Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited
Andrew Nierkirk (Vice Chair)- EagleMedia
Dan Wood (Treasurer) – Fram College
Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling
Andrew Kerridge – East of England Co-Op
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum
Simon Tinkler – Ernest Doe
Eileen Coe – Framlingham Town Council
John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council
Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Verity Hales- English Heritage
Aleysha Stockman – Fresh Aspirations Forum
Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead
Janet Douglas – Country Markets
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Lindsey Pearson – Framlingham Rotary
Alexandra Lapot – Alex Lapot
Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Sarah Clarke – About Fram
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Jan Wright –Suffolk Coastal Business
Howard Wright – H J Wright Ltd
Fiona Mealing – Apple Nutrition
Alan Williams – A W Artworks
Lisa Handley – Windmill Cottages
Sally Seeley – Drab Ltd


  1. Sign off Draft Minutes
    Andrew Niekirk agreed to sign off the amendments to December 2014 minutes and the minutes from the January 2015 meeting.


  1. Draft Marketing Plan and Brand Guidelines
    ACTION FOR MEMBERS: Please note that the date for feedback on these documents (to is February 27th 2015 (not Feb 20th as previously stated).


  1. Website Development
    Richard highlighted the main functions of the new FBA website, which received a very positive response due to its fresh and modern look and straightforward navigation.

It’s still possible to tweak various elements at this stage, subject to members’ feedback and the practicality/viability of suggestions.


We’ll also be inviting each member to provide a detailed response about their own entry – info to follow.

Kelvin asked if business categories (the new site includes an extensive list) could be added if we needed them. Richard confirmed that they could, but that it may take a little time. Lindsay Want-Beal commented that categories should be in line with Suffolk Coastal Business website and Jenny Stockman confirmed that both databases will be co-ordinated.

  1. Case Studies
    Richard asked if members would be willing to discuss their experiences/ the benefits of FBA membership to allow for the creation of case studies for the new website. These case studies might help to demonstrate the advantages to businesses that might wish to join, and be used for PR too. Jenny Stockman asked if a case study could be a story on something like event planning and Richard confirmed it did.


ACTION FOR MEMBERS:  Please get in touch with Richard before 13th March 2015 if you’d like to contribute to the creation of a FBA case study:


  1. Town Council Report
    Eileen Coe reported on the following:

    Lighting Queen’s Alley – this requires further investigation
    b. Speeding Issues – the new posts for the speed signs will be ready in about 12 to 14 weeks.
    c. The Annual Parish meeting will take place on 19th March and will include an agenda item to encourage people to stand for election. If anyone is interested, they can pop in and see Eileen or download the forms from the Council website.
    d. Framlingham Town Council News – published monthly on Council website highlighting main issues arising from meetings.
    e. Cllr John Ashley-Smith presented an idea called ‘Friendly Fram’ – small signs made up and put in the windows of the town’s pubs/restaurant’s/shops to indicate to visitors that they’d be happy for them to use the toilet facilities without having to buy anything. This was met with a generally positive response by those attending.


ACTION FOR MEMBERS:  Please register your support/comments before 13th March 2015 to

  1. Review of Market Applications – Eileen mentioned that all market applications can be reviewed prior to hearing. There were some comments that current market stalls encroach on established shops in the Town but most people agreed that this will always be the case with any market, there will always be an element of duplication. Richard H asked whether any market stall applications get rejected and if so, on what basis. The council confirmed that applications were rejected and that each was considered on its own merits, in line with the guidelines for market stalls available on the Council website. It was confirmed that quite a lot of time is spent by the Council on making the decisions, and Eileen Coe reiterated that individual retailers are entitled to voice their opinions at the open meetings.


  1. Hanging Baskets and flower tubs
    It was suggested that there could be some funds available to spend on hanging baskets/flowers for businesses that wanted them – either as a contribution by the FBA, or else covering the full cost. The hanging baskets would the responsibility of the businesses and therefore watering would be their job. The suggestion was met favourably and it was agreed that FBA would investigate further, assess costs etc.
    Eileen confirmed that there are 11 tubs situated around the town, sponsored by businesses, and volunteers currently look after them.
    ACTION: RH/LJ to investigate interest/cost.


