Present (at The Lemon Tree):

Richard Harrison (Chair)
John Ashley Smith – Framlingham Town Council

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council
Jenny Stockman – Suffolk Coastal Business/Fresh Aspirations Forum

Verity Hales – English Heritage
Trish Plant – Kitchen Shop
Chris Plant – Kitchen Shop
Richard Whitaker – Round House B&B
Kelvin Gibbs – Charnwood Milling

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing & Consultancy Ltd

Janet Douglas – Framlingham Country Market

Heidi Harrison – The Lemon Tree

Melissa Tooke – guest (FBA Administrator applicant)
Dan Wood – Treasurer, Fram College
Andrew Niekirk – Vice Chair, Eagle Media

Elizabeth Jones – FBA Admin
Bill Bulstrode – Bulstrodes
Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes
Sarah Clarke – About Fram

Kathy Churchill – About Fram
Colin Farrand – Succeed in Spain
Lisa Handley – Windmill Cottages
Fiona Mealing – Green Apple Nutrition

Howard Wright – HJ Wright Ltd

Jan Wright – Suffolk Coast Business

David Garnett – Garnett’s Gardens

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Jon and Mary Duggan – Saxon Salt Brokers

Rev Mark Sanders – St Michael’s Church



  • Sign off Draft Minutes
    Richard H has asked Richard Whitaker to approve and agree to sign off the amended minutes from the April 2015 meeting. The amendment (already updated on the website version of April’s minutes, below) concerned Richard W’s expression of thanks to Fram Residents’ Association for removing the “NO” signs from the town.
  • “Friendly Fram” signs
    Richard H showed an example of the finished sign {web link to image or downloadable PDF} and explained that the following venues has received signs for display in their windows: Fram Vets, The Lemon Tree, The Common Room, The Station, The Railway, The Crown, The Conservative Club, the Co-Op, and The Castle Inn. Heidi from The Lemon Tree commented that she’d already had very positive feedback from members of the public, and that the sign had led to several coming inside for a hot drink.

ACTION: Richard H to contact the local media, in the hope of getting some good PR.


If you have suitable facilities and would like to display the sign (and/or you’d like a “FBA member” window sticker), please send an email to:


  • Town Council report (from Gary Kitching) 


There were 10 nominations for 11 seats on the Town Council. Therefore an Uncontested Election was declared. The vacancy can be filled by co-option and applications will be considered at the next Full Council meeting on 4th June. Further information and an application form are available from the Town Council Office.

At the Annual Town Council meeting held on 14th May, Cllr Carolyn Youngs was elected Chairman, Cllr Stephanie Bennell was elected Vice Chairman and Cllr John Jones was elected Finance Chairman.  See for more on Councillors.

Annual Newsletter 2014/15

The Annual Newsletter was delayed due to the Elections and will be delivered to each household in the town in June. Copies will also be available for collection in the Town Council Office.

Framlingham Calendar 2016

The new Calendar will be available for sale in June.

New road names

To add a road name to the list put forward by residents, please send an email to: The Town Council will consider suggestions as and when new roads are developed.

Sunday Bus Service

The Town Council has written to Suffolk County Council with the support of the East Suffolk Travellers Association (ESTA) to request that a Sunday bus service to Ipswich is reinstated, as it is some 15 years since it was stopped. Now that the buses use a more direct route the service is much quicker and takes only 45 minutes, so it was felt that the service would be supported by residents of Framlingham and those living in the villages on the way to Ipswich.  However, Suffolk Passenger Transport has no plans to introduce a Sunday service but have noted our comments and will discuss the matter further in due course. Therefore, we are asking for your support. If you think it would be a good idea to reinstate a Sunday bus service and would use it please let us know, so that we can provide the evidence required.


  • Flower tubs

Richard H confirmed that FBA is pressing ahead with installation of four new tubs around the town. However, following advice from Eileen Coe at the Town Council, we are applying to Suffolk County Council’s Highways department for a licence. Once granted, this ensures we’re not liable to accident claims or similar from members of the public.


Richard W advised that flower tubs outside his self-catering cottage on Queen’s Head Alley had often been moved on Friday and Saturday nights – until they were bolted to the ground! Verity Hales of English Heritage added that police advice for the coming Bank Holiday was to remove portable items from outside to help avoid this kind of problem. It seems that FBA will have to remain vigilant once the tubs are in place.


