Monday 17th September 2018 Bi-Monthly meeting
Present (at Framlingham Technology Centre):

Jenny Stockman (Vice-Chair) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations
Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – Fram B&B, Richard The Architect
Steve Calver (Management Committee) – DJ and S.R Epic Sound and Lighting
Victoria Perkins (Chair) – Deep Space Marketing
Guy Downes (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Allan Williams – AW Artwork
Mick Hutton – Magic Media Street
Kelly Goody – GFT Bootcamp
Charles Rowett – Gotelee Solicitors
Sonia Lambert – Economic Development Officer, Suffolk Coastal & Waveney District Councils
Jacqueline Ward – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator

Dan Wood (FBA Treasurer, Management Committee) –  Framlingham College
Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd
Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges 

Meeting Chaired by FBA Vice-Chair Jenny Stockman

1.Attending – See above.

2.Minutes from the last meeting (16th July 2018)-  for approval

Minutes for the July Bi-monthly meeting and AGM, were approved by Jenny Stockman and seconded by Steve Calver.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 16th July 2018
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.

Action: Volunteer Policy to be done by JW.

Bunting – SC to look at quotes for new branded UJ bunting as some in stock scruffy.

  1. Speaker – Victoria Perkins

Victoria introduced Deep Space Marketing, which was set up in 2009 during the 18 years Victoria and partner Guy Downes spent in the US. Their wide range of clients included from coffee shops to major health centres.  They decided to relocate to the UK, and after seeing The Detectorists on TV in the US they visited Framlingham. The visit confirmed Framlingham as the place they wanted to live and work, relocating here in 2017, and now with an office at Framlingham Technology Centre.

Deep Space Marketing is all about Suffolk Social Media Marketing, helping businesses successfully engage with their customers on social media.  Social media can be facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and twitter. Taking the view that businesses have different needs, they believe that one size does not fit all in social media marketing. Deep Space Marketing offer a wide range of services, including a Social Media Set Up service, a Social Media review which involves staff training and can be one-off or a regular monthly service, or a full Social Media Marketing service package. Clients include The Cut at Halesworth, and on a voluntary basis – Framlingham Business Association.  Deep Space Marketing also highlight Framlingham through their Best of Fram facebook, twitter and Instagram.

The aim of Deep Space Marketing for FBA is to increasingly engage in social media in a meaningful way for the local businesses. This is building gradually, initially focusing mostly on facebook.  This has already resulted in a number of businesses joining FBA, and has increased the numbers at the monthly networking meetings at The Lemon Tree.

The next move is to do FBA member spotlights, sharing content and highlighting member events and offers.

Victoria explained that by following, sharing and liking the social media content of FBA, the Best of Fram, and each FBA member’s business social media – we can educate and engage with a wider and new audience about Framlingham, its events and all its businesses have to offer.

Content such as news, special offers, jobs etc, can be emailed to and shared on FBA, Best of Fram, and Deep Space Marketing social media, and we can all follow each other.

FBA also aim to share content on the FBA website which has undergone improvements.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Victoria on

For more information on Deep Space Marketing –


5.FBA Events 

Heritage Open Day 8th September 2018

RW reported that the event had been well received, with visitor numbers up 10% on HOD17, although the number of children was down. This may have been because parents thought the event might be the same as the previous year.

The event was funded by SCD, and has to be a free to explore event.  The final event finances are not complete yet as some expenses have not come in yet.  There may be a surplus, but as the future funding for this event is in doubt consideration would be given to ring fencing any surplus for 2019 or 2020.

Richard Whitaker was thanked for all his hard work and organising of this brilliant event.

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival (TGFSF18), 10-4 on Sunday 14 October 2018

JW commented that SC is doing a great job of organising this event.  It is hoped to attract one more producer.  The event programme is now closed for ads, trail map to be printed soon, the crash barriers for improved crowd control and smooth flow are available to use.  The press adds are out, social media going well, and sales are up.

