo Simpson from the shop who have been seeing to them when they’ve been able. Carrot Gold designed and supplied the signage. The display has attracted many favourable comments.

ACTION: Jacqueline Ward to investigate timing and cost of re-stocking the planters, with help from David Garnett.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business – Report by Jenny Stockman
  • Project Manager still being sought, good temp in place at the moment. Go to SCB website for more info.
  • Preparations underway for SCB event (a conference) in March 2016, likely to be Ufford Park. Project manager required.
  • Looking to train Committees and Chairs to help make the Business Associations stronger; The Ideas Centre would fit well here. Also to share database information between the groups to widen access to events etc.
  • SCB has a new Chair who has some good plans to make the Business Associations more visible and effective (with FBA thought to be leading the way).
  1. Events
  • Heritage Open Day – A very successful day, with all the tours booked and many over-subscribed, with positive feedback from visitors including the following:

Dear Sarah and Kathy

I am writing to both thank and congratulate you. I very much enjoyed the heritage events that I attended in Framlingham today, the range of offerings and the way they which you had organised them was excellent. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day but it was so worthwhile!

Please do pass on my thanks to all concerned. All that I learned toady will ensure that I return to Framlingham again with family and friends as they visit me…

Many thanks for a great day, with best wishes, Carole


Jacqueline Ward reported hearing similar comments from people, who’d said that they looked forward to coming back to visit the shops and cafes, and had been impressed with the Friendly Fram signs.

  • SausageFest –

Opening Ceremony – 10am Market Hill, Emma Collingridge (Miss Teen Suffolk 2105) arrives on Ernest Doe red tractor to make speech.

Crowds/ticket dodgers/queues – Ernest Doe lending 2-way radios to aid communications between volunteers across town, plus orange barriers to funnel visitors so that volunteer marshals can check for ticket dodgers. Trail maps at each venue have to be stamped before getting a taste, all venues need to be visited and stamps collected to vote and enter the Co-op hamper draw.

Trade stand sites – Castle Meadow (cost increase to £750 includes Friday pm access, Rotary will provide marshals), John Grose (mostly community and charity stands) and Market Hill. Nearly 40 trade stands signed up so far, some free. Community groups welcome to a free pitch.

Producers- 12 producers, 13 sausages to taste (6 gluten free).

Venues – Venues need to be noticeable, bunting, balloons, posters and signage delivered in advance. Also need to get the producers to put on money raising activities to go towards FBA costs.

Website- new, doing a good job.

Advertising/PR/Marketing – Main advertising spend is EADT, e-news letters doing well, social media taking off with paid ads and competitions.

Programme – 16 pg booklet with recipes and ads, to sell in East of England CoOp on October 3rd (help need please!).

Entertainment – Greg Chapman – time travel adventures, Al’s Kitchen, street dance, diabolo, buskers at John Grose but welcome all over town.

Farmyard Grotto – sponsored by Easton Farm Park, animals at John Grose.

EFP providing and wrapping 200 presents at trade price and sale or return.

Grotto in marquee, tractor rides included. Gift giver, more needed, ideas sought. Help needed to dress grotto, Santa’s grotto carpet and curtains needed. £5 entry (retail value £6).

Workshops – Sausage making, pizza making, story telling, BBQ workshop, street dance workshop and performance.

Awards – 5.30pm at The Railway. Ernest Doe sponsoring and providing trophies, and gifts for each producer. Will need to pay for some refreshments. Emma Collingridge is making awards, Simon Leeder (Ernest Doe) is MC.

Advance Ticket sales – 3rd October in Co-op, another volunteer required for stint. £330+ advance sales so far.

Paperwork – Tori, of EP Marketing, submitting risk assessments and event plans to English Heritage, John Grose and Insurance co. All traders, producers and entertainers also required to do risk assessments and submit relevant docs. Looking for designated first aiders for the split sites.

Transport – 1 free minibus from John Grose, 1 from CATS for £30 with volunteer driver, may need to find own driver.

SausageFest 2016- date set Saturday 8th October, 2 weeks after Aldeburgh F&D.  Already listed free on Activity Superstore and

ACTIONS: For all of below, please email

Volunteers – needed for selling tickets/programmes on October 3rd, for set up on Friday 9th October, and throughout Saturday 10th October (including clear-up).

We also need:

More trade stands

More community groups par

Driver needed for CATS bus

26 boxes for voting tokens (charity tokens borrowed from Co-op)

Balloons in SausageFest colours


  • Fab Fram Christmas (late-night shopping, lights-on ceremony, market stalls, Santa’s Grotto, entertainment) – all on Friday, December 4th (6pm – 9pm)

We’ve had grants promised from SCC and SCDC to a value of £1550.00, which will help FBA cover the cost of the event, plus we’ve already received a grant from Fram Town Council for £400.00 – so many thanks for that.

Sponsorship to date £850.00, another £150.00 (at least) required to cover costs and prevent us running at a loss. Sponsorship gets your name and/or logo on the FBA website page for the event, as well as on the flyers that will be produced and distributed both before and on the night.  You’ll also be mentioned on social media and in the press releases we send out.

We also need to hear from members who would like to have a stall on Market Hill on the Friday night.

Please contact re sponsorhip or having a stall.

Richard Whitaker from The Round House is working on getting raffle prizes in, and those donating will be mentioned in our marketing. We’ve had prizes promised by a number of members, but more are welcome.

Please email the FBA Chair or

We also need a Santa! If anyone knows the contact details for Jet Stone, who did it last year, please email the FBA Chair as before.


  • Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations (2016)

With the success of previous events related to royal occasions, it seems a good idea to consider a celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday next year. Jacqueline has researched and got some useful info on what’s happening when.

On Sunday 12th June there’s a street party/picnic in The Mall (with video screens set up in some of London’s parks too) and communities around the country are being encouraged to hold similar events and raise money for local charities and projects.

Richard Harrison and Dan Wood of Fram College have had a preliminary discussion about holding an event on the front lawn of the College on that day, and we’d like to liaise with Fram Town Council on this.

ACTION: Richard Harrison to arrange a meeting to discuss further.


  1. A.O.B.
  • We have leaflets from MENTA (the Suffolk Enterprise Agency) detailing their Autumn training and seminar dates.  Please contact FBA Chair if you’d like one – or get the info from
  • Trish and Chris Plant raised an item on behalf of Bill Bulstrode concerning the lack of parking facilities within the town, and the use of FBA parking facilities by members.

The Chair would like to remind everyone about the car parking facilities that FBA set up last year for the EXCLUSIVE use of members.

Members can park both at Fram Farmers (on Saturdays – for free) and at the Sports Club (Mondays to Fridays – for a small fee, which helps support the Sports Club) and doing so would help to alleviate congestion in the town centre. In turn, this may help to encourage visitors and increase footfall.

For more information on the facilities, please contact Richard on

  1. Date of next meeting

19th October 2015, from 5.30pm at the Conservative Club


17th July 2015 – Summer Social and AGM

Present (at Fram Farmers):

Richard Harrison (Chair / RichWords)

Jacqueline Ward (FBA Administrator)

Dan Wood  (Sectretary & Treasurer / Framlingham College)

Andrew Kerry (Committee Member / East of England CoOp)

Jenny Stockman (Committee Member / The Technology Centre / Suffolk Coast Business / Fresh Aspirations Forum)


John Ashley-Smith (Town Council / Suffolk Punch Construction)

James Tanner (Town Council / Hollins)

Eileen Coe (Town Council)

Richard Whitaker; Mark Howard (The Round House)

David Bathie  (East of England CoOp)

Elizabeth Jones (The Railway Inn)

Lindsay Want-Beal (Xtrahead)

Robert Norman (Robert Norman Construction)

Ingrid Simpson; Jo Simpson (Simpsons Sweet Shop)

Ellis Barker (EADT)

Mia Pascoe; Alysha Stockman (Fresh Aspirations Forum)

Alex Menhams (Guest Speaker, The Ideas Centre)


Andrew Niekirk (Vice Chair / EagleMedia)

Kelvin Gibbs (Committee Member / Charnwood Milling)

Simon Tinkler (Committee Member / Ernest Doe)

Stephen Burroughs (Suffolk County Council)

Christopher Hudson (Suffolk Coastal District Council)

Paul Rous (Suffolk Coastal District Council)

Bill Bulstrode; Karen Haynes (Bulstrodes)

Fiona Mealing (Green Apple Nutrition)

Jane Bloomfield (Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy)

Sheila Pipe (Callendars)

Colin Farrand (Succeed in Spain)

Richard Anscombe (Fram Farmers)

Barry Jones (The Railway Inn)

Dave Mangan  (Liability and General Insurance Brokers)



Slides 1-5

Richard Harrison welcomed those present and introduced himself.

He thanked everyone who’d helped produce the AGM, particularly Richard Anscombe & Fram Farmers for providing the venue and being so helpful. He also thanked Sheila Pipe of Callendars for the lovely table decoration, East of England Co-op for their contributions of food and drink, and Barry and Liz Jones of The Railway Inn for the buffet.

