Present (at The Castle Inn)
Jenny Stockman (January Meeting Chair/Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Fresh Aspirations
Richard Harrison (Management Committee) – RichWords Limited
Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin
Dan Wood ( Secretary and Treasurer) – Framlingham College
Richard Whittaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast
Kelvin Gibbs (Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd
Simon Tinkler ( Management Committee) – Ernest Doe
Trish and Chris Plant – Kitchen Range and Cookshop/Kr Bears and Dolls
Tony Man – The Castle Inn
Eileen Coe – Town Clerk, Framlingham Town Council
John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council
Geoff Mayhew – Framlingham Sports Club
Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance


Bill Bulstrode, Karen Haynes – Bill Bulstrodes
Verity Hales – English Heritage
Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Alan Williams – A W Artworks
Heidi Harrison – The Lemon Tree
Rev’d Mark Sanders – St Michaels Church



Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network from 5.30pm, followed by FBA business, from 6.00pm to 7.45pm.

  • Attendees – noted, and apologies for absence (as above). Jenny Stockman stood as January FBA Meeting Chair.


  • Minutes from last meeting held 14th December 2015 were approved by Richard Whittaker and seconded by Geoff Mayhew.

Richard Harrison noted that an email had been received from Bill Bulstrode, with questions relating to the minutes of the last meeting.

Some of the questions would be answered in agenda items including AOB, others at the next Management Committee meeting.

ACTION: RH to contact Bill Bulstrode with a reply to his questions.


  • Fabulous Framlingham Christmas – update by Richard Harrison, Richard Whittaker, Jacqueline Ward.

Christmas Trees – A plan had been made for erecting, collecting and lights. Bill Bulstrode kindly stepped in and ensured that everything was done, ably assisted by Karen Haynes,

Chris Plant, Geoff Mayhew and Keith Whatling. RH and JW assisted with the small tree light removal. The management committee would like to thank Bill for his efforts with

the small trees, and with his help on the big tree lighting. Jenny Stockman suggested a meeting with Bill in February, to ensure planning for Christmas 2016.  Christmas tree planning will need to be effective, with required extra help approved. There will need to be a Sub-committee to organise this aspect of Christmas, Bill will be asked for his advice and if he would be able to join.  The sub-committee will need to discuss the costs of the large and small trees.  Eileen Coe commented that the trees, with their synchronised twinkling, were very effective

ACTION: Meeting with Bill to be progressed from the Management Committee meeting.

Richard Whittaker will be the Chair of the Christmas 2016 sub-committee. This will cover the event itself, including Santa’s grotto and raffle – volunteers have already been asked to run these. There will need to be 6-7 members to organise the event and about 20 volunteers on the night – doing just one hour shifts.  The current plan is to run a very similar event to 2015, with partial road closure, unless funding available for the preferred option of full road closure.  RW was asked if he had consulted with previous organiser Fiona Mealing, he had but on road closure the procedure and cost has since become more complex.

Feedback for Christmas 2015 event was very good. Bill Bulstrode had queried the increase in the cost of Christmas leaflets and banners.  Richard H explained that the banners at the Co-op and Fram College were a new innovation and cost, the leaflets were high-class – designed locally by Tom Huggins – and had to be reprinted due to demand. These increased marketing costs had improved general awareness and buzz leading up to the event, and large crowds on the night.  Members of the public had enjoyed the event and thanked the FBA and RH for organising. There was profit for FBA and the majority of traders and the shops that were open reported good trade.

Bill had also asked about where the sponsorship and grants came from. Business Sponsors were Clarke and Simpson, Conrad Consulting, The Crown, The Round House, Framlingham Tech Centre, Fram College, Ernest Doe and Bulstrodes. Grants were from Suffolk county Council (£899), Suffolk Coastal District Council (£1500) and Fram Town Council ( £400).



  • Framlingham Town Council – report by John Ashley-Smith and Eileen Coe.