Tickets are being sold at 2 prices, with or without sausage tasting, intending to increase income from those visiting event rather than buying a ticket.  Take-up of Awards Evening tickets going ok.

SC is taking the Event Manual back for a second SAG meeting at SCDC.

ACTION: JW to appeal for volunteers to help with promotion at the 6th October promotion at The Co-op.

Christmas 18 – A 3 day event is planned:

Friday 30th November – Christmas Shopping evening and Tree Lighting, traditional theme and with choirs invited. Window Competition, Christmas Card Competition (FTC and Library) and Meet you Councillors (FTC).

Saturday 1st December – FOSM Tree Festival, held at St Michaels Church.

Sunday 2nd December – Christmas Market: Charity/Community/Business with entertainment

FBA and retailers continue to meet, and to action tasks, Diane Scott from Hall Farm is very active on the shopping evening with assistance from other businesses and FBA.  More details to follow after the next meeting – 27th September, 5.30pm at the Castle Inn. Tree quotes to be finalised.

ACTION: JW to publicise meeting. More feedback at next FBA meeting.

  1. Framlingham Town Council

Members of Fram Town Council were unable to attend this meeting.  The link to their current newsletter is:

FTC have asked FBA for an update on CCTV, FBA have continued to pursue a fresh quote to take account of GDPR and regarding potential need for WiFi.  FBA are also pursuing a quote for a phone alert system that would alert businesses on shoplifters and fake notes etc.

ACTION: JS to continue to pursue quotes.

FTC had also asked FBA about possible ideas for, support and involvement with a Floral Fram 2019 project.  This would improve the presentation of the town for businesses, visitors and residents. It is not possible to fix hanging baskets on the lampposts, which are not of a suitable construction, although it may be possible to use the FBA flagpoles in some way for summertime.

FTC would also like businesses and homeowners to help keep their frontages tidy.  FBA considered that it was a good idea, and wondered if FTC had looked at Britain in Bloom for ideas and possible funding.  Currently FTC looks after the business sponsored planting of the War memorial and 11 barrels around the town.  The planting and weeding is voluntarily done by Eileen Coe with assistance from Lesley Clouting now.  Watering is done by youngsters, organised by Ingrid Simpson and funded by FTC.

ACTION:  Management Committee to discuss and inform Eileen Coe at FTC about idea.  FTC would be invited to respond with their thoughts.  FBA is happy to speak to retailers about general tidiness, subject to committee approval on wording.

FTC has asked FBA to consider supporting the Riverside clearance.

ACTION: FBA to discuss at Management Meeting.

Bill Bulstrode had asked FTC about funding of Remembrance flags to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the end of WW1, FBA were open to assisting with funding.

ACTION: JW to speak to Eileen Coe.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business

The 3 year business and financial plan, for funding from a specific organisation, is still progressing.  JS has been working on this for quite some time, to provide support for local business associations and events.

  1. Business Items of Interest

Lime Trees and clean-up – see 6.  FTC has explained the ownership of the trees – 2 private landlord and the rest SCC. Issues over the trees go back many years, they are within the Conservation area and are trimmed on a rolling programme.  The trees have been inspected for their condition, and lights are no longer allowed on them.  FTC pay for some extra street cleaning during part of the year and will look at directing some of this extra activity to Church Lane which isn’t usually covered as not part of Highways.  Both FBA and FTC are to encourage individual properties to clean frontages.

Shop concerns – Some concerns still reported to FBA regarding the make-up of the Market. A member of the Management Committee had attended a PR and markets meeting on 11th September as an observer, seeing how Market applications are assessed and decided upon.  Also noting that many town councils give the responsibility of running their markets to private companies, whose priorities would be more profit driven.  Some local businesses had also attended this meeting.

ACTION: JW to inform FBA members about the link to the FTC PR and Markets monthly meeting agendas and about the process.

CCTV and Phone Alert – see 6.

Parking – Dr Dan Poulter MP had recently highlighted Fram parking issues in the press. FTC are looking at the issue, FBA’s parking scheme at the Sports Club had been little used.  Parking of Saturday Market traders at the Primary School was an ongoing success.

