Present (The Conservative Club)


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

Simon Tinkler (Management Committee) – Ernest Doe

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee) – Framlingham Technology Centre and Fresh Aspirations Forum

Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – The Round House Bed and Breakfast

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing and Consultancy

Trish and Chris Plant – KR Bears and Dolls/Kitchen Range and Cookshop

Lindsay Want-Beal – Xtrahead

Gary Kitching – Framlingham Town Council

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council and Suffolk Punch Construction

Christopher Rayner-Green – The Suffolk Coffee Company

Mark Jenkins – Mark’s Maintenance

Julia Nathan – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Alysha Stockman, Erica Nathan, Mia Pascoe – Fresh Aspirations Forum

Tim Berry – Watch Commander, Framlingham Fire Station

Wil Tel – Deputy District Commander, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service


Andrew Niekirk (Vice Chair) – Eagle Media

Dan Wood (Secretary & Treasurer, Management Committee) – Framlingham College

Bill Bulstrode and Karen Haynes – Bulstrodes

Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Sarah Clarke, Kathy Churchill – About Media

Tim Smith, Julie Foley – The Conservative Club

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.

6.00pm to 7.00pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees brief introductions and apologies for absence. Please see above.
  1. Minutes from last meeting – for approval

ACTIONS from previous meeting:

Richard Harrison has not yet done research into footfall in Framlingham.

ACTION: RH to check for other sources of data

J Ashley-Smith reported that Fram Town Council does not have data on footfall in Framlingham

A meeting to discuss the possibility of an event to celebrate the Queens 90th has yet to take place.

ACTION: Jacqueline Ward to work with new Chair and/or Committee, with aim to put date into diary for January/February 2016.

Jenny Stockman has met with a careers adviser, promoting links with FBA as well as Fresh Aspirations.

ACTION: Jane Bloomfield outreach yet to take place.

Dan Wood to have researched PA costs, but not at this meeting to report back. ACTION: Dan to research (if not yet done) and report at next meeting, please.

Jacqueline Ward has contacted Garnett’s Gardens regarding planters for winter.

These outstanding actions not withstanding, the minutes of the meeting held 21st September 2015 were approved by Jenny Stockman and J Ashley-Smith.

  1. Fabulous Fram Christmas – Update by Richard Harrison

Event is to be held Friday 4th December, combined with the Lights-on Ceremony

Full Road Closure for event

Cost in the past few years has been £763 through Suffolk County Council, but SCC has now contracted out and Richard Whitaker has been quoted £1421 – double the price!   Discussion followed about the need for full road closure and the effect on the event budget.

In relation to this, we discussed the current state of FBA Finances:

Community Account:     £5575.81

Active Saver Account:   £6031.96

Total:                              £11607.77

SausageFest takings of £3955.77 paid in on 13/10/15 and explain the high

Community Account figure (we’re awaiting a final balance for Sausagefest, as there are still outstanding invoices to come in and be paid). Without the nearly £4k, the balance of the Community Account would be a more typical (and reasonable)£1620.46.

FBA has applied for SCDC funding to try and help cover the costs of the event, but there are never any guarantees about payment or amounts. Therefore, FBA must assume that it will be financing the event from its own funds (including revenue from the night, commercial sponsorship etc.).

Discussion followed about partial road closure as at previous FBA events and as on Framlingham’s regular market days. The cost is just £50 and involves using barriers on Market Hill, leaving the road open on the upper side of the Market Hill. The usual staging area near to the outside of No 10 Teashop and the L-shape position of the stalls would remain the same.

Safety issues of paramount importance regarding children, for this reason the previous positioning of Santa’s Grotto at Hollins would have to be re-considered. A location behind the barrier would have to be found for the Grotto – using the FBA gazebo, Scout Tent or a suitable building.

DECISION – It was decided by show of hands to not go ahead with the full road closure, and to arrange instead a partial closure of Market Hill for the event.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to contact SCC and SCDC regarding alteration to the event Licence for this year.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to contact Fram Town Council re appropriate signage and barriers for partial closure for this year.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to re-plan the event layout for this year, including new location for Santa’s Grotto.

Richard Whitaker asked the meeting to consider changing the location footprint of the Fab Fram Christmas event by using other central locations including Queens Head Alley (with the Grotto in a secluded garden area off the Alley), The Mews and possibly part of the Co-op car park for stalls and entertainment. Locations could be linked up and would need additional lighting. The idea was welcomed.

ACTION – Richard Whitaker to investigate possibilities for 2016 Fab Fram Christmas Event.

