Present (The Stables at The Crown Hotel)


Richard Harrison (Chair) – RichWords Limited

Dan Wood (Secretary & Treasurer) – Framlingham College

Kelvin Gibbs (Management Committee member) – Charnwood Milling

Jenny Stockman (Management Committee member) – Fram Technology Centre & Fresh Aspirations Forum

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Admin

John Ashley-Smith – Framlingham Town Council & Suffolk Punch Construction

Chris Harber – The Crown Hotel

Jane Bloomfield – Blue Sky Assessing and Consultancy

David Garnett – Garnetts Gardens

Chris and Trish Plant – Kitchen Range and Cookshop/ KR Bears and Dolls

Reverend Mark Sanders- St Michael’s Church



Fiona Mealing – Green Apple Nutrition

Verity Hales – English Heritage

Julie Foley and Peter Borg – Framlingham and District Conservative Club

Tom Huggins – Carrot Gold

Richard Whitaker – The Round House Bed and Breakfast


5.30pm until 6.00pm – Social

Attendees had the opportunity to socialise and network.


6.00pm to 7.15pm – FBA Business

  1. Attendees – brief introductions and apologies for absence.
  1. Minutes from the last meeting, AGM on 17th July 2015 – approved by Jenny Stockman and Dan Wood and signed off.
  1. AGM Questionnaires – discussion led by Richard Harrison on issues arising and suggestions made.
  • Expansion of retail offering in Fram to include national chains

This was suggested by one person only, debate followed concerning the type of business, potential impact and benefits. Those attending generally saw the potential benefits to Fram of a likely increase in footfall and noted the improvements national chains had brought to Saxmundham. Some felt that an expansion in the town’s housing would be required to attract national chains. Others felt that there’d need to be sensitive consideration given to applications, to ensure the unique essence of Fram wasn’t lost. It was also felt that there’d have to be consideration of the potential impact on infrastructure and parking. There was a question about availability of data on where people came from to shop in Fram, what attracts footfall into the town, and the effect of FBA and SCB events.

ACTION : Richard Harrison to look for research in conjunction with John Ashley-Smith, who will check with Town Council.

  • Offering work experience to young people throughout the year

Discussion about how the FBA could encourage members to offer work experience, what that work experience could entail. Do we cater for young people aged 16+? Are businesses offering apprenticeships and other forms of training?

Jenny Stockman said that Fresh Aspirations has been approached by local businesses, including 2 FBA members, to offer some form of work experience. This would probably involve 1 afternoon a week and be for school-age children. DBS checks not required for one-off sessions. Work experience useful on the CVs of young people.

Local apprenticeships are already on offer: Carley Hill Hair offers apprentice opportunities, with internal on-going training. Ellen Ross Hair Studio has recently advertised opportunities for apprenticeships as well.

David Garnett explained that he takes young people for one week work experience, in one case taking on someone when he left school – and now a valued member of staff with 13 years’ experience.

Jane Bloomfield gave information about apprenticeships, with particular reference to those out of work and non-school attendees. Jane also informed the meeting about getting young people aged 18+ back into work.

Richard Harrison asked if FBA could raise awareness among members about work experience. It was noted that Suffolk Coast Business communicates with businesses about opportunities for young people, and that short work experience can lead to apprenticeships.

John-Ashley Smith commented favourably on his experience of taking young people on for work experience in his construction business. He also spoke of the benefits for both parties, and of his willingness to be involved.

Kelvin Gibbs has experience of providing work experience and giving short experience visits to young people from specialist colleges. The need for risk assessments and insurance cover were things to be considered.

ACTION:  Jenny Stockman and Jane Bloomfield, on behalf of their respective organisations and FBA, to outreach to three local high schools (Thomas Mills, Debenham and Farlingaye) in the near future.

  • Investing in more equipment for FBA members to borrow

A PA system was suggested, for use at FBA events and for members to borrow. Currently the FBA borrows from Fram College and Fram Town Council (although John Ashley Smith commented that the FTC PA isn’t great and that they hire-in a system for the firework event), or hires from Rotary.

Discussion of possible cost of a high quality PA, in addition to the cost of insurance and maintenance, and the times likely to be used – all in comparison to hire costs.Thought to be expensive to buy – expert advice and a grant would probably be required.

ACTIONS : Dan Wood kindly agreed to lend Fram College’s PA system for FBA’s SausageFest and Christmas events. He also agreed to liaise with College technician(s) about PA costs.

If any member has ideas about equipment that may be useful for FBA to purchase and lend out (e.g. 2-way radios; Signage) please email

  • Encouraging more members to attend meetings, volunteer for events, get involved

Richard Harrison explained that following the good reaction to the presentation by The Ideas Centre (TIC) at the AGM, he’s approached TIC about running a workshop on this. He’s also approached the other business associations of SCB to join in and share the cost of such a session, since all BAs have similar issues.

  • Working more closely with Fram Town Council, and other groups and organisations.

Richard Harrison has spoken to Eileen Coe about this, and already has informal chats with her as needed. Of course, John Ashley-Smith and Gary Kitching already attend FBA meetings and act as a conduit for exchange of ideas and information. This year’s arrangements for Christmas are a good example of FBA and FTC working together well.