Richard then presented a Review of the Year. Please see the FBA AGM 2015_Slides, in conjunction with these Notes:

Slide 6

One of the aims for this year has been to professionalise FBA to some extent, to help it  work more efficiently and to represent more effectively the 100+ members that we now have. To this end, we’ve created and shared three key documents: a Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Brand Guidelines.

If you’d like to see them, they’re available upon request – please email

We’ve also formalised the boundaries of our geographical reach [see Slide 10].

Other activities from the past year include setting up car parking facilities for members in two locations: here at Fram Farmers, where members can park for free on Saturdays; and at the Sports Club on Badingham Road, where members can park for a small fee on Mondays to Fridays.

The idea is that members parking in these places will free up spaces in the town centre, reducing congestion and helping – we hope – to increase footfall. However, it’s fair to say that we’d like even more members to take advantage of these facilities, so for more information please contact our Administrator Jacqueline Ward via

Slide 7

The aim of the Marketing Plan that we’ve created is to raise awareness of our existence and activities through our website, PR, events, ads and campaigns.

We’ve re-vamped the website this year. This slide is a static screenshot of Home page, which includes a constantly revolving carousel of member names and logos (where members have supplied logos).

The image area above the members’ carousel also revolves and changes, allowing us to highlight news and member offers and to promote the events that we organise and take part in. These events create opportunities for members to promote themselves through sponsorship and advertising, as well as to gain exposure to visitors coming to Fram for the event in question.

Slides 8 and 9

We aim to achieve media coverage for our activities too, and have been successful in getting column inches with the East Anglian Daily Times and other Archant Group publications, as well as on BBC Radio Suffolk… and, with a regular column, in local newsletter “Framfare”.

Slide 10

This year, we formally defined our geographical boundary, essentially representing the spread of locations occupied by our membership at the start of 2015.

There’s still room for us to expand by recruiting new members from some of the villages and small towns not marked. Also, we occasionally accept membership from businesses outside of this catchment if they trade extensively within Fram or the surrounding area.

Slide 11

We’ve maintained our membership of Suffolk Coast Business (SCB), the umbrella organisation for the business associations of Framlingham, Leiston, Saxmundham and Aldeburgh.

By bringing these Associations together, SCB can command a “seat at the table” with larger organisations such as Suffolk Coastal District Council, Suffolk County Council and similar bodies. That means that members, and their Associations, also have more of a say than they would do individually.

SCB also organises a business event each year for the benefit of all members across all four Associations, and this year – for the first time – it took the format of a conference with keynote speakers, networking, and workshops. I attended and it was a great success and the format will be repeated next year, so please do take advantage of this opportunity in 2016.

SCB is also a source of funding for FBA, helping to pay for our part-time Administrator.

The Suffolk Coast (DMO) is the organisation responsible for promoting tourism to the region. We’ve recently joined and it gives individual members – and FBA as a whole – an opportunity to promote our events, services etc… anything that visitors to the area may be interested in.

Given the number of tourists that FBA’s SausageFest brings to the town and region each year, the DMO has given us a grant of £1000 towards the running coasts of this year’s event.

Slide 12

I’m going to cover items 5, 6 and 7 in a moment. We’ve appointed a new Administrator in the past few weeks – Jacqueline Ward – who’s been working very hard on organising this event and generally staying on top of things. Jacqueline’s replaced Liz Jones, who gave up the role to focus on running The Railway Inn.

Slide 13

Following a suggestion from Town Councillor John Ashley Smith, FBA created and distributed this sign to members with suitable facilities. It builds on the good reputation that Fram already has for being a friendly place, and makes a particular promise to the general public.

Feedback from members – The Lemon Tree, for example – is that the public has responded very positively and that businesses are benefitting because the people who do come in end up buying something anyway!

Slide 14

FBA was a Finalist in this year’s Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Business and Community Awards, in the “Encouraging Tourism” category. This was recognition of the events we organise – SausageFest in particular.

Slide 15


Dan Wood, FBA Treasurer, presented the following report on the year-to-date accounts and current bank balances. The FBA’s financial year ends 31st August 2015 and Dan will be putting together a full year balance sheet for circulation at the September monthly meeting (Monday 21st  – venue to be confirmed).

For your information, here are the accounts for Year End August 2014


So far,  2014/15 has been a very similar year financially to last year. Membership income is virtually the same at £5040.00, compared to £4938.00 last year.

Grants received from Suffolk County Council for various events through the year enabled us to generate a surplus. This allowed us to donate £500.00 each to Castle Radio, Framlingham Sports Club and FAYAP youth and arts centre.

Expenditure was generally as expected with insurance at just under £1000, membership of Suffolk Coast Business £500, admin costs at £700, website build and updating £1300, with advertising and print costs at £350 for the year to date.

The balance of the current account is £1,282.64 and the savings account balance is £9,031.96, giving a combined total of £10,314.60

With minimal expenditure expected for the next month or so, the year-end balance should remain at around the £10,000 mark.

Slides 16 and 17


The following members of the committee stood down and were re-elected – Jenny Stockman, Kelvin Gibbs, Andrew Niekirk, Dan Wood, Simon Tinkler.

Andrew Kerry (from East of England Co-op) did not stand for re-election so there is a vacancy on the Committee and Richard invited anyone interested to get in touch ( However, the Committee can continue with its business without a replacement.

Richard Harrison gave notice of his intention to stand down from the role of Chair after the Fab Fram Christmas event on December 4th 2015 (just over a year since he took office).

Slide 18


The FBA membership fee is to remain at the current good value amount of £52.

The cost of the individual Christmas trees for relevant members will also remain the same – £10 for each tree. FBA has applied for a grant from the Town Council to help cover the full cost of the trees.

Members who do not have a tree for display on their premises will not be charged this fee, of course, and will receive an invoice for £52 as normal.

Slides 19-21


Heritage Open Day – Saturday 12th September

FBA members aboutfram organised the event on our behalf last year, and Kathy and Sarah have kindly agreed to do so again this time around. They don’t intend to change the winning formula too much, although there will be a nod towards the Magna Carta this year due to the anniversary.  For more info, please contact

Sausagefest – Saturday 10th October

About a month after Heritage Open Day, it’ll be SausageFest time! This event is also in good hands, as Jenny Stockman is organising once again. Get in touch for more info:

Fab Fram Christmas – Friday 4th to Sunday 6th December

The night of the 4th combines the Christmas Tree Lights-on ceremony with the late-night shopping plus market stalls, Santa’s Grotto, horse and cart rides and family entertainment.

We’ve liaised with St Michael’s Church and the Town Council to make it a bumper weekend of Christmas festivities, with the Christmas Tree Festival at St Michael’s on Saturday 5th December and the Council’s Christmas Charity Market on Sunday 6th December.

For more info and/or to get involved, contact Richard Harrison via

Slides 22 – 23

Richard Harrison gave public thanks to Bill Bulstrode who has decided to close his shop after 45 years. Bill was commended for his contribution to the FBA and to the community, especially for his part in organising memorable events such as those celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics. Richard also thanked Karen Haynes for her dedication and hard work for the community and FBA during her 23 years at Bulstrodes.

Slide 24


Robert Norman commented that he’d found FBA’s website a little slow and Lindsay Want-Beal and Jenny Stockman agreed they’d had similar issues. Richard Whitaker commented that he’d not experienced any slow speeds.

Richard Harrison thanked members for their feedback and agreed to get the web hosting/technical back-up company to do some research into the issue.

Richard H then presented Liz Jones with a bouquet and gift card, as a token of thanks for all of her hard work as FBA Administrator.

Slide 25


Richard introduced Alex Menhams from The Ideas Centre, who presented ‘Think Again! The Strategic Value of Creativity’.

We have not attached the slides here since they include elements that require explanation and interaction from the audience. The Ideas Centre runs regular “open” workshops (in Ipswich and elsewhere) that introduce the concept of creative thinking in the workplace and the value it can add to any business.

For more information, please go to or contact Alex:


Attendees were invited to complete the AGM-2015-Questionnaire, so thanks to those who did so.

We’re accepting responses to the Questionnaire until 12 noon on Friday, 18th September and intend to discuss the points raised at the next monthly meeting on Monday, 21st September @ 5.30pm (venue to be confirmed).

The AGM concluded with the Summer Social (drinks and light-bites).


18th June 2015

Present (at The Railway Inn):

Richard Harrison (Chair)

Andrew Niekirk (Vice Chair) – Eagle Media

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council/Suffolk Punch Construction Ltd

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling

Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin



Bill Bulstode – Bulstrodes

Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes

Richard Whittaker – Round House

Nicola Warner – Carley’s Yard

Dan Wood – Framlingham College

Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain Ltd

Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/ Fresh Aspirations Forum

Donna Stockley – Glemham Hall

Sarah Lindsey – Practice Manager, Framlingham Medical Practice


5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Brief introduction by RH, welcoming the incoming FBA administrator Jacqueline Ward and explaining about this new way to run FBA meetings.

The format to include a 30-minute social followed by the main meeting. Future opportunity for any FBA member to sponsor the social element, which would then include a 5-minute slot where sponsor talks about their business. Please note that the FBA minutes go to all members, as well as local journalists, who can pick up on any business message from the slot.


6.00pm FBA business.


  1. Attendees

As above.

  1. Apologies

As above.