Jenny Stockman asked about the location of stalls, and whether new locations such as Carley’s Yard car park or The Crown could be considered for this year.  Richard Harrison stated that stalls had already been told they would be on Market Hill, but that these areas could be considered within Richard Whitaker’s ideas for 2016.

Jenny Stockman enquired about extra parking for this year’s event. Richard Harrison felt that the majority of people attending were local (and therefore would walk) and that the usual car parks and road parking would be sufficient.

Event Raffle

A number of excellent prizes have already been offered by Darcy B, Easton Farm Park (2x family tickets), EAS Tuition (language/creative writing training), English Heritage (2x family tickets), Ernest Doe, Fram Wine Shop, Paddy & Scotts, The Crown (meal £50), The Round House (stay), and more are being sought.

Richard Whitaker has been canvassing opinion about prizes and found that more would be forthcoming if FBA could guarantee a donation (of approximately £500) to local charitable organisation(s). This should be affordable, bearing in mind the saving on road closure costs. Tickets to £1 per ticket, books of 5.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to check the event budget figures and arrange for production of raffle tickets in time for sale in Co-Op (lobby areas booked for 18th, 21st and 25th November) and elsewhere, with prizes/photographs to be displayed..

ACTION – Volunteers wanted to help sell raffle tickets in Co-Op. Jenny Stockman, Jacqueline Ward, Julia Nathan, Richard Whitaker and Richard H volunteered.

More people are still needed, please – even for short (1 hour) stints. Contact Richard H via email:

ACTION – Richard Harrison to set up timetable for volunteers and sales.

ACTION – Richard  Whitaker and RH to organise display boards/posters advertising events and prizes.

Santa’s Grotto

We have 2 large boxes containing wrapped presents from last year that need to be checked for age/sex suitability and whether more are required.

Information was sought on contact details for previous Santa, Lindsay Want-Beal had some useful information.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact Santa! [Subsequently, Jane Bloomfield has been able to find a new Santa for this year.]

Information on dressing of Grotto – Julia Nathan mentioned that the Primary School Friends have a red carpet that might be suitable.

ACTION– Grotto organisers [Jane and Jacqueline appointed after meeting closed] to investigate Grotto location, decorations and gifts, plus direction signs and price/info board at entrance.

Event schedule

There will be a blessing of the Christmas Tree accompanied by carols.

Lighting of tree at 6pm (Simon Tinkler has volunteered to help put lights on the tree, date to be confirmed post delivery, will require 1-2 cherry pickers). Jenny Stockman explained that there is a person on the stage who officially lights the tree [Bill Bulstrode this year], someone else actually turns on from a plug within a cupboard on the wall of The Crown Hotel (key with FTC).

FBA gazebo will be set up as info and raffle ticket sales point.

Entertainment –

To include Fram College Choir, Church Choirs, Pop Chorus, Rabble Chorus, Ipswich Pipers, Al’s Kitchen and Lucy Sampson. RH has tried contacting Vernon Readhead to act as MC again this year but with no luck yet.

PA- Tom Howard of Fram College has agreed to help with PA but needs final info about acts.

Stage and Electrics – Robert Foster has agreed to provide and set up stage again. Michael Spink has agreed to do stage electrics.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact Al’s Kitchen and Lucy again for confirmation, and to sort order/length of appearances and share with all concerned. RH to confirm Vernon through Nick Corke of Rotary.

Commercial and community stalls

So far, there are 10 commercial stall booked: Rustic Charm, Oh Fudge, Flying Chef, Kingdom Forge, Suffolk Coffee Company, Kevin Hilliard, Cheese and Pie Man, Scarlett and Mustard, Crafty Mrs Foxs. Invoice in advance or collect money on the night.

Suffolk Coffee Company tradestand – Richard Harrison introduced Christopher Rayner-Green of the Suffolk Coffee Company who asked if he could have a coffee tradestand at the Fab Fram Christmas. Richard H explained that Paddy and Scott’s had already indicated that they did not wish to do this.

Those present agreed to the request, Christopher Rayner-Green gave his thanks and asked about FBA membership.

So far there are 10 community and FBA member stalls: Debenham High School Young Enterprise, Fram Community Baptist Church, Fresh Aspirations Forum, TMHS Young Enterprise, Earl Soham Scouts, English Heritage, Fram Wine Shop, Ernest Doe, Hall Farm Butchers and possibly the Sports Club.

ACTION – Richard Harrison has been approached by someone who can provide a merry-go-round, which he will investigate further.

Plan is to set up the stage and market stalls from 4pm (event starts at 6pm). We need volunteers to act as marshals (on a rota) to:

Direct traders in and out and to clear area of vehicles asap.

