Present (Framlingham College board room)


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

Simon Tinkler (Management Committee) – Ernest Doe

Dan Wood (Secretary and Treasurer) – Framlingham College

Kelvin Gibbs ( Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations Forum

Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

Trish and Chris Plant – KR Bears and Dolls/Kitchen Range and Cookshop

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council/Suffolk Punch Construction

Verity Hales – English Heritage

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Allan Williams – A W Artworks

Gary and Jaye Seaman – 221B Bakers

Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance

Geoff Mayhew – Framlingham Sports club

Mia Pascoe – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Sara Green – Sara Green PR


Bill Bulstrode and Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes

Sarah Clarke, Kathy Churchill – About Media

Ingrid Simpson – Simpsons Sweets

5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.

6.00pm to 7.00pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees brief introductions and apologies for absence. Please see above.
  1. Minutes from last meeting – for approval

Action Point – PFBA planters now replenished by Garnett’s Gardens and back in situ adjacent to Simpsons Sweets.

Minutes of meeting held 19th October 2015 were approved by Richard Whitaker and Jenny Stockman, and signed off.

  1. Fabulous Fram Christmas – Update by Richard Harrison

Event to be held Friday 4th December, combined with the Lights-on Ceremony.

Raffle Ticket Sales – raffle tickets are available to take away and sell.  There is the Co-op ticket selling to take place on Wednesday 18th, Saturday 21st and Wednesday 25th November, some gaps in rota to be filled. Wearing of Christmas jumpers and tinsel requested.

Raffle prizes have been collected. Some donors were only happy to offer a prize if some of the raffle income was to be given to local good causes. It has been decided to donate £450, split between EACH, St Elizabeth’s Hospice, the Framlingham Scout and Guide Group and Sports Club (this latter payment also an acknowledgement of Sports Club’s help with erecting tents on the day and so on).

ACTION – Volunteers sought for 25th November.  Times 3-4pm and 7-8pm

Partial Road Closure – due to SCDC no longer organising full road closures and the resulting huge price increase, we have asked for (and received agreement from SCDC) on a partial road closure. We need hay bale barriers alongside the road still open on Market Hill, so local farms have been contacted. Harris fencing would be too expensive.  It has been proving difficult to source 70 hay bales and SCDC have not given agreement yet to using 35 instead. It was noted that fewer farmers now have the smaller 3’ bales we require. Richard Whittaker is waiting for confirmation on hay bale number requirement and availability. Mark Jenkins has sheep fencing which could also be used. John Ashley-Smith has some too. They would require spikes and netting.

ACTION – Mark Jenkins and John Ashley-Smith to co-ordinate with Richard Whittaker on the barrier.

[Note from Chair: After the meeting, Simon Tinkler said that Ernest Doe would provide fencing (costing £325 + VAT) for free, as long as Ernest Doe could place a minimal amount of advertising on the fence. Since ED is already a sponsor and raffle prize donor, as well as helping to light the large tree, I agreed to this and thanked Simon.]

ACTION – Road Closure Notices to be put up by Richard Whittaker 2 weeks before December 4th.

ACTION – Marshals needed by Simpsons Sweetshop with a Slow Down sign for traffic wanting to go up Market Hill

We will need marshals (in the hi-viz vests we provide) posted along the barrier on Market Hill, and carrying own torches. Need 12, with 6 on duty at a time. John Ashley-Smith and Gary Kitching volunteered for this.

ACTION – More volunteer marshals sought.

Jenny Stockman has produced leaflets, and Richard W posters, to warn people living nearby that the event will be taking place and that cars won’t be able to park on Market Hill from early afternoon.

Jenny Labbett suggested leafleting car windscreens too.


Santa’s Grotto – Jane Bloomfield is organising this.  The venue is in The Crown, thanks were expressed to Chris Harber. The leftover presents have been collected and extra ones being organised.

Event Schedule-


Start time Duration


Who’s on?


5 Blessing of the tree (by Martin Dawes, Minister at United Free Church)


5 The lights-on ceremony (featuring Bill Bulstrode)


5 Santa arrives by horse-drawn carriage


10 Church choirs singing traditional carols


15 Ipswich Piping Society


30 Pop Chorus


15 Ipswich Piping Society


10 Framlingham College Choir


25 The Rabble Chorus


10 Fab Fram Festival Raffle Draw


45 The Alibi Club (Chris Bayfield’s band)



MC – still required.  Richard Whittaker may know someone.

ACTION – Volunteer sought to be MC.