  1. Minutes from the previous meeting.

      The minutes from the 18th May 2015 meeting were approved and signed off by Gary Kitching.

  1. FBA membership of “The Suffolk Coast”

   FBA membership of The Suffolk Coast Ltd Destination Management Organisation (DMO) was

discussed. This is a company limited by guarantee, formed in 2012, with the purpose of promoting the Suffolk Coast as a visitor destination. It fills the gap left by Tourist Info Centresgovernment cuts to tourism promotion.

FBA has joined because it offers us the chance to promote FBA events and activities, and to apply for grants for them too (as long as they help promote tourism in some way). RH has already applied for a grant for SausageFest 2015.

The Suffolk Coast website has a section on Framlingham, plus general articles, where people  can find out about Things to Do, What’s on, Places to Stay, and Food and Drink. Please see

FBA members wishing to contribute to these pages should contact Richard at:


  1. Framlingham Town Council (Report by Gary Kitching)


Framlingham Town Council had an uncontested election, the new council met for the first time on 14th May, electing Cllr Carolyn Youngs as Chairman, Cllr Stephanie Bennell as Vice Chairman and Cllr John Jones as Finance Chairman. One further member co-opted at the 4th June meeting to bring numbers up to full capacity of 11.

Further information can be found on

Annual Newsletter 2014/15

Delayed by the election, to be delivered to each household this month, copies also available from TC office.

Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D.)

Purchased by Framlingham Town Council, this new device is being erected on the newly installed posts in Badingham Road, Saxmundham Road, Saxtead Road and Station  Road.  S.I.D. will be moved between these locations, with a ‘Kill your Speed’  notice in place at the other locations in between times. It is hoped that the signs will act both as a deterrent and as a source of data to identify speeding hot spots, enabling  the Police to take further action.

Cemetery Gates and Flower Tubs

The cemetery gates have been repainted, the flower tubs and War Memorial Garden in the town all planted up with summer bedding plants.

The Queen’s Garden Party

Cllr Carolyn Youngs and her husband Trevor were delighted to attend the Queen’s Garden Party at the end of May.

  Lighting in Queens Head Alley

The plan to install lighting is progressing.

  1. “Friendly Fram” signs and flower tubs.

 The “Friendly Fram” signs have generated publicity in the EADT.  John Ashley-Smith asked if Radio Suffolk would also be a suitable candidate for contacting.  The signs are working well; a revised version is being produced for Framlingham Town Council Offices.

RH applied to SCC for licenses for the tubs, but all 4 locations were refused for health and safety reasons.

RH now to approach private landowners – Barclays Bank regarding the ledge outside their building, Sarah Cole’s jewellers regarding the small outside courtyard off Market Hill, and the owner of the space alongside the sweet shop wall (room for 2 tubs) opposite the bus stop.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business.

Project co-ordinator Jan Wright has resigned, so now SCB has two vacancies for the part-time positions of Project Administrator and Admin Assistant.  The jobs could be combined into one role if the right candidate comes along.  Applications and full job spec to Jenny Stockman –

Deadline for applications extended to 19th June.

SCB has put in a revenue grant application to SCDC to pay for event management workshops open to all and geared specifically to community event management. The grant would also cover the compilation of a reference manual to be used by anyone co-ordinating a community event.

Date for the next Suffolk Coast Business Event is 23rd March 2016, venue to be announced – please save the date. It will have a similar theme to this year’s event: Routes to Market.

  1. FBA AGM on Friday 17th July 2015 5.30pm for 6.00pm start at Fram Farmers.

Posters for display on windows, notice-boards etc distributed to those attending – FBA members and the public are invited.

RH and JW will distribute remaining posters to members in the town centre – if you’re outside of this area and/or don’t get one but would like to help publicise the event to staff and public, please email Jacque;line at:

Kelvin Gibbs offered to get to the venue early to help people find their way to the board room that we’ll be using. It would be helpful to have one or two additional volunteers for this purpose.

RH explained the keynote speech will be by Dr David Hall, CEO of The Ideas Centre. He will talk about applying creative thinking to business problems, and creating more revenue opportunities and improved communications.

RH also highlighted some upcoming free “Introduction to Creativity and Innovation” workshops by Alex Menhams, partner at The Ideas Centre. Venue for 1st July is Suffolk Chamber of Commerce offices, Felaw Maltings, Ipswich, IP2 8SQ. Also at Colchester on 2nd July and Bury St Edmunds on 8th July. Booking via Mae Walsh on 0844 556 4346 or

  1. A.O.B.

 TV screen/interactive information point

There was discussion about the possibility of having an interactive screen on Market Hill to give the public information about businesses across the whole town and not just in the centre.

Andrew Niekirk to look into the possibility of using the phone box, which already has phone line, power, is weatherproof and central but might require security such as CCTV.

Discussion of other marketing and PR possibilities for FBA members included: longer opening hours; use of hand-out flyers, sandwich boards or a town crier.

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

It has been reported to FBA that a member of the public had been disappointed when looking at the FSA website to see a number of food-related establishments in Framlingham with a rating of 1 or 2 (when the maximum is 5).

RH had checked the website and noted that most of these entries were not FBA members. He also noted that the many members who are listed, including The Railway Inn, have a 5 rating.

It is a challenge to attain and retain a high rating and it was felt that everyone in the town was working hard to achieve the best possible rating. This is a timely reminder that some people do look at the FSA website when choosing a place to eat and/or drink.

The Detectorists

After the BAFTA success of this series, production company Channel X is returning to Fram (from the end of June into early August) to make a new series. The firm need drivers aged 25 plus and HGV drivers for paid work, plus people of any age to do some work experience for free.

If interested, please get in touch with Jenny Stockman ( or 07773 328495).

MENTA Trade Fair

This business support exhibition will be held between 12pm and 6pm at The Apex, Bury St Edmunds on 30th September 2015.

SausageFest 2015 (October 10th)

Two Sausage categories this year – best Winter Sizzler and best Gluten Free, to be judged separately and with separate awards.

Initial flyers have been distributed at the Suffolk Show and to Jimmy’s Farm.

Ufford Park has agreed to place an ad and to provide an overnight stay with SausageFest tickets as prize for EADT competition. Looking for further prizes for social media competitions and for fund raising activities at venues – please contact Jenny Stockman for more info.  ( or 07773 328495).

Looking for venue to host the awards at 5.30pm on the day – again, please contact Jenny if you’d like your venue to be considered.

Looking to fill all the advertising space on the printed programme – an A5 booklet with plenty of space to showcase local businesses and make some offers to get footfall to their door. If you’d like to advertise and reach up to 5000 people (estimated attendance), please let Jenny know.

Fab Fram Christmas

Provisional date 13th December for Fab Fram event, TC’s Charity Market scheduled for 6th December and turning on of the Christmas Lights ear-marked for 27th November.

Discussion about the need for 3 events and whether the turning on of the lights could be combined with the shopping evening (and re-scheduled for December 4th.. An additional benefit would be to focus all Xmas-related activities into the one weekend). The evening could start with choirs etc and official lighting of the tree, followed by entertainment, children’s activities such as Santa’s grotto and sleigh rides, plus commercial stalls offering food, drinks and gifts.

RH to research viability of this idea and liaise with TC, Rev’d Mark Sanders and others. It was suggested that some of the non-commercial participants of the FBA Fab Christmas market could take part in the Charity Market instead, so that they’re not asked to stretch their resources over two events.

Charges for the Christmas trees were discussed. Bill Bulstode had received a quote from Elveden (last year’s supplier for the main tree) for £1050 ex VAT for a 30ft ready trimmed tree, and £9.35 ex VAT each for 80 to 90 small trees. Last year’s small trees were sourced more locally (for less money each), but had involved Bill and Karen doing a lot of trimming to fit the trees into the fixings. Bill and Karen have also reported their concern to RH about the time taken to first dress and then mount the trees around town.

RH to research alternative suppliers for all trees, and to ask the Clows (window cleaners) for an estimate for putting the smaller trees in place. RH also to research funding for main tree costs.

Discussion about adding the cost of the trees to the annual subs of those who have a small tree, as last year charging separately had led to much additional administrative time and cost.

Next Meeting

This is the AGM on 17th July, 5.30pm for 6.00pm at Fram Farmers.


18th May 2015

Present (at The Lemon Tree):

Richard Harrison (Chair)
John Ashley Smith – Framlingham Town Council

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum

Verity Hales – English Heritage
Trish Plant – Kitchen Shop
Chris Plant – Kitchen Shop
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd

Janet Douglas – Framlingham Country Market

Heidi Harrison – The Lemon Tree

Melissa Tooke – guest (FBA Administrator applicant)
Dan Wood – Treasurer, Fram College
Andrew Niekirk – Vice Chair, Eagle Media

Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin
Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Sarah Clarke – About Fram

Kathy Churchill – About Fram
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Lisa Handley – Windmill Cottages
Fiona Mealing – Green Apple Nutrition

Howard Wright – HJ Wright Ltd

Jan Wright – Suffolk Coast Business

David Garnett – Garnett’s Gardens

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Jon and Mary Duggan – Saxon Salt Brokers

Rev Mark Sanders – St Michael’s Church



  • Sign off Draft Minutes
    Richard H has asked Richard Whitaker to approve and agree to sign off the amended minutes from the April 2015 meeting. The amendment (already updated on the website version of April’s minutes, below) concerned Richard W’s expression of thanks to Fram Residents’ Association for removing the “NO” signs from the town.
  • “Friendly Fram” signs
    Richard H showed an example of the finished sign {web link to image or downloadable PDF} and explained that the following venues has received signs for display in their windows: Fram Vets, The Lemon Tree, The Common Room, The Station, The Railway, The Crown, The Conservative Club, the Co-Op, and The Castle Inn. Heidi from The Lemon Tree commented that she’d already had very positive feedback from members of the public, and that the sign had led to several coming inside for a hot drink.