Dan is also about to survey business and community about any concerns generally, JS asked those present for any ideas to put forward for this.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

Events and meetings have been going on the website via JS, someone else to take on the admin and updates.

Social media stats show this is growing well, with an agreed small budget for ads to build the page.  JS expressed a big thank you to Deep Space Marketing, who have made such a difference.

SSL still needs to be installed on the FBA website.

ACTION: Management committee to look at the installation of the SSL certificate.

The Z Booklet continues to be distributed, and has been popular with Fram Castle for their visitors wishing to look at the town.

  1. FBA Membership Update

28 renewals so far, plus 3 leavers – 1 had ceased trading, one hadn’t been involved and wished not to renew this year, one had concerns about trading generally rather than specifically FBA.   There have been 4 new members as well.  This was all an improvement at the same stage in 2017.

A question was asked about a cut-off date to remove member’s details from the website, if not renewing.  Members had been given a date to ideally renew by, and FBA then makes a reminder. Discussion followed on standing orders, which have been considered before as a way to streamline the process.

It was agreed that the annual membership process should include a date by which payment would be appreciated, followed by one reminder.

ACTION: JW to make renewal reminders post Sausage Festival.

Networking meetings – are going well, with increasing numbers.

ACTION: Management committee to consider the networking name.

 9. FBA Finance/Banking

Community account:  £ 5901.53 (includes ring fenced funding)

Active Saver account: £6096.47

Total FBA Accounts:   £11998.00(including ring fenced funding)

All as at 16/09/18.  A cheque for £35 is still not cashed by IOC.

The removal of old signatories – was actioned in March, process not yet complete.

ACTION: SC to visit Barclays with his details.

  1. FBA Committee

Post AGM, there have been some changes, see AGM minutes. To note there are spaces on the committee, enquires are welcome.

  1. AOB

FBA Insurance – Awaiting the final quote confirmation, renewal date is 26th September.

FBA Planters

ACTION: JW to ask Garnett Gardens to update the planting.

FBA Email Issues – The feeling in the meeting was that changing to gmail would solve the issues.  Chair email to be handed over to VP post Sausage Festival.

ACTION: New Chair to look into gmail solution.

ACTION: JW to publicise SC event Manager new email.

Fram Groups Meeting – Planned for 14th October the Management Committee decided at its recent meeting that groups are working together well for example on Christmas, so the Groups Meeting is postponed to 2019.

ACTION: JW to cancel meeting at Library and inform by newsletter.

Framlingham Tennis Tournament – A successful event, the Sponsors Lunch had been attended by 2 members of the Management Committee.

GDPR – FBA had been asked to complete a technical GDPR questionnaire by a linked organisation.

ACTION: JW to investigate.

East Suffolk Business Conference – Sonia Lambert introduced the inaugural event which will take place between 29th October and 9th November in East Suffolk.  Included will be 2 Suffolk Coastal District Council days, with departments that work with businesses – including on grant advice.  Suffolk University can also offer business support advice, Community Action Suffolk also involved in the event.  The event will be useful for networking and making connections, including with Councils and Business Associations, finding out about economic projects, Market town support and funding opportunities.

ACTION: SL to email JW who will publicise in the newsletter.

The Suffolk Coast D.M.O. Conference –  on the 1st November at Ufford Park.  This very good event includes useful workshops.

ACTION: JW to publicise on newsletter.


  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members and FBA members.  The networking meeting is a new initiative, a quick half hour or so chance to meet up at a central Framlingham location with other local businesses.

Next FBA Management Meeting:  5.30pm, Tuesday 23rd October, venue The Railway Inn

November Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting:  13th November, 5.30pm at Framlingham Conservative Club, guest speaker arranged but hasn’t confirmed with FBA

Networking Meetings: Wednesday 24th October, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard


2019 Meetings – Ideas on suitable dates and times and speakers would be encouraged in the newsletter.

Meeting closed at 7.00pm