ACTION – RH to confirm stage set-up (with Robert Foster) and lighting (with Michael Spink)

Advertising/promotional activities –

A reprint is being done this week. Flyers distributed to many businesses around the town, more to be distributed at the raffle ticket sales. Yet more are to be distributed at SRH and TM schools and the area.

ACTION – Volunteers sought to help with distribution.

ACTION – David Garnett has kindly offered to make the road poster signs and place at key road points. More volunteers required to help with this.

Sarah and Kathy (About Media) are promoting through Facebook and Twitter.

ACTION – FBA members asked to Like/Follow the FabFramChristmas Facebook account,  and Twitter feed, and share widely and often please!


News in today from SCC that the £1050 promised for the main Christmas would not happen as it was a repeat application (despite assurances from SCC that this wouldn’t cause a problem). Richard Harrison is now applying for a £889 grant for other cost items.

Grant of £889 plus £400 grant received from FTC equals £1299.  We are also still waiting to hear about a grant of at least £500 from SCDC.

Sponsorship of £850 gained, added to the £1299 grant equals £2149.  With the £500 added in makes a potential total of £2649. Last year was £2740 for grants and sponsorship.

£420 income should be generated from the trade stalls (up from £100 last year). There will also be income from:

Santa’s Grotto (£375 last year –at this year’s prices assumes 150 children paying £2.50).

% takings from horse and carriage rides and from the carousel.

Raffle sales (last year £810).

Total income potentially £3459 (includes £500 grant, raffle – using last year’s figure – and stalls, but not sales on the night)

Total expenditure £5621

Current potential shortfall £1382

Current combined bank balance for FBA (see below) is £11,267.48


FBA Bank Accounts 14/11/15

Active Saver Account:

£6031.96 balance on 13/11/15

Community Account:

£7166.87 balance on 13/11/15

Minus outstanding cheques issued but not yet paid in by recipient – total of £2129.35

Balance total of £5235.52 when cheques clear.

Total for 2 accounts of £13198.52

Minus o/s cheques gives balance next week of £11,267.48

  1. Framlingham Town Council Report – by Gary Kitching and John Ashley-Smith

New Building in Framlingham:

This is the main challenge at the moment.  The FTC meeting 2 weeks ago was a very full meeting and this is expected to continue.  There are a number of issues to be worked through.

Christmas Charity Market:

This is taking place on Sunday 6th December. Richard Harrison pointed out that the FTC Christmas Charity Market and St Michael’s Christmas Tree Festival are both in the FBA Fabulous Framlingham Christmas Festival leaflet.

Fram Market Pitch Applications:

These are posted on to allow feedback. Views from shopkeepers are welcome. Decision making process includes looking at whether the town already has what is on offer from the applicant.  Two new pitches recently approved.

Queens Head Alley Lighting:

FTC decided to check with Historic England, regarding listed buildings, before going ahead.  This is the last hurdle, everyone else has given permission, money in place and contractor agreed.

Firework Event:

This took place Saturday 7th November.  Despite the bad daytime weather which made setting up very wet, the evening was dry. The event was well organised and safe, produced the best fireworks yet and considered a great success. Event generated about £2000, less than last years £4000.  John Ashley-Smith thanked Ernest Doe and Fram DIY for supplying firewood for the event bonfire, and for the help delivering.

Rights of Way Walk:

The Annual Right of Way walk will take place on Sunday 3rd January 2016, meeting at 11am in The Elms car park.  More regular walks are planned, the first having taken place on 14th November.  These will include interesting information along the walk on points of local interest and interest. These will be social 2 hour walks with refreshments. Richard Harrison mentioned that the first walk had been added to the News items on FBA website.

  1. FBA Membership Renewals

So far 66 members have renewed, this includes one new member. Those present were asked for their feeling about the numbers. Discussion followed on how to improve the speed of renewals.  Suggestions included early payer discount and the use of direct debits. This would include the Christmas tree cost.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to send 2nd reminders.

ACTION – Management Committee to consider use of direct debits.

  1. SausageFest and Suffolk Coast Business Update – by Jenny Stockman


Jenny explained that putting on this event costs money, including entertainment, hire of Castle Meadow, PR and marketing. This is offset by sponsorship and the sale of a considerable number of tickets. Jenny was pleased to report there had been a profit of £735.11 on income of £8410.07.

Jenny asked if the event should continue for 2016, she would be happy to run the event on the same basis as before. She also explained that Fram SausageFest will receive good PR from Jimmy’s Farm Beer and Sausage event in July 2016 (since it has agreed to let FBA appear there and promote our own event).