ACTION: Richard H to contact the local media, in the hope of getting some good PR.


If you have suitable facilities and would like to display the sign (and/or you’d like a “FBA member” window sticker), please send an email to:


  • Town Council report (from Gary Kitching) 


There were 10 nominations for 11 seats on the Town Council. Therefore an Uncontested Election was declared. The vacancy can be filled by co-option and applications will be considered at the next Full Council meeting on 4th June. Further information and an application form are available from the Town Council Office.

At the Annual Town Council meeting held on 14th May, Cllr Carolyn Youngs was elected Chairman, Cllr Stephanie Bennell was elected Vice Chairman and Cllr John Jones was elected Finance Chairman.  See for more on Councillors.

Annual Newsletter 2014/15

The Annual Newsletter was delayed due to the Elections and will be delivered to each household in the town in June. Copies will also be available for collection in the Town Council Office.

Framlingham Calendar 2016

The new Calendar will be available for sale in June.

New road names

To add a road name to the list put forward by residents, please send an email to: The Town Council will consider suggestions as and when new roads are developed.

Sunday Bus Service

The Town Council has written to Suffolk County Council with the support of the East Suffolk Travellers Association (ESTA) to request that a Sunday bus service to Ipswich is reinstated, as it is some 15 years since it was stopped. Now that the buses use a more direct route the service is much quicker and takes only 45 minutes, so it was felt that the service would be supported by residents of Framlingham and those living in the villages on the way to Ipswich.  However, Suffolk Passenger Transport has no plans to introduce a Sunday service but have noted our comments and will discuss the matter further in due course. Therefore, we are asking for your support. If you think it would be a good idea to reinstate a Sunday bus service and would use it please let us know, so that we can provide the evidence required.


  • Flower tubs

Richard H confirmed that FBA is pressing ahead with installation of four new tubs around the town. However, following advice from Eileen Coe at the Town Council, we are applying to Suffolk County Council’s Highways department for a licence. Once granted, this ensures we’re not liable to accident claims or similar from members of the public.


Richard W advised that flower tubs outside his self-catering cottage on Queen’s Head Alley had often been moved on Friday and Saturday nights – until they were bolted to the ground! Verity Hales of English Heritage added that police advice for the coming Bank Holiday was to remove portable items from outside to help avoid this kind of problem. It seems that FBA will have to remain vigilant once the tubs are in place.


On a more optimistic note, Janet Douglas added that she’d tended to the geraniums in the beds on Market Hill, and that Liz Jones has planted pansies there too. Thanks to you both.


  • Suffolk Coast Business – report

Jenny Stockman told the meeting that SCB has been awarded a capacity building grant from Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC). This comprises £500 for each of the 4 member business associations, including Framlingham, and is to help with admin. costs. It will be sent with a feedback form to ensure it’s used effectively and within the grant conditions.


This same grant includes funds for SCB to develop its own website, to ensure that it:


  • Better integrates the four BA websites
  • Includes an up to date online directory of members
  • Includes an area highlighting grant opportunities
  • Includes anything else that feedback suggests is required


Jenny has applied for a revenue grant from SCDC, on behalf of SCB and for all four Bas, to pay for event management training, documentation of procedures, rules and regulations relating to community event management. It will give clear guidelines to new volunteers or organisers.


Jenny added that SCB is co-hosting a free ‘Ready for Growth’ event on 26th June at the Technology Centre (09.00 – 12.30) with info about business expansion, key speakers, etc.

More details to follow in the next SCB newsletter, or you find out more and book your place now on the Suffolk Business Hub website.


SCG will be hosting a Late Summer Party in September – venue and date to be confirmed.


Jenny confirmed that she’d circulated our Christmas dates to other members of SCB and that no other BA has settled on its arrangements yet. So, we’ll go ahead with:


  • Lights on Friday 27th November
  • Town Council’s Charity Market on Sunday, 6th December
  • Late night shopping and Fab Fram Christmas Festival on Friday 11th December


  • FBA AGM – Friday, 17th July at Fram Farmers

Richard H confirmed the venue and date (as above), and the time as 5.30pm for 6pm start. He also reported that Scott Russell, co-founder of Paddy & Scott’s, had been invited to give the keynote speech but is away on holiday that week.


Richard H has now secured Dr. David Hall, founder and CEO of The Ideas Centre, to speak on how fresh thinking and innovation can help organisations save money and/or generate more revenue. David is an inspirational speaker whose enthusiasm, intelligence and insights invariably win over even the most sceptical audiences.


Jenny asked if FBA should invite members from other BAs within SCB to attend, as well as the public. Richard H confirmed that the AGM should be open to all and that we should (and will) actively encourage widespread participation/attendance.


  • Events:

Richard H confirmed that volunteers are needed for Heritage Open Day, SausageFest & Fab Fram Christmas – both on the days in question (see below) and in advance.


Kathy and Sarah of aboutfram are once again organising Heritage Open Day, which is on September 12th this year. If you want to get involved, or simply want more info, please contact them on


Jenny Stockman is again organising SausageFest – on October 10th this year. If you want info and/or to be a part of it, please email her at The Technology Centre:


To help with the planning for the Fab Fram Christmas event on December 11th and/or to get more info, please email Richard H at


  • AOB


Richard H explained that he followed up on the discussion at last month’s meeting by asking businesses on the parade route whether they were considering opening for Bank Holiday Monday’s gala and parade. The following will be open: Co-Op  (7am to 9pm);

Carley’s Yard (11am to 4pm); The Lemon Tree (usual hours); The Common Room (10am to 4pm); Kitchen Range & Cookshop (an hour or so in the morning).

The meeting concluded that this wasn’t a sufficient number to declare (for PR purposes) that “Fram’s open for the day”.

FBA has lent its Union Jack bunting to the Sports Club, to help decorate Market Hill.


  • FBA Administrator

Richard H confirmed that he’d received a couple of applications for the post and anyone else interested needed to submit their CV by 5pm on Friday, May 22nd. More info.

  • Sponsorship of Fresh Aspirations Forum applicants, plus other help to Forum members

John Ashley Smith commented that companies (including his own) might be willing to sponsor applicants unable to afford the joining fee – currently £45 per year – for Fresh Aspirations Forum. Based in Framlingham, the Forum aims to bring young people together with the world of business to motivate and inspire them and allow them to take ownership of their futures. Jenny Stockman, who runs the Forum, welcomed the suggestion and added that she – and the young people who are members – would also welcome business-people able to offer advice/training/mentoring/etc. Email Jenny ( for more information.

  • Next meeting – to be held @ 5.30pm, June 15th at The Railway Inn.


20th April 2015

Present (@ Framlingham College):

Richard Harrison (Chair)
Dan Wood – Treasurer, Fram College
John Ashley Smith – Framlingham Town Council
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum
Andrew Kerry – Co-Op
Trish Plant – Kitchen Shop
Chris Plant – Kitchen Shop
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling
Becky Eglinton – Huntingfield Estates and Shepherds Crook Holiday Lettings
Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin

Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Sarah Clarke – About Fram
Kathy Churchill – About Fram
Janet Douglas – Country Markets
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges
Donna Stockley – Glemham Hall
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Alan Williams – A  W Artworks
Lindsay Want Beal – Xtrahead

Gary Kitching – Fram Town Council

  1. Sign off Draft Minutes
    Richard Whitaker approved and agreed to sign off the minutes from the March 2015 meeting.
  2. Website Development
    Richard thanked everyone for their website uploads and whilst there have been a few complications, this has now been sorted. The website will be going live over the weekend (24-26th April).
  3. Town Council Report
    John Ashley Smith reported on the following:

    John thanked everyone for the positive reaction to the ‘Friendly Fram’ signs to be used in businesses around Framlingham and Richard confirmed that we’re in the process of designing the sign.
    b. Any ideas for new road names can be emailed to Eileen at  Framlingham Town Council
    c. The Cemetery Gates on Fore Street are being sandblasted and repainted over the next two weeks, access into the cemetery is via the footpath that runs along the side of the cemetery.
    d. 2016 Framlingham Calendar will be on sale from May.
  4. Framlingham Gala
    The Framlingham Gala will take place on Monday 25th The meeting discussed ideas to encourage traders to open their businesses on this day, to take advantage of the extra visitors to Framlingham. Trish and Chris from the Cook Shop commented that they had opened in previous years and that they attracted a few browsers at best.  However, it was agreed that if a significant number of shops and cafes etc. opened, even if only between 10am and 2pm to cover the period before and after the parade (around 12.30) then visitors would have a chance to see what’s on offer and potentially buy or come back another time.