On a more optimistic note, Janet Douglas added that she’d tended to the geraniums in the beds on Market Hill, and that Liz Jones has planted pansies there too. Thanks to you both.


  • Suffolk Coast Business – report

Jenny Stockman told the meeting that SCB has been awarded a capacity building grant from Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC). This comprises £500 for each of the 4 member business associations, including Framlingham, and is to help with admin. costs. It will be sent with a feedback form to ensure it’s used effectively and within the grant conditions.


This same grant includes funds for SCB to develop its own website, to ensure that it:


  • Better integrates the four BA websites
  • Includes an up to date online directory of members
  • Includes an area highlighting grant opportunities
  • Includes anything else that feedback suggests is required


Jenny has applied for a revenue grant from SCDC, on behalf of SCB and for all four Bas, to pay for event management training, documentation of procedures, rules and regulations relating to community event management. It will give clear guidelines to new volunteers or organisers.


Jenny added that SCB is co-hosting a free ‘Ready for Growth’ event on 26th June at the Technology Centre (09.00 – 12.30) with info about business expansion, key speakers, etc.

More details to follow in the next SCB newsletter, or you find out more and book your place now on the Suffolk Business Hub website.


SCG will be hosting a Late Summer Party in September – venue and date to be confirmed.


Jenny confirmed that she’d circulated our Christmas dates to other members of SCB and that no other BA has settled on its arrangements yet. So, we’ll go ahead with:


  • Lights on Friday 27th November
  • Town Council’s Charity Market on Sunday, 6th December
  • Late night shopping and Fab Fram Christmas Festival on Friday 11th December


  • FBA AGM – Friday, 17th July at Fram Farmers

Richard H confirmed the venue and date (as above), and the time as 5.30pm for 6pm start. He also reported that Scott Russell, co-founder of Paddy & Scott’s, had been invited to give the keynote speech but is away on holiday that week.


Richard H has now secured Dr. David Hall, founder and CEO of The Ideas Centre, to speak on how fresh thinking and innovation can help organisations save money and/or generate more revenue. David is an inspirational speaker whose enthusiasm, intelligence and insights invariably win over even the most sceptical audiences.


Jenny asked if FBA should invite members from other BAs within SCB to attend, as well as the public. Richard H confirmed that the AGM should be open to all and that we should (and will) actively encourage widespread participation/attendance.


  • Events:

Richard H confirmed that volunteers are needed for Heritage Open Day, SausageFest & Fab Fram Christmas – both on the days in question (see below) and in advance.


Kathy and Sarah of aboutfram are once again organising Heritage Open Day, which is on September 12th this year. If you want to get involved, or simply want more info, please contact them on


Jenny Stockman is again organising SausageFest – on October 10th this year. If you want info and/or to be a part of it, please email her at The Technology Centre:


To help with the planning for the Fab Fram Christmas event on December 11th and/or to get more info, please email Richard H at


  • AOB


Richard H explained that he followed up on the discussion at last month’s meeting by asking businesses on the parade route whether they were considering opening for Bank Holiday Monday’s gala and parade. The following will be open: Co-Op  (7am to 9pm);

Carley’s Yard (11am to 4pm); The Lemon Tree (usual hours); The Common Room (10am to 4pm); Kitchen Range & Cookshop (an hour or so in the morning).

The meeting concluded that this wasn’t a sufficient number to declare (for PR purposes) that “Fram’s open for the day”.

FBA has lent its Union Jack bunting to the Sports Club, to help decorate Market Hill.


  • FBA Administrator

Richard H confirmed that he’d received a couple of applications for the post and anyone else interested needed to submit their CV by 5pm on Friday, May 22nd. More info.

  • Sponsorship of Fresh Aspirations Forum applicants, plus other help to Forum members

John Ashley Smith commented that companies (including his own) might be willing to sponsor applicants unable to afford the joining fee – currently £45 per year – for Fresh Aspirations Forum. Based in Framlingham, the Forum aims to bring young people together with the world of business to motivate and inspire them and allow them to take ownership of their futures. Jenny Stockman, who runs the Forum, welcomed the suggestion and added that she – and the young people who are members – would also welcome business-people able to offer advice/training/mentoring/etc. Email Jenny ( for more information.

  • Next meeting – to be held @ 5.30pm, June 15th at The Railway Inn.