James Tanner has been elected as the FTC Chair until the usual election takes place on 5th May 2016. With the resignation of Cllr Carolyn Youngs there is a vacancy on the FTC. Anyone interested in applying should contact FTC Office for information (10 Riverside, Framlingham, 01728 720183 or

2017 Framlingham Calendar. Photographs of Framlingham and surrounding area are sought for next year’s calendar. Please send suitable photographs to Eileen Coe, as above.

The new FTC office assistant, Amanda Scott, has started her role – and doing a great job already. Her addition to the team means the FTC office will be open for 4 days, Monday to Thursday, at the usual times.

The Neighbourhood Plan. John Jones the Chair of the Neighbourhood plan Committee is doing a fantastic job.  The Pre-submission Public Consultation period is 18th January-28th February 2015. Information is available to download from or can be viewed at the Library and FTC office. Everyone is encouraged to read, and give feedback to FTC.

The Annual Rights of Way Walk was held 3rd January, and was a great success. The next walk is arranged for Saturday 26th March 10-12, please check website for details. Intended to be a social occasion as well as checking the rights of way.

I.D. (Speed Indicator Device) Gary and John continue move this around the town, both location and direction being varied.

Go-Kart Race. The PR and Markets Committee are looking to relocate this event back to Market Hill in March. Spadge Hopkins has sought funding required towards road closure and straw bales. Insurance is being researched.

Annual Parish Meeting 28th April, 7.30pm at St John’s Westbury Centre, Fairfield Road. All are welcome.

14th March, 2 Councillors will raise the Commonwealth flag on Market Hill.

Electronic communication is being set up, details being distributed by flyers. This gives people the opportunity to give their email address to FTC, via A database will then be set up as a way of getting news and information out to the local community.

FTC has agreed to fund additional street cleaning from 1st April to 31st

Eileen Coe will be looking to support Jenny Stockman with her plans for the Framlingham Sausage Festival event in relation to the Saturday market traders. Also on possible grant funding for other FBA events, including Christmas.

Queens 90th FTC has set aside £500 in the budget towards a town event.

FBA suggested that this is likely to be a Tea Party, hopefully on Market Hill.  Eileen Coe would write to County Councillor Stephen Burroughs requesting his help and support in waiving the cost of the road closure cost for this specific one-off event. The PR and Markets committee is keen to help and support an event organised by the FBA.

Jenny Stockman felt the event may be short of an event manager and volunteers, and that the FBA would lack someone to take on the whole project. Eileen and John Ashley-Smith agreed to help with an event, and Eileen would request the help and support of other Councillors.  Eileen noted that other groups in the town may be interested in helping and taking part. Kelvin Gibbs had spoken to Bill, as he had organised the 2012 Olympics and Diamond Jubilee events. Bill’s experience was that organising the big screen on Market Hill was easy to organise. Mark Jenkins is happy to be involved through the FBA, hopefully along with the Baptists. Jenny Stockman commented that a screen and marquee would be required, that funding would be required.  Eileen Coe would speak to Jenny regarding funding as she has a possible new contact.  Others suggested that there could be some catering, and tables provided, but that people could bring their own chairs/rugs and picnics. This would require less expense, organising and volunteers. Jenny Stockman volunteered to lead the sub-committee, aided by Eileen Coe, John Ashley-Smith and Mark Jenkins. It was asked if there would be national funding available for Q90, Eileen suggested applying to Awards For All.  It was also asked whether the event would be a fundraiser for local charities, reflecting the hopes of the organisers of the London Patron’s lunch in Pall Mall on June 12th. Both will be investigated through the event sub-committee

ACTION: JS to organise a sub-committee meeting.