  1. Fram Spring Clean 21st March 2015.
    Richard Whittaker confirmed that the original idea of the Fram Spring Clean had changed since all the town’s signs have now been cleaned the Council. It was agreed that we should concentrate on one area of the Town that needs tidying up.  Richard W suggested the Riverside area, railings etc but is waiting for permission from Suffolk Highways as to what can (or can’t) be done.  Eileen Coe is meeting with Highways and will try and chase this up.  Janet Douglas commented that the WI will be doing a litter pick up in April.


  1. Suffolk Coastal Report from Jenny Stockman
    There is currently a recruitment drive for more board members within Suffolk Coastal Business. Jenny confirmed that there are now 6 workshops booked for the Suffolk Coastal Business event that is taking place on at High Lodge, Darsham on 25th The theme for the day is Routes to Market and all the information is available on the Suffolk Coast Business website.
    The funding application for admin services within FBA has gone in but has been postponed.


  1. AOB
    14th March – Red Nose Day – it was suggested that the FBA get involved with this and possibly hold a short meeting on 13th March with members attending wearing a red nose.
    ACTION: Richard to advise Liz of plan

Bill Bulstrode mentioned St George’s Day and the possibility of putting flags up around the Town.  It was suggested that this might be too labour intensive and that if businesses wanted flags to be put up that they would stay up all summer.
ACTION: Richard to speak with Bill Bulstrode

Lindsey Pearson, Vice Chair from Framlingham Rotary, gave a short introduction about what Fram Rotary do and reminded the members that there are people within the organisation that can donate time/practical help with projects and in particular to community events.  He asked that Fram Rotary be kept abreast of projects and events in advance from the FBA and reiterated that it would be of great benefit for the community in general.
Jenny Stockman confirmed that there will be a 2nd series of the Detectorist filming in Framlingham from 22nd June 2015.  The website is a good website to look at if members want to add their info and keep updated on opportunities.

Bill Bulstrode confirmed that Dan Poulter MP will be in Town on Wednesday 25th February 2015.
Lindsay Want-Beal commented that both the Mount Pleasant and Fairfield Road proposed development had been rejected at the first hearing by Suffolk Coastal.  She felt that Framlingham had been a pioneer for other market towns to cherish green spaces and suggest that the Spring Clean perhaps should be renamed Spring Green!
Aleysha Stockman asked that members of Fresh Aspirations Forum be added to the current FBA mailing list.
ACTION: Liz to organise this. 

  1. Next Meeting
    Monday 16th March 2015, 5.30pm at the Tech Centre, Station Road, Framlingham. 


Immediately after the FBA monthly meeting, we held a meeting regarding SausageFest 2015.


Richard Harrison; Andrew Nierkirk; Jenny Stockman; Alexandra Lapot; Rose Ling; Elizabeth Jones

Jenny had provided a detailed breakdown and event planner for Sausage Fest 2015.  Jenny has offered to Project Manage the event with Rose who is happy to arrange trade stands as last year.
It was agreed that there were things from last year that did not work and needed to be looked at for this year.  It was felt that the transport was too slow to get people around the sausage trail, and perhaps this year we could utilise mini buses that are owned by institutions around Framlingham eg Sir Thomas Mills High School, Fram Rotary etc.
It was agreed that more stalls/stands could be put on market hill and the meadow.

It was felt that there needed to be a more effective way of managing entry into the sausage trail and stopping producers from giving away samples to people who had not paid to do the trail.

As the meeting was poorly attended, it was suggested that we should have another meeting and hopefully we would get more attendance. Liz agreed to meet with Jenny week commencing Monday 23rd February to assist with any initial tasks that needed doing.

The next meeting to be arranged.