Pick up external lights/barriers/spotlight/loud speaker from Town Council on Friday afternoon, and return on Saturday.

Help Sports Club to set up/take down tents and to clear up (incl. litter pick)  after 9pm.

ACTION – RH to set up volunteer marshal list/rota.

Advertising/promotional activities

Flyer almost finalised and to be printed by end October. ACTION: RH

RH has arranged with Suffolk and Norfolk Life, About Fram and Essentials magazine to do give diary coverage and/or do articles based on press release.

ACTION: RH to approach EADT, Suffolk mag, Radio Suffolk, Castle Radio, Heart etc.

ACTION:  Sarah and Kathy (About Media) have already started Facebook and Twitter activity to promote event through social media. If any member has accounts with these platforms, please Like/Follow the FabFramChristmas account and share widely and often!

ACTION: RH to produce road posters based on flyer. To be distributed at public points such as Co-op/library/FBA notice board/doctors etc plus possible leafleting door to door/paper insert/car windscreens considered.

ACTION– RH to co-ordinate advertising, do FBA web page and order laminated signs.

  1. Framlingham Town Council Report – by Gary Kitching and John Ashley-Smith

Queens Head Alley Lighting:

The owners of Leo’s Deli building have agreed to a spur being taken from their box.  Hudsons have agreed this is OK to do.  FTC now awaiting their quote, and to then go back to the building owners with the final proposal.

FTC Membership:

Spadge Hopkins has joined FTC and has attended his first meeting

Fram Market:

2 casuals agreed for the market, one selling honey, the other chocolate and fudge.

FTC Autumn Newsletter:

This is due to be published soon


Christmas Charity Market – To take place on Sunday 6th December, arrangements finalised and will run in usual way.

Firework Event – To take place Saturday 7th November.  John Ashley-Smith requested firewood for the event bonfire, to be delivered on-site on the day only. Please contact Kelvin if you can help.

Remembrance – To take place Sunday 8th November.

Fram Town Maps:

Gary Kitching had seen an excellent book of tear-off maps in Edinburgh, thought to be useful in places the public visit such as pubs, castle, events, B and B’s etc. The maps would help to promote the whole town, not just the centre.

The current map produced by About Media was praised for its excellent content and ads, Gary Kitching asked if this could be combined with the tear-off format. FTC is interested but would not produce as it is business based, that would be for the FBA.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to contact About Media.

Speed Indicator Device (S.I.D):

This continues to be moved around town, the data produced is now being analysed and will be published via the newsletter.

Rights of Way Walk:

This is usually done annually in January. John Ashley Smith plans to organise it more frequently and the next one planned starts from Jeaffresons Well on 14th November, from 10am to 12pm.  Richard Harrison said the walks could be a useful addition to the next Heritage Open Day.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to publicise on FBA website. [See News and Events]

  1. FBA Membership Renewals

114 membership renewals sent out, 43 have renewed so far, 4 are not renewing (2 because they have given up their business).

Information on joining or re-joining sent to 4 businesses – heard back from 1 so far.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to send reminders.

  1. SausageFest Update – by Jenny Stockman

Event weather was good and visitor numbers were up.  The finances are being worked on with one or two bills to still to come in.

The stamping of the Trail Maps worked very well and helped to minimise number of ‘freeloaders’.  The Trail Map Programme was excellent and could be improved further.

There were 3 trading areas which all worked differently.  The Castle Meadow venue was good and could be extended for the future.  The John Grose venue needs a plan to bring it more to the fore, the farm animals from Easton Farm Park were popular.

The general feedback was that Framlingham had an improved footfall during the event, with a number of businesses having a very good day.

Jenny asked if the event would continue. Richard Harrison suggested a final decision be taken once all the finances were completed.

ACTION – Jenny Stockman to complete the finances.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business – Update by Jenny Stockman

SCB still looking for the right person to be the Project Co-ordinator/Admin person, a role of 20 hours per week. Difficult for SCB to function without this post filled, but the conference event in March 2016 is still set to go ahead.

Following a question, the benefits of SCB membership were highlighted, including breakfast networking meetings, annual conference, and dissemination of useful information on areas such as funding and training opportunities.

  1. FBA Chair Position

Richard Harrison explained the need to have a new Chair in post for December 2015, post the Fab Fram Christmas event. This will allow time for a handover period, prior to starting the role in January 2016.

While the maximum tenure for the role (according to the Constitution) is two years, Richard explained that his own business and family commitments require him to step down after 12 months at the helm.