  • FTC December Sunday Charity Market. This event has been run successfully for 15 years, with 18 out of 21 planned stands this year.  However it has experienced decreased footfall the last two years, possibly due to other similar events around, including an event in Woodbridge on the same day. It has been decided to not run it as a stand alone event again. It was suggested that the charity market could combine with the Christmas shopping evening, incorporated but in a separate area within Church Lane and Hollins parking areas. There would need to be a full road closure but FTC could have access to a grant for this, this could be applied for from April. It was noted that lighting would have to be looked at for the suggested charity stall locations.  With potentially more stalls there would need to be a fine balance with the shops, whose feedback for the 2015 Fab Fram event was positive.  The possibility of full road closure was received positively, fewer marshals would be required.

ACTION: To pursue this through the Christmas event sub-committee.


  • FBA Membership – Update by J W FBA Admin ( figures amended since meeting)

79 members renewals so far.  This includes some where businesses had changed hands mid year. Two others changed their minds and have renewed. There have been 7 non-renewals, 4 of which are because they have closed their business.  (At the same time last year we had 91 renewals and had lost a total of 12 members by the end of February). The 28 who have not as yet renewed have received reminders, some have said they are renewing.

During 2015 we had 7 new members join, including 1 since September. Another 2 are planning to join but have not yet completed the process. Interest has been shown by a couple of others, these will be followed up by JW.

ACTION: JW to follow up those not yet joined, and continue to remind those who have not yet renewed, with the help of the Management Committee.


  • FBA Banking and Finance

The online banking is now working for the FBA Admin.  This allows banking to be checked on a daily basis, financial updates and statements  quickly available for the Treasurer, Management Committee and event sub-committees. Transfers between the 2 FBA accounts can now be made more easily. On line payments can also be made, with 2 email confirmations from Management Committee members to keep in line with the 2 signatures required for cheque signing. The first on line payments have been made.

Dan Wood will complete the Year End accounts shortly, now that online banking is fully in place.

Banking (as at 18/01/16)

Community Account – £3748.57

Active Saver – £6062.60 ( includes £3064 interest applied 31/12/15)

Total £9811.17

Cheques yet to clear out of FBA account total £735.00

Overall total will be £8937.17

This figure is lower than the December total, largely due to the cost of the Christmas trees £2382. Some additional Christmas event costs of £84 and one charitable donation from the raffle profit of £112.50 have also reduced the figure slightly. We have invoiced Grant money totalling £2389 from SCC and SCDC, which has yet to be received.  FTC paid their grant money some time ago. Please note that we did receive all the grant money in for SausageFest.


  • Management Committee

Management Committee is to meet in the near future (arranged for 25th January post this meeting). This will include a review of the sub-committee memberships, working without a Chair and event planning.


  • FBA Events 2016

Q90 – This has already been discussed during the town Council part of the meeting, see agenda item 4. It was noted that Nick Corke of Rotary Club through Bill Bulstrode and Rev’d Mark Sanders have asked if there is going to be an event.  Geoff Mayhew asked if funding could be available from the Mills Charity. Eileen Coe said that local organisations will be approached. It was felt it should be a social event.

ACTION: JW to contact Mark Sanders and put in touch with Jenny Stockman

ACTION: Kelvin to speak to Bill to see if wishes to be a part of the event and for information.


AGM – Feedback has indicated that we should have a specific AGM, not attached to another event.  It is felt that a family/social event would be a good idea. Nothing planned as yet.

ACTION: Management Committee to progress AGM.


SausageFest – Jenny Stockman already planning the 2016 event, in partnership with Sandy Ruddock of Scarlett and Mustard – who has excellent contacts within the food sector. More national funding and sponsorship is to be sought. It will remain a fringe event of the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, their sponsors can be approached for funding by the SausageFest organisers.  Jenny will be meeting the Aldeburgh event organisers soon.

The main focus will still be on local producers, but there will be an addition of some outside producers. There will be 3 categories – gluten free, classic pork and pork-free, there will be 3 prizes awarded.  All entries must include a local ingredient.

Jenny Stockman sought an answer on the re-naming of the event.  After some discussion it was agreed to call it The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival – reflecting it as a local event with a national profile edge.

