As a member of Framlingham Business Association, you’ll enjoy:

  • Full-page entry – including logo, text and photos – in our online Business Directory
  • Inclusion in the online directory of Suffolk Coast Business
  • Chances to share your news, special offers and other Opportunities
  • Networking via FBA meetings and events, plus those run by other business associations/groups
  • Promotional opportunities through large scale community-based events
  • Use of the FBA notice-board on Market Hill to publicise what your company has to offer
  • Discounts at selected workshops and business training events
  • Access to FBA equipment for your events, training sessions, exhibitions, etc.
  • Signposting to business support, due to FBA’s links with relevant advisors and organisations
  • Monthly FBA meetings, in venues around Framlingham, where you can share your views and catch up on the latest news about events, issues affecting business and the town, etc.
  • Participation in events/projects that use your skills and let you work with, and for, the community

Membership information

FBA is open to everyone doing business in and around Framlingham.

Whether you’re trading locally or globally, based in the town itself or commuting in and out, this town means something to you – so joining Framlingham Business Association makes sense.

It’s also fantastic value for money, as we’ve kept the membership rate both simple and affordable:

Just £60 a year

Our membership year runs from September to September, so we charge new members the pro rata amount depending upon the date of joining.

Be a part of something special

Framlingham Business Association (FBA) brings the business people of Framlingham and the surrounding area together for the common purpose of boosting trade for all. Through a busy programme and appropriate supportive links, the businesses of Framlingham are able to access advice, enjoy networking and take advantage of the promotion that a series of well-coordinated events affords the town.

The FBA online embraces the benefits of a digital presence as well as maintaining face to face encounters for engaging with contacts and generate leads:

  • Successfully established social media platforms and a dedicated website are now increasing interaction and following through professional management.
  • All FBA members will have representation via each medium, linking to individual’s existing digital content where possible and sharing with the wider business association networks of Suffolk Coastal via Suffolk Coast Business.
  • Enjoy face to face interaction as a member at Suffolk Coast Business monthly Business Breakfast Club, annual conference and new annual Showcase.

Membership of the FBA automatically gives you membership of Suffolk Coast Business and entitlement to membership discounts on all bookings.

Keeping  you up to date and informed:

  • Regular, but not too frequent e-newsletters from the FBA and Suffolk Coast Business inform about events, what the FBA is engaged in, grant or opportunity information and other issues that may affect or be relevant to your business.
  • There is always someone from the FBA or Suffolk Coast Business available via email to respond to questions and help with signposting or advice.
  • Bi-monthly FBA open meetings in Framlingham bring like-minded people together whilst the FBA committee which meets on alternate months uses the diverse expertise and experience of the committee members to steer the FBA in a direction that benefits all.

The availability of a wider network allows access to shared resources, information and support that together bring extended benefits to all FBA members. However, our work within Framlingham and the direct support of our members is always the main focus.

  • The FBA coordinates a number of increasingly popular events such as:
  • The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival
  • Heritage Open Day
  • The annual Christmas Market.

Equipment such as a good quality gazebo, tables and display panels that are owned by the FBA are available for its members to use free of charge. A close working relationship with Framlingham Town Council generates results on initiatives such as Friendly Fram, CCTV and some projects that just keep the town looking great.

It was the FBA that led on the project to have the brick roundel installed on Market Hill that houses the town’s flag pole and the annual Christmas tree – a carefully considered community project that resulted in no parking spaces being lost when the tree is in place. The FBA also ensures that the town, through its membership, is decorated appropriately and tastefully for special occasions and for the Christmas period.

Finally, the FBA’s commitment to the residents and all the community groups in Framlingham goes hand in hand with its desire to see all businesses flourish. Encouraging involvement of young people, bringing community groups together to collaborate on joint events and inclusion of as many people as we can is, we feel, vital to building and maintaining this wonderful town in which it is a pleasure to live, work, do business and spend leisure time.