ACTION: Richard Harrison to discuss further with Eileen, John and Gary.


  1. Framlingham Town Council – Report by John Ashley-Smith


  • Gary Kitching had put forward the idea of £1 slot machines that dispense a local map. It was noted that AboutFram has recently produced a local map and distributed it widely.

ACTION: Rev’d Mark Sanders offered to take some maps and put in St Michael’s Church.

  • Skate Park complete, snags excluded, and is already in use (photos appeared in EADT). Grand Opening planned for June 2016, with FTC keen that local young people know they are important to the town.
  • Queens Head Alley – lighting issue resolved (thank you to Hudsons) with a cable run from Leo’s Deli powering a 12V light in the alley.
  • Mount Pleasant housing plans rejected, awaiting outcome of Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Firework Event to be held on Saturday, November 7th at Pageant Field.
  • Charity Market event to be held on December 6th on Market Hill (part of weekend of festivities including Fab Fram Christmas on Friday 4th (see below) and the Christmas Tree Festival at St Michael’s Church.
  • The speed camera is being moved around the town, data yet to be analysed although positive effect (i.e. speed reduction) has been noticed by both John Ashley-Smith (on all relevant roads) and Richard Harrison (on Saxmundham Road, specifically).
  • Go-Cart event. Fram College was thanked for allowing its golf course to be used for this event.  The Scouts were also very helpful, and there were good articles in both EADT and Framfare.
  1. FBA membership renewals

Richard Harrison thanked all members who have already paid, including those with Christmas Trees on the invoice, since early payment helps to save admin time and cost. If you haven’t paid yet, please do so as soon as you can!

  1. Flower tubs

Richard Harrison hoped that members had noticed the colourful display in the two oblong flower tubs outside Simpsons Sweet Shop, opposite the bus shelter. He thanked David Garnett who supplied the tubs and plants (and tended to them recently) and to Ingrid and Jo Simpson from the shop who have been seeing to them when they’ve been able. Carrot Gold designed and supplied the signage. The display has attracted many favourable comments.

ACTION: Jacqueline Ward to investigate timing and cost of re-stocking the planters, with help from David Garnett.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business – Report by Jenny Stockman
  • Project Manager still being sought, good temp in place at the moment. Go to SCB website for more info.
  • Preparations underway for SCB event (a conference) in March 2016, likely to be Ufford Park. Project manager required.
  • Looking to train Committees and Chairs to help make the Business Associations stronger; The Ideas Centre would fit well here. Also to share database information between the groups to widen access to events etc.
  • SCB has a new Chair who has some good plans to make the Business Associations more visible and effective (with FBA thought to be leading the way).
  1. Events
  • Heritage Open Day – A very successful day, with all the tours booked and many over-subscribed, with positive feedback from visitors including the following:

Dear Sarah and Kathy

I am writing to both thank and congratulate you. I very much enjoyed the heritage events that I attended in Framlingham today, the range of offerings and the way they which you had organised them was excellent. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day but it was so worthwhile!

Please do pass on my thanks to all concerned. All that I learned toady will ensure that I return to Framlingham again with family and friends as they visit me…

Many thanks for a great day, with best wishes, Carole


Jacqueline Ward reported hearing similar comments from people, who’d said that they looked forward to coming back to visit the shops and cafes, and had been impressed with the Friendly Fram signs.

  • SausageFest –

Opening Ceremony – 10am Market Hill, Emma Collingridge (Miss Teen Suffolk 2105) arrives on Ernest Doe red tractor to make speech.

Crowds/ticket dodgers/queues – Ernest Doe lending 2-way radios to aid communications between volunteers across town, plus orange barriers to funnel visitors so that volunteer marshals can check for ticket dodgers. Trail maps at each venue have to be stamped before getting a taste, all venues need to be visited and stamps collected to vote and enter the Co-op hamper draw.

Trade stand sites – Castle Meadow (cost increase to £750 includes Friday pm access, Rotary will provide marshals), John Grose (mostly community and charity stands) and Market Hill. Nearly 40 trade stands signed up so far, some free. Community groups welcome to a free pitch.

Producers- 12 producers, 13 sausages to taste (6 gluten free).

Venues – Venues need to be noticeable, bunting, balloons, posters and signage delivered in advance. Also need to get the producers to put on money raising activities to go towards FBA costs.

Website- new, doing a good job.

Advertising/PR/Marketing – Main advertising spend is EADT, e-news letters doing well, social media taking off with paid ads and competitions.

Programme – 16 pg booklet with recipes and ads, to sell in East of England CoOp on October 3rd (help need please!).

Entertainment – Greg Chapman – time travel adventures, Al’s Kitchen, street dance, diabolo, buskers at John Grose but welcome all over town.

Farmyard Grotto – sponsored by Easton Farm Park, animals at John Grose.

EFP providing and wrapping 200 presents at trade price and sale or return.

Grotto in marquee, tractor rides included. Gift giver, more needed, ideas sought. Help needed to dress grotto, Santa’s grotto carpet and curtains needed. £5 entry (retail value £6).

Workshops – Sausage making, pizza making, story telling, BBQ workshop, street dance workshop and performance.

Awards – 5.30pm