The key tasks were highlighted as follows, although many are shared with the Management Committee:

  • Decision-making on behalf of membership
  • Figurehead/spokesperson/point of contact for media
  • Management of promotional activity
  • Budgeting and financial control
  • Deciding which public events to hold each year; appointing/managing organisers
  • Management of FBA Administrator
  • Chair at FBA meetings
  • Awareness and execution of FBA’s vision, mission and purpose
  • Awareness of the constitution and its rules
  • Developing the support and benefits for members
  • Growing membership
  • Management of inclusion in groups such as Suffolk Coast Business
  • Liaison with Town Council and other groups locally, and in district/region

No-one as yet has volunteered to take on the role of Chair, Richard Harrison said that there will need to be a Plan B if that remains the case – he cannot stay on as Chair indefinitely while awaiting a replacement. However, he is willing to remain on the committee until an appointment is made, and afterwards (should that be agreeable to the new Chair).

Richard asked if the group believed FBA could run as a committee.  Jenny Stockman said that the SCB had done this for 2 years, but that decision-making tended to drift.

Richard said that while the role does involve time and commitment to do it well, there are advantages of “being the FBA face” in terms of getting known in town and beyond. It also brings adds experience and knowledge to the person concerned, which can only benefit their own business while also making a contribution to the Association and wider community.

It is ideal for someone with business experience and knowledge of the area, with established contacts a bonus. Retired or part-time business people would also be ideal.

Julia Nathan asked if there was a job description, Richard highlighted the above list.

It was asked if we should advertise the role so that it’s open to both members and non-members and this was thought a sensible course of action.

ACTION: RH to publicise/advertise

Anyone approached or showing interest should be invited to a FBA meeting and/or should contact Richard via

DECISION – If no-one is appointed Chair then FBA will be run by the Committee until someone is appointed. This person does not have to currently be a member.

ACTION – Jacqueline Ward to email all members regarding the role.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to approach a suggested possible candidate.

  1. Fire Fighting in Framlingham

Wil Tel, Deputy District Commander, gave a talk on the need to recruit On-Call Firefighters in Framlingham since the service is struggling to find local people – in particular to cover big gaps in the daytime period.

He highlighted that when they don’t have sufficient crew to fully man (minimum of 4) the fire engine they can’t go out to incidents such as fires and car accidents. This means that, in emergencies ,people would have to wait a minimum of 20 minutes in the daytime for a fire engine to attend (e.g. from Ipswich).

He asked businesses to consider the impact this could have on individual and business situations, and that businesses consider releasing their staff for firefighting duties during the daytime period. He highlighted the transferable skills these staff would acquire from this role, including first aid and large goods vehicle training.

The date for people to apply for March 2016 training is the end of November 2015. Applications should be made through Suffolk Jobs Direct.

Those who have the initial intensive 2 week training next March would be ready for the following Autumn, although it takes 3 years to be fully competent after further annual (5-7 days) and weekly training, and experience.

On-Call firefighters are paid an annual retention and receive payment for training and on-call time. They carry a pager for call-outs, and need ideally to be within 1 mile and 5 minutes of the fire station, this can be extended in certain circumstances such as work location. The age range is from 18, with no upper limit, those settled and with life experience are welcomed.

There can be flexibility on the times people can be available, the usual availability requirement is for 90 or 40 hours per week Monday to Friday, 9-5 would be ideal as would 24/7. Availability does affect the retention pay. Some retained firefighters do go on to permanent positions as already trained and experienced.

Tim Berry, Watch Commander at Framlingham, also spoke of the urgent need to recruit in Framlingham in particular, and the rural areas generally.

Will Tell handed out leaflets and an information sheet for employers. Any employer who wants more info, should contact or 01473 322658.

ACTION – Members wishing to receive a copy of the handouts can contact FBA Admin on


Jenny Stockman highlighted that the SCB had approved an event to be run for local Business Associations by The Ideas Centre. Information to follow.

ACTION – Richard Harrison to co-ordinate with SCB on a suitable date.

Richard Harrison highlighted that members can promote their business and any news and special offers on FBA website. He hoped it would be considered appropriate for him to promote an event he has coming up, and to do the same for member Jenny Labbett. Decision was that this was most appropriate and a good example to members.

Richard has written a 3-step Guide (viewable to members only) to help anyone wanting to use the website in a similar way.

Mark Jenkins asked if you can link to your own business website from the FBA website, this was affirmed.

  1. Next Meeting.

The next monthly meeting is to take place from 5.30pm on November 16th in the boardroom at Framlingham College. Members are advised to go to the main Framlingham College entrance where you will be guided to the room (it is to the right and about 10 yards along the main corridor).

The December meeting will be on Monday 14th December, venue and time TBC.