Car parking will be charged, likely to be a reduced charge of £1 for the day for ticket pre-bookers, £2 for others.  This is to offset the cost of the Castle Meadow hire and the Rotary payment for car park marshals, this all totalled £948 for 2015. Discussion followed on reasonable charges, to be pursued by the sub-committee. Potential effect on parking around the town for this and any event was also noted.

Kelvin Gibbs noted that account should be taken of the increased PayPal charges, as this account is used for event pre-bookers.

More marketing would be required, a quote from last year’s marketing company was £3840- which although discounted was still more than last year.  Further quotes are being sought, Sara Green was a suggestion. Marketing would cover advertising, PR and social media.

A road closure for the event was being considered, as this is expensive it could however be a risk to profit. It would provide additional safety.  Alternative event plan would also be considered, probably not using John Grose as a site, The Round House and The Station becoming the most outlying venues.  Alternative venues within the town, eg Church Lane, could be considered.

ACTION: Jenny Stockman to progress ideas, some with Eileen Coe and FTC.



  • Suffolk Coast Business – report from Jenny Stockman

Jenny Stockman is writing to Suffolk County Council, explaining that the new road closure costs are prohibitive for events to bear, and that it relates to safety issues. Suffolk Chamber  Of                    Commerce and other Business Associations are also affected, and getting involved. Eileen Coe can contact all the Town Clerks in Suffolk to support this campaign.  Starting a petition,

and contacting Councillors and MP’s are other actions being considered.

SCB ‘Routes to Market’ event at Ufford Park on 23rd March from 9.30am to 2.30pm. There will be stands offering useful information and help for businesses.  £35 delegate

fee includes workshops and lunch. Booking details can be found on the SCB website on  – early bookers will be entered into a prize draw for a case of

wine. Trade Stand booking applications now being taken, on:  The event has some sponsors, more are being sought.

The SCB Board are asking business association members about the information and help they would like to see – help, lobbying, meetings, breakfast meetings, workshops.

ACTION: RH to email J S with some ideas, ideas from all FBA members are welcome. Please email to

Jenny explained that event management funding is being applied for to produce an event Pack.  There isn’t currently money to employ an event manager for all the member business

Associations. Jenny has resigned from the SCB effective April 2016, there needs to be someone from the FBA to replace her.  Please email Jenny as above for more information if you are                      interested.  There is a Chair and a paid admin in place at SCB.


  • AOB

Thomas Mills Careers Fair 4th February.  Jenny Stockman is helping promote this important event, hopefully encouraging more information and fun. If any businesses are interested in                      taking part please contact Sandra Treeby at Thomas Mills

A letter has been received from FAYAP, thanking the FBA for the donation given in recognition of their help at SausageFest 2015. A letter had also been received from St Elizabeth Hospice,               thanking the FBA for the donation from the Fab Fram Christmas raffle.

Bill Bulstrode is doing the London Marathon this year, in aid of Alzheimer’s Society.

ACTION: RH to publicise on the FBA website

ACTION: JW to email FBA members


A letter had been received from the charity Home-Start.  They are planning a fund raising Jail & Bail event on the 11th March. If you would like to take part please contact them at or 01473 621104. The event involves being ‘arrested’ and put in ‘jail’ at The Shire Hall Woodbridge, you raise your ‘bail’ which is donated to Home-Start.  The

Charity aims to help give children the best possible start in life, matching trained volunteers with families experiencing a number of pressures.

Jenny Stockman noted that this meeting had been long and suggested that in future reports for the Bi-monthly meetings should be sent in advance and to be read before the next


ACTION: JW to prepare agenda 2 weeks in advance, to send out 1 week in advance with the reports.

Kelvin Gibbs appointed Chair for the next B-monthly meeting March 21st.

Richard Harrison was presented with a small gift in recognition and thanks for his time as FBA Chair.

  • Next Meetings – Bi-Monthly meeting March 21st Venue TBC     Management Committee and Q90 (Queens 90th Birthday) to be arranged