Kelvin Gibbs asked if any donations would be made from the SausageFest 2015 event.  Jenny asked that the valuable help from Fram Sports Club, FAYAP and Framlingham Scouts could be acknowledged with a £100.00 donation each as a thank you. This was agreed.

ACTION – Jacqueline to raise 3 payment s for the 3 groups.

There were 6 members of the Management Committee present, a vote was taken on whether to hold Sausagefest 2016. The agreed decision was in favour of continuing for 2016..

ACTION – Jenny Stockman to start work on the next event.

[NB – Since the meeting, further updates have changed the SausageFest figures. Payments In figure increased to ££9410.07, Payments Out increased to £8069.96 (including the £300.00 donations as above). This has resulted in a balance credit amount of £1340.11.]

Suffolk Coast Business:

A Project Administrator has finally been appointed, for the 20 hours per week role. Alison is experienced with other events including Flipside, and is now working on the March 2016 SCB conference. This will be on the theme of “Routes to Market” and build on last year’s event on the same topic. The cost will be £150 per stand plus a 5 minute presentation to delegates. This is a morning event.

Business Breakfasts continue and can be found on the SCB website.

East Suffolk Coast Partnership is overseen by Suffolk Coastal District Council.  There are networking meetings which help with PR and marketing and available grants. It is useful to connect with the other local business associations – for example, some are working on self-running loyalty schemes and their experience/knowledge could be useful for FBA. Richard Harrison noted that FBA has already talked about loyalty/membership cards and we should re-visit the idea.

ACTION: Management Committee to discuss loyalty scheme/card

Jenny mentioned the Capacity Funding from SCDC. It can, for example, be used to build membership but needs someone to run it. There are also Revenue grants which can be applied for, usually £500 to £2000.  Information from

There is also a Festival Fund.

  1. FBA Chair Position.

Richard Harrison is standing down from the role of Chair in December. He outlined the key tasks for the role:

  • Decision-making, alongside the Management Committee, on behalf of membership
  • Figurehead/spokesperson/point of contact for media
  • Budgeting and financial control (with help of Treasurer and Administrator)
  • Event management/co-ordination
  • Agenda-setting for, and Chairing of, FBA meetings
  • Awareness and execution of FBA’s vision, mission and purpose, plus its constitution
  • Developing the support and benefits for members, while growing membership
  • Liaison with Town Council and other local/regional organisations

Richard highlighted that the role of Chair is helped by the Management Committee, and that it shouldn’t be that onerous a job as long as everyone (including members) is willing to get involved (e.g. with organising events and running them on the day). He took on organising the Christmas event, but this is not essential, the role can be more about overseeing events.

A lot had been achieved in the last year behind the scenes with formulating plans (i.e Business Plan and Marketing Plan) as well as with putting on a series of successful events: Heritage Open Day and SausageFest. He felt he’d gained experiences in performing the role that he would not otherwise have had. However, his other commitments to his business and family mean he can’t continue in the role.

Richard asked that if anyone is interested, or knows of someone who might be, to contact him confidentially on:  or 01728 723644 or 07786 930674

Discussion followed about potentially interested people.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to advertise the Chair role on the FBA website.


Jenny Stockman asked if the leftover 2012 Olympic T shirts could be bought by or donated to the Young Enterprise Team.  They have been making bags and legwarmers from old jumpers and T shirts to sell at The Fab Fram Christmas Festival. It was agreed that they could have the T shirts for zero cost.

Kelvin Gibbs asked if there was an up to date lottery license in place for the Christmas event, his name appears on the tickets. It was confirmed that the return for this had been completed.

Lindsay Want-Beal asked if there could be a return to having the FBA website as an agenda item for the monthly meetings. She had concerns about the speed of the site and a dip in Google rankings. Richard Harrison noted that the speed had been raised at the AGM and that the technical team (Tom and Rob) had been consulted and done what they could. Others present had not had issues.

ACTION -Richard Harrison will look into speed issue again, and get web traffic data, before next meeting.

Lindsay also commented that many businesses still only have the FBA rather than their own logo showing on the website.  Richard said that members had been given opportunities and reminders about having their logo put in place.  Consideration was given to only showing businesses with their own logo on the rolling carousel.

ACTION – Management Committee will review.

  1. Next Meeting.

The next monthly meeting is to take place from 5.30pm on Monday 14th December at The Lemon Tree in Framlingham. This will largely be a social meeting, with a minimal amount of FBA business under discussion.