ACTIONS: Richard will contact members along the route of the parade to gauge interest.

FBA to lend our Union Jack bunting to the Sports Club for Gala day.


  1. Suffolk Coastal Business
    Jenny confirmed that she had resigned as Chair of Suffolk Coastal Business and said that the recent AGM had been successful. Four people are keen to join the board, including Donna Stockley – an FBA member based at Glemham Hall, who specialises in Event Management. Jenny also confirmed that the SCB conference that took place in March at High Lodge, Darsham went very well and received excellent feedback. SCB will build on this format for next year’s event.


  1. FBA AGM
    FBA AGM is scheduled to take place on 17th July 2015 at Fram Farmers. From 5.30pm for a 6pm start, we’ll have 30 minutes on AGM business followed by a social gathering. Richard is looking for a key speaker, ideas so far include Dr Dan Poulter and Scott Russell (of Paddy and Scott’s).  If anyone has other ideas, please email Richard


  1. Events Update
    Heritage Day –
    This is scheduled for Saturday 12 September 2015. Kathy and Sarah, from AboutFram, are organising this again (after last year’s success) and it will follow a similar format though not exactly the same.

SausageFest – E P Marketing won the bid to manage the PR and Marketing for SausageFest, showing an impressive enthusiasm and knowledge of the event.
Jenny Stockman won the bid for the Event Management of SausageFest.  Becky mentioned that Jenny should speak to the Rotary Chair, Lindsay Pearson, about the possibility of the Rotary assisting where they can.  Jenny confirmed that this year’s SausageFest will be more heavily FBA branded, there will be no raffle, and funding will be in the form of sponsorship, grants (applied for), advertising, and entry costs. A few sausage providers have confirmed so far, all wishing to be based on Market Hill. Community-based stalls will be at John Grose.  Jenny also confirmed that event will be looking for gluten free and vegetarian sausage providers to take part.  Jenny discussed the road closure with John Ashley Smith of TC.


Fab Fram Christmas – Provisional date so far for this event is Friday 11th December (the Town Council’s Charity Market is scheduled for the Sunday before, December 6th). This means the turning on of the lights could happen on Friday 27th November.

ACTION: RH to liaise with other individuals and groups involved in Christmas lights.

The breakdown of tasks for the event – from Fiona Mealing, who’s organised the last two Xmas events – is comprehensive and actions can be divided among a number of volunteers. Andrew Kerry reminded Richard to book a slot with Co-Op to sell raffle tickets.

RH has since emailed the CoOp and secured these dates in November: Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st and Wednesday 25th


ACTION: RH to set up the first Christmas Meeting on Friday 8th May. Please come along if you’re interested in being involved in planning/discussing the event: The Railway Inn, 9.30am

a. Richard reminded the meeting of the litter pick organised by the WI for Wednesday 22nd. (NOTE: Eight volunteers, all wearing FBA high vis jackets, each filled a bin liner full of rubbish from Station Road and Fairfield Road (and roads off) and Fore Street.)
b. Garnetts will supply 4 ½ barrels filled with summer flowers at a cost of around £80 per barrel to be placed around Framlingham.  Permission needs to be granted from FTC before FBA place the order with Garnetts.  ACTION: RH to speak to Eileen Coe and submit proposal to Suffolk Coastal.
c. Richard Whittaker minuted that 3 attendees from March FBA meeting never received a follow up call or email after the meeting.  This will be rectified and a quick call or email will be made/sent in future.

d. Richard Whitaker also minuted his personal – and the FBA’s – thanks to Fram Residents’ Association for removing the “No” posters from around town, in response to his request (which had also been echoed by other businesses).

e. FBA Admin – Richard announced that the position of FBA Admin will become vacant in late May/early June so we are taking this opportunity to advertise the role via the minutes. Suffolk Coast Business will also be circulating this information:

Could you be the new FBA Administrator?

Framlingham Business Association is looking to appoint a new, part-time Administrator to help with the work we do for local businesses and the community. The Administrator will be responsible for:

  • Assisting FBA Chair and other Committee Members with various tasks
  • Maintaining the membership database (we have over 100 members now)
  • Organising new – and renewal – subscriptions and creating/sending other invoices
  • Distributing emails and letters to members
  • Arranging venues for monthly (and other) meetings and taking/preparing the minutes
  • Working with FBA Treasurer to manage bank accounts
  • Doing day-to-day book-keeping and assisting Treasurer with end-of-year accounts
  • Helping with website administration
  • Filing documents and keeping records, as required

Typically, the work involves 20 to 30 hours per month, paid at £8.50 per hour.

If you’re interested in this role and want to get involved with FBA, please contact Richard Harrison, FBA Chair, before May


Next Meeting
Monday 18th May April 2015, 5.30pm at the Lemon Tree.

16th March 2015


Richard Harrison (Chair)
Dan Wood – Treasurer, Fram College
Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council
Verity Hales- English Heritage
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum
Revd Canon Mark Sanders – St Michael’s Church
Janet Douglas – Country Markets
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Alexandra Lapot – Alex Lapot
Sarah Lindsay – Framlingham Doctor Surgery
Heidi Harrison – Lemon Tree
Guy Edmonson – Framlingham Country Show
Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin
Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Kelvin Gibbs – Chanwood Milling
Sarah Clarke – About Fram
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Lisa Handley – Windmill Cottages
Simon Tinkler – Enrnest Doe
Nicola Warner – Carleys Yard


  1. Sign off Draft Minutes
    Richard Whitaker approved and agreed to sign off the minutes from the February 2015 meeting.
  2. Draft Marketing Plan and Brand Guidelines
    Richard thanked everyone for their feedback on the draft market plan and brand guidelines. There were only a couple of minor amendments and both are available on request from Richard at
  3. Website Development
    Richard thanked everyone for their positive feedback in response to the new FBA website. If anyone is experiencing problems using the DropBox, please contact Richard ( and he will be able to help you. We’re hoping to go live with the new website around Easter time.
  4. Town Council Report
    Gary Kitching reported on the following:

    Annual Parish Meeting – The APM will take place on Thursday 19th March at 7.30pm in The St John Westbury Centre. It is being held earlier this year due to the Elections.  Guest Speaker is Paul Taylor – Headmaster at Framlingham College who will talk about the College in its 150th Anniversary year.
    b. Elections – Elections take place on Thursday 7th May.  Could you be a Town Councillor? The Town Council welcomes all applicants and believes someone from the local business community would be a good addition. Posters and further information along with Nomination Forms will be available from 23rd March.
    e. Street Lighting Costs – The Town Council is responsible for 81 of the Town’s street lights and energy costs have reduced substantially as result of lighting restrictions around Framlingham
    f. 2016 Framlingham Calendar – The final 12 photos and front cover have been selected and the new Calendar will be on sale from May/June.
    g. Fram Market – The market welcomes back Bill Philpot with his own designed art deco posters.  Market Regulations and Charges can be found on along with details of how to apply for a pitch.  All applications are advertised on the agenda for the PR & Markets Committee meetings, held on the second Tuesday each month in the Town Council Office. Members of the public are welcome to attend.
    h. New Road Names – The Town Council keeps a list of suggested new road names put forward by residents over the years.  If you would like to add a road name to this list please email the Town Clerk.  The Town Council will consider the list of suggestions as and when new roads are developed.
    J. Sunday Bus Service – The Town Council would like to have the Sunday Bus Service reinstated.  There are no plans to do this at present, but Suffolk Coastal DC has noted FTC’s comments and FTC is now asking for support from the public.  You can do this by contacting FTC saying you think it is a good idea and that you would use it.
    k. Advance warning of power cut for Riverside area of Framlingham at 8am on Sunday 5th April and again at 4.30pm.
    l. Cemetery Gates – repainting – Work is starting on repainting the cemetery gates on Monday 27th April for approximately 3 – 4 days.
  5. Friendly Fram Signs
    Richard received no comments regarding the Friendly Fram signs and it was decided to go ahead and produce a small amount of simple signs to be placed in venues around Framlingham should they wish to participate. ACTION: RH
  6. Flower Baskets/Pots and Flags
    Quotes have been received to supply 12x 16-inch hanging baskets to be placed strategically around the Town. The cost is £30.00 per pot including VAT.  As an alternative, we are waiting for quotes from Garnetts to have 4 large pots filled with flowers to be placed around the Town.  There may be some issues as to where they can be placed and watered regularly.  Gary said there was a list of helpers held at FTC and Liz agreed to contact Eileen Coe to find out about all of this. Janet Douglas mentioned the geraniums by the Newsagents; she had dead-headed them but commented that some more flowers might be needed now.
    ACTION: Liz to contact Eileen Coe, follow up with Garnetts regarding the pots and source some extra flowers to go in the pots near the newsagents.
    It was agreed that we would not put St George’s flags up for St George’s day, as this was too labour intensive for 1 day.  Instead, it was agreed that we’d invite people to have Union Jacks or Suffolk flags flying in time for Framlingham Gala, Monday 25th May 2015.

ACTION: RH and Bill Bulstrode to liaise on ensuring flags are in place, as per previous discussions

  1. Case Studies
    As a follow on from last month and in line with the new website, Richard asked again if anyone would be willing to chat with him about a success story relating to their business. He’s happy to write up the story and create a case study for use on your website (and on the FBA site) at no cost to individual members. He reiterated that it was a good way of promoting your own business and in the process highlighting the benefits of belonging to the Framlingham Business Association.
  2. Fram Spring Clean 21st March 2015. CANCELLED
    Richard Whittaker read a letter out from Suffolk Coastal Highways department. This explained that any individual or group wishing to carry out voluntary improvements/cleaning in the Town would need to undergo competency training first. This would ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations when working near the public highway.  Richard volunteered to do the competency training at a later date, but all agreed that it was too late for this year and we should concentrate on getting ready for next March.
  3. Suffolk Coastal Report from Jenny Stockman
    Jenny reminded the meeting of the Suffolk Coastal event that is taking place on 25th March and there are some excellent key speakers and workshops, plus networking opportunities and a fine lunch! You will be entered into a free draw by booking before next week via the SCB website, the prize being a profile in “Suffolk” magazine. Other prizes are available via the SCB Facebook page or its website (

There is currently a recruitment drive for more board members within Suffolk Coastal Business.  The meetings take place every 6-8 weeks and the organisation is looking for people who are interested in developing the economy of Suffolk.
The Suffolk Coastal Business AGM will take place on 17th April at The Bell in Saxmundham.

a. On 14th March – Red Nose Day – the FBA raised £38.00 at its coffee morning, held at The Castle Inn. Thanks to the pub for hosting it.
b. Framlingham Country Show – This will take place on 11/12 April in the grounds of Framlingham College.  Guy Edmunson gave a brief outline of the weekend and encouraged local businesses to make the most of the opportunity to promote themselves to the many visitors that come to Framlingham for the event.  If you want to exhibit and be included on the FCS website, please contact Guy directly:

The programme is yet to be printed so this is another option for businesses to promote themselves – again, contact Guy via email for more info.

As last year, FBA will use its own gazebo to have a presence at the event and members are welcome to provide leaflets/information for distribution. However, unless the businesses who want to advertise this way are willing to be on the stand for some period over the weekend, we cannot guarantee that there will be someone there for the duration of the show.

If you want to be sure of reaching out to as many visitors as possible, we suggest you take your own stand and leave some information on the FBA stand too.

  1. Reverend Canon Mark Sanders from St Michael’s Church gave a short presentation regarding an event called “Celebration Framlingham “ that is taking place between 2nd and 5th July. The aim is to celebrate the role of St Michael’s and other churches as an integral part of the community by using the premises for flower, art and photography exhibitions, for musical concerts, and for various stalls and refreshments. To encourage children/families to be involved, there will be a town trail/quiz and FBA members are invited to take part. It will only require a small amount of window space being provided for a clue/drawing or similar.

The Church is seeking goodwill and support for the town trail; for sponsorship (£250 for flower festival, £100 for photo exhibition or donations towards this); for advertisements in the programme

  1. Framlingham Gala – This will take place on Monday 25th May. Verity Hales agreed to attend a meeting on 25th March at the Sports Club and will report back. The theme of the parade this year is Fairy Tales and it was felt that the FBA should get involved with the Parade and all agreed that the parade has got smaller over the years.

It was suggested that visitors to the Town on that day would get an even better experience if more of the shops, cafes and other businesses were open – even if only until 2pm or 3pm. A bigger parade and having more to do – i.e. shopping, eating, browsing – would help to boost the event – and may benefit businesses both on the day and in the future (with return visitors).

  1. SausageFest 2015 – Richard explained that he will be sending to all members an ‘Expression of Interest’ outline information for anyone who is interested in Project Managing the event or managing the PR & Marketing for the event. Jenny is currently doing this but happy to hand the position over and this will be a paid position. The expressions of interest are just that and will explain if the candidate is suitable for the position with relevant experience.  Richard would like to receive any expressions of interests by 5.00pm Friday 27th March, with a candidate in place – ideally – by 10th April 2015.  Richard advised that three sausage producers have already confirmed that they would like to participate and Richard Whittaker confirmed that Creasys are happy to operate at The Round House once again. So, four confirmed already and last year we had 12 scheduled to attend.
    f. “NO” Signs – Richard Whittaker expressed concern about the remaining “NO” signs that have remained around the Town.  He explained that visitors to his B&B had commented that it gave a very negative feel to the Town and this was echoed throughout the meeting. Other members have emailed and/or spoken to Richard with similar concerns. Alex Lapot of Framlingham Residents Association, who was present at the meeting, agreed to ‘knock on doors’ to encourage the remaining few to remove the signs. [Chair’s note: Alex has subsequently shared with me the contents of a letter that all member residents will receive, asking them to remove the posters.]
  2. Next Meeting
    Monday 20th April 2015, 5.30pm at Framlingham College.

16th February 2015


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited
Andrew Nierkirk (Vice Chair)- EagleMedia
Dan Wood (Treasurer) – Fram College
Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling
Andrew Kerridge – East of England Co-Op
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum
Simon Tinkler – Ernest Doe
Eileen Coe – Framlingham Town Council
John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council
Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Verity Hales- English Heritage
Aleysha Stockman – Fresh Aspirations Forum
Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead
Janet Douglas – Country Markets
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Lindsey Pearson – Framlingham Rotary
Alexandra Lapot – Alex Lapot
Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Sarah Clarke – About Fram
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Jan Wright –Suffolk Coastal Business
Howard Wright – H J Wright Ltd
Fiona Mealing – Apple Nutrition
Alan Williams – A W Artworks
Lisa Handley – Windmill Cottages
Sally Seeley – Drab Ltd


  1. Sign off Draft Minutes
    Andrew Niekirk agreed to sign off the amendments to December 2014 minutes and the minutes from the January 2015 meeting.


  1. Draft Marketing Plan and Brand Guidelines
    ACTION FOR MEMBERS: Please note that the date for feedback on these documents (to is February 27th 2015 (not Feb 20th as previously stated).


  1. Website Development
    Richard highlighted the main functions of the new FBA website, which received a very positive response due to its fresh and modern look and straightforward navigation.

It’s still possible to tweak various elements at this stage, subject to members’ feedback and the practicality/viability of suggestions.


We’ll also be inviting each member to provide a detailed response about their own entry – info to follow.

Kelvin asked if business categories (the new site includes an extensive list) could be added if we needed them. Richard confirmed that they could, but that it may take a little time. Lindsay Want-Beal commented that categories should be in line with Suffolk Coastal Business website and Jenny Stockman confirmed that both databases will be co-ordinated.

  1. Case Studies
    Richard asked if members would be willing to discuss their experiences/ the benefits of FBA membership to allow for the creation of case studies for the new website. These case studies might help to demonstrate the advantages to businesses that might wish to join, and be used for PR too. Jenny Stockman asked if a case study could be a story on something like event planning and Richard confirmed it did.


ACTION FOR MEMBERS:  Please get in touch with Richard before 13th March 2015 if you’d like to contribute to the creation of a FBA case study:


  1. Town Council Report
    Eileen Coe reported on the following:

    Lighting Queen’s Alley – this requires further investigation
    b. Speeding Issues – the new posts for the speed signs will be ready in about 12 to 14 weeks.
    c. The Annual Parish meeting will take place on 19th March and will include an agenda item to encourage people to stand for election. If anyone is interested, they can pop in and see Eileen or download the forms from the Council website.
    d. Framlingham Town Council News – published monthly on Council website highlighting main issues arising from meetings.
    e. Cllr John Ashley-Smith presented an idea called ‘Friendly Fram’ – small signs made up and put in the windows of the town’s pubs/restaurant’s/shops to indicate to visitors that they’d be happy for them to use the toilet facilities without having to buy anything. This was met with a generally positive response by those attending.


ACTION FOR MEMBERS:  Please register your support/comments before 13th March 2015 to

  1. Review of Market Applications – Eileen mentioned that all market applications can be reviewed prior to hearing. There were some comments that current market stalls encroach on established shops in the Town but most people agreed that this will always be the case with any market, there will always be an element of duplication. Richard H asked whether any market stall applications get rejected and if so, on what basis. The council confirmed that applications were rejected and that each was considered on its own merits, in line with the guidelines for market stalls available on the Council website. It was confirmed that quite a lot of time is spent by the Council on making the decisions, and Eileen Coe reiterated that individual retailers are entitled to voice their opinions at the open meetings.


  1. Hanging Baskets and flower tubs
    It was suggested that there could be some funds available to spend on hanging baskets/flowers for businesses that wanted them – either as a contribution by the FBA, or else covering the full cost. The hanging baskets would the responsibility of the businesses and therefore watering would be their job. The suggestion was met favourably and it was agreed that FBA would investigate further, assess costs etc.
    Eileen confirmed that there are 11 tubs situated around the town, sponsored by businesses, and volunteers currently look after them.
    ACTION: RH/LJ to investigate interest/cost.


  1. Fram Spring Clean 21st March 2015.
    Richard Whittaker confirmed that the original idea of the Fram Spring Clean had changed since all the town’s signs have now been cleaned the Council. It was agreed that we should concentrate on one area of the Town that needs tidying up.  Richard W suggested the Riverside area, railings etc but is waiting for permission from Suffolk Highways as to what can (or can’t) be done.  Eileen Coe is meeting with Highways and will try and chase this up.  Janet Douglas commented that the WI will be doing a litter pick up in April.


  1. Suffolk Coastal Report from Jenny Stockman
    There is currently a recruitment drive for more board members within Suffolk Coastal Business. Jenny confirmed that there are now 6 workshops booked for the Suffolk Coastal Business event that is taking place on at High Lodge, Darsham on 25th The theme for the day is Routes to Market and all the information is available on the Suffolk Coast Business website.
    The funding application for admin services within FBA has gone in but has been postponed.


  1. AOB
    14th March – Red Nose Day – it was suggested that the FBA get involved with this and possibly hold a short meeting on 13th March with members attending wearing a red nose.
    ACTION: Richard to advise Liz of plan

Bill Bulstrode mentioned St George’s Day and the possibility of putting flags up around the Town.  It was suggested that this might be too labour intensive and that if businesses wanted flags to be put up that they would stay up all summer.
ACTION: Richard to speak with Bill Bulstrode

Lindsey Pearson, Vice Chair from Framlingham Rotary, gave a short introduction about what Fram Rotary do and reminded the members that there are people within the organisation that can donate time/practical help with projects and in particular to community events.  He asked that Fram Rotary be kept abreast of projects and events in advance from the FBA and reiterated that it would be of great benefit for the community in general.
Jenny Stockman confirmed that there will be a 2nd series of the Detectorist filming in Framlingham from 22nd June 2015.  The website is a good website to look at if members want to add their info and keep updated on opportunities.

Bill Bulstrode confirmed that Dan Poulter MP will be in Town on Wednesday 25th February 2015.
Lindsay Want-Beal commented that both the Mount Pleasant and Fairfield Road proposed development had been rejected at the first hearing by Suffolk Coastal.  She felt that Framlingham had been a pioneer for other market towns to cherish green spaces and suggest that the Spring Clean perhaps should be renamed Spring Green!
Aleysha Stockman asked that members of Fresh Aspirations Forum be added to the current FBA mailing list.
ACTION: Liz to organise this. 

  1. Next Meeting
    Monday 16th March 2015, 5.30pm at the Tech Centre, Station Road, Framlingham. 


Immediately after the FBA monthly meeting, we held a meeting regarding SausageFest 2015.


Richard Harrison; Andrew Nierkirk; Jenny Stockman; Alexandra Lapot; Rose Ling; Elizabeth Jones

Jenny had provided a detailed breakdown and event planner for Sausage Fest 2015.  Jenny has offered to Project Manage the event with Rose who is happy to arrange trade stands as last year.
It was agreed that there were things from last year that did not work and needed to be looked at for this year.  It was felt that the transport was too slow to get people around the sausage trail, and perhaps this year we could utilise mini buses that are owned by institutions around Framlingham eg Sir Thomas Mills High School, Fram Rotary etc.
It was agreed that more stalls/stands could be put on market hill and the meadow.

It was felt that there needed to be a more effective way of managing entry into the sausage trail and stopping producers from giving away samples to people who had not paid to do the trail.

As the meeting was poorly attended, it was suggested that we should have another meeting and hopefully we would get more attendance. Liz agreed to meet with Jenny week commencing Monday 23rd February to assist with any initial tasks that needed doing.

The next meeting to be arranged.

19th January 2015

Present and apologies were duly noted. The meeting was led by Richard Harrison, FBA Chair.

1.       Sign off Draft Minutes

Richard highlighted some amendments that we needed to make to the draft minutes from the 16th December 2014 meeting

(Chair’s note on 23/02/15: The approved minutes for December, below, include these amendments).

Richard asked that members read and approve the amended minutes for December and these minutes for January, plus those for subsequent months, within a week of distribution. This will mean we can update the website approximately 14 days after each meeting.

One of the amendments referred to the Framlingham Town Notice Board on Market Hill. It was suggested that members may not be aware of how to get their info/posters on to the notice board, so it was agreed that FBA would add the details. ACTION: Richard Harrison

In summary: members can deliver their A5 posters/adverts, dated with the month and year for display (e.g. February 2015) to Eileen Coe at the Town Council offices. Members must ensure they supply new notices, dated as appropriate, for each new month so that the information remains current and other members have the chance of using the board.

Another suggestion concerned FBA and Town Council working together on a separate notice board – possibly electronic and potentially interactive – that allows people to find businesses not on Market Hill. ACTION: Andrew Niekirk (FBA) and Gary Kitching (TC) to liaise on this.

As an update to the last meeting, rather than amendments to the minutes, Richard read out a statement of apology received from Jenny Stockman in respect of Lindsay Want-Beal and Sally Seeley for a comment made at December’s meeting. Here is Jenny’s statement:

“Jenny would like to offer her apologies to Lindsay and Sally for the comment she made at the last FBA meeting. It was inappropriate to voice, in public, a personal frustration about perceived restricted access to admin on the website. A greater understanding of the issues involved with access has clarified the situation. Jenny also wants to emphasise that her comment did not reflect the opinion of the Management Committee, nor was it intended to be voiced as such, or interpreted as such.”

In an additional update, Richard announced the introduction of new FBA Procurement Procedures following a productive meeting he held with Jenny, Lindsay and Sally in January. The aim is that the written procedures make FBA’s purchasing of goods and services a more transparent process. As opportunities for supplying goods and services arise, members will have enough time to respond. Each application will be judged on its merits.

2.       Business Plan and Website Development
Richard asked the meeting if we would be happy for the Business Plan to be made public – e.g. to share with other Business Associations and/or publish on the website?  It was felt that the former was acceptable, as long as we specify that the document is available only to Committee members. It was suggested that the Business Plan only be made available to the public in advance of the July AGM. It is available any time upon request to FBA members.
ACTION: Richard Harrison to diarise for June 2015 the publication of the Business Plan.

We are still developing the new version of the website. We aim to give members access to the development site (i.e. not live site) for review and feedback before the next meeting.

3.       Branding Guidelines/Marketing Plan
Branding Guidelines and Marketing Plan should be ready for review, upon request, before the next meeting.  We invite input from all members who want to see the drafts.
ACTION – Richard Harrison to send drafts, when ready, to Sarah Clarke who requested them at the meeting

4.       Town Council Report
a. Hopkins Homes Station Road – Plans for development to go to FTC in next month.
b. Lighting Queen’s Alley – possible option – solar light fixed to wall of Price of India. Seeking FBA support. FBA members urged the Council to find a solution that satisfied businesses and residents alike. We confirmed our readiness to provide financial support for affordable schemes that achieved broad agreement between interested parties.
c. ‘A’ boards – reminder of Highway’s guidance in relation to ‘A’ boards. Advertising signs on the highway Advice Note SCC.
d. Framlingham Town Council committee agendas – available prior to meetings for comment.
e. Framlingham Town Council News – published monthly on Council website highlighting main issues arising from meetings.

5.       Suffolk Coastal Report from Jenny Stockman
The Suffolk Coast Business Event will take place on 25th March at High Lodge Darsham, 09.00 – 2pm. This is an evolution of the Suffolk Coast Business Exhibition and is designed to deliver more tangible benefits to all who attend. The theme is Routes to Market.

The day will kick off with a keynote speech from Richard Jackson MBE to motivate and inspire. A short presentation by the DMO (Suffolk Coast Destination Management Organisation) will followed, about the important role tourism plays in our economy.

Attendees will be able to visit some carefully selected trade stands that are suitable for the theme and either have “meet the buyer” sections or other useful info. There will be master classes on subjects such as tendering with Suffolk County Council, business planning to work out your market, and communication techniques to really engage and gain customers.

Delegate fee is £35 which covers lunch, refreshments, master classes and the whole morning. There are opportunities to get involved via sponsorship (including lunch tables) or by having a stand. Booking will open online very shortly when we launch our new website.

Please email for details
SCB is also putting together a series of workshops to help people with various business skills. And don’t forget about the monthly breakfast club meetings – emails will notify you of venues and speakers, details on website

6.       Wickham Market
As an action from the last meeting, Andrew Nierkirk produced a FBA boundary map for Framlingham and the surrounding villages. The boundary encompasses current members with Dennington, Earl Soham, Lower Hacheston,  Little Glemham and Wickham Market.

Richard and Andrew had a positive meeting with members of the Town Team at Wickham Market, who produced a list of potential members. It’s thought that approximately 6 are likely to join FBA at the moment. We’ll advise businesses in Wickham Market that they are able to join the FBA and that events currently based in Framlingham will stay here. We would be happy to assist in helping with events in Wickham Market.

7.       Current Events, Heritage Open Day, SausageFest and Fabulous Framlingham Christmas
At the last meeting, Richard asked for ideas regarding future events in Framlingham and a couple of suggestions had been made. However, it was felt that FBA needs to focus on existing events for now.

Sarah Clarke and Kathy Churchill will continue to organise the Heritage Open Day, which was a huge success. Richard expressed the FBA’s thanks for this.

SausageFest – It was felt by the meeting that SF is too big an event, in its current guise, for a volunteer to run. Jenny Stockman has successfully organised it for the last two years but has little desire to undertake this again. The option of ‘employing’ a professional events organiser/ company was discussed, but everyone agreed that this is probably not financially viable.

Another option is to mentor volunteers from youth groups such as Fresh Aspirations Forum and FAYAP. But the mentor/events co-ordinator would still need a financial reward and FBA would still need to raise a substantial amount to cover costs. Figures for 2014 SausageFest and Christmas events will be available at the AGM.

Richard confirmed that he had used a page of Framfare (out on 30th Jan) to request any kind of volunteer help.

Julia Nathan from Fresh Aspirations suggested that FBA call a one-off meeting about SausageFest (and/or other events) to get volunteers. ACTION: Richard Harrison to set up.

Jenny Stockman commented that although organising SausageFest was time-consuming, it was also very rewarding and fulfilling from a personal development point of view. Lindsay Want-Beal suggested that becoming more integrated with the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival might help us attract sponsorship and volunteers. ACTION: Richard Harrison to meet Jenny Stockman to discuss further.

8.       Proposed Town Wide Sign Cleaning
Richard Whitaker undertook to look at the proposed town wide sign cleaning. Everyone agreed that January and February were not the best months to do this and he offered a date of 21/22 March (start of Spring).  He asked if anyone had a contact for the scout/guide groups in Fram and also FYAP/Duke of Edinburgh groups who might like to get involved. If you do, please let him know via

He asked that in time for the next meeting everyone make notes of what cleaning/repair works they see need doing and bring to the next meeting.  Simon Tinkler mentioned that Health and Safety and Risk Assessments might need to take place if children/young people will be getting involved.

9.       AOB
– Richard and Liz provided an update on the 9 memberships outstanding. We now have 101 business members.
– ACTION: Liz to provide Bill Bulstrode an updated list of outstanding invoices for Christmas Trees and he will chase for payment.
– ACTION: Richard to circulate with these minutes a copy of SCDC Mourning Protocol relating to flying of flags

10.   Next Meeting
Monday 16th February 2015, 5.30pm at The Crown Hotel

16th December 2014

Present and apologies were duly noted. The meeting was led by Richard Harrison, FBA Chair.

1.       Sign Off Draft Minutes – Andrew Nierkirk agreed to sign off the draft minutes from 17th November 2014 meeting.

2.       Business Plan
Richard thanked everyone who provided feedback on the draft business plan.  He confirmed that FBA will remain as a non-profit organisation and that any profits will be channelled back into the Association, not paid as dividends. This will clear in the amended business plan.

Richard confirmed that the amended business plan will be clear that FBA will not duplicate the efforts of other organisations that act on behalf of Framlingham. He also confirmed that FBA has a constitution and that it will be published on the website in due course.

Richard confirmed that the request to include a breakdown of Marketing Costs has been noted, and that the details will be available in the revised business plan.

ACTION: Richard Harrison to update the Business Plan, and publish the Constitution on the website, as noted above.

3.       Wickham Market
There is general support from members to the proposal to allow businesses from Wickham Market to join FBA. Richard confirmed that events planned by FBA would remain in Fram.

Richard asked the meeting if FBA should have a fixed boundary. There are many businesses operating in the areas outside of Framlingham, and we already have members from Wickham Market, Easton and Glemham Hall. 12-15 businesses within Wickham Market have expressed an interest in joining the FBA soon.

ACTION: Andrew Nierkirk agreed to look at establishing a boundary for Framlingham.

4.       Town Council Report
Two main issues from FTC:

a. Lighting for Queens Alley – feasibility study being undertaken by FTC.

b. The PR & Markets agenda will be published prior to FBA meetings to allow for comments
from local businesses on new stall holder applications.

c. For discussion at the next meeting, a new notice board in the town centre that draws people’s attention to the town’s businesses that are not on Market Hill.

ACTION: Richard Harrison/Liz Jones to ensure item “c.” is included in January agenda.

5.       Branding Guidelines, Marketing Plan and Website Development

£1K had been assigned in the draft Business Plan to the creation of brand guidelines. Richard Harrison is undertaking this work voluntarily, so the amended plan may re-assign these funds following discussion by the Management Committee.

Richard invited members to make their own suggestions about re-assignment via email to Liz Jones before January 2nd 2015.

The marketing plan and brand guidelines will follow on from the finalisation of the business plan.

There is £1K assigned for the production of a revised FBA website. Tom Huggins, who works in the marketing department at Framlingham College and has his own web design business, will be developing the website. Richard will be sharing updates on the Marketing Plan and the website with members, and nothing will go live online without consultation.

The updating of the existing site, and the revised version, will be shared between Richard Harrison, Andrew Nierkirk and Liz Jones. Richard minuted his apologies for some delays in updating the site during his first month in office.

Andrew Nierkirk is fulfilling the everyday technical upkeep of the website on a voluntary basis. We have appointed a company in Ipswich called Novella Hosting, which is also doing some of the technical build on the revamped site, to look after web and email hosting. FBA will retain full access to the site and ownership of it.

Richard Harrison presented Lindsay Want-Beal and Sally Seeley with a Christmas Wreath each, as a thank you for the all the hard work they’ve put in on the current FBA website. Sally was not there to receive the Wreath, but Lindsay accepted on her behalf. Lindsay commented that she felt the decision by the management committee to update the FBA website, and to bring in a new supplier, had not been communicated clearly nor handled very well. Richard Harrison suggested that a separate meeting should take place for further discussion, with Richard, Lindsay, Sally and Jenny (in her capacity as former Chair) to attend. ACTION: Richard Harrison to set up meeting.

6.       Car Parks
All the licences are in place for the use of Sports Club parking. The cost is 50p per day, it’s available between 6am and 7pm, and permits are for one month at a time. Staff members from Conrad Consulting currently use the car park, which is helping to ease congestion on Fore St. There is also free parking for FBA members at Atlas Fram on Saturdays.

Please email Liz Jones if you would like to apply for a permit for either car park.

7.       Fabulous Fram Christmas
Fiona Mealing commented that the event was a success, since it was well attended, generated positive feedback, and benefitted most businesses in terms of the extra footfall through Fram. However, some of the traders on Church St received a reduction on pitch fees, as they didn’t do as well as stalls on Market Hill. Fiona thanked everyone involved in helping her organise and set up the event, and Richard presented her with a Christmas Wreath to express FBA’s thanks. He also presented one each to Bill Bulstrode and Karen Haynes to thank them for their hard work in relation to Christmas celebrations in Fram.

Fiona concluded by saying that FBA needs a new co-ordinator (or team of two) to lead the organising of next year’s event. Please contact Fiona and/or Liz if you’re interested.

8.       Market Hill Notice Board
RH commented that Eileen Coe of Framlingham Town Council was concerned that a new approach/system is needed to make a better and fairer use of the town notice board on Market Hill. Possibilities included the use of A5 notices instead of A4, to rotate them on a monthly basis to keep things current and that seasonal events would overtake everyday notices i.e. SausageFest, Christmas etc. Gary also mentioned this in his Town Council Report.

ACTION: Members who want notices displayed should make them A5 and clearly add the month in which they want them on show. If members want to advertise for longer, they will need to supply Eileen with a new notice for each new month.

9.       Proposed Town Wide Sign Cleaning in January
There is a proposal that FBA volunteers meet one Sunday in January 2015 to clean the road signs and street name signs around the town. One suggestion was to encourage local groups (e.g. scouts, brownies) to also get involved. Another suggestion was that one person from each street would clean their sign.

ACTION: Richard Whittaker agreed to coordinate this.

10.   New Year, New Ideas
Richard suggested that it would be good to use the next meeting to exchange ideas about FBA activities in general. One specific discussion would be about running another event in Framlingham, perhaps in the early summer. 
Please email your ideas and suggestions to Liz by January 7th 2015.

11.   AOB
– Businesses in Fram received a letter looking for donations to fund a traffic study in respect of the Neighbourhood Plan and proposal to build houses on Fairfield Road. It was agreed that individuals should donate if they want to, and that FBA would not make a donation as an Association.

– Richard had some literature from Essex/Suffolk Water about a water saving initiative that they are undertaking.

– FBA received an official ‘thank you’ for the money donated from Sausage Fest from Framlingham Sports Club and FAYAP. The latter advised that their budget has been cut by £7000, so the donation was very well received.

– Heritage Open Day – Richard presented Christmas wreaths to Kathy Churchill and Sarah Clarke of About Fram (Kathy accepted on Sarah’s behalf) to thank them for their hard work in organising the September event.

– Jenny Stockman confirmed that the Suffolk Coast Business annual B2B event will take place on March 25th 2015 9am – 2.30pm. More details available from Jenny.

– The next Suffolk Coastal Breakfast Meeting will take place at 7.45am on January 16th 2015 at the Lemon Tree. Book in through Liz Jones.

– Richard presented Jenny Stockman with flowers and fizz to say thank you for all her hard work as Chair for the last two years.

12.   Next Meeting

The next FBA meeting will take place on Monday, January 19th at 5.30pm in the Armoury at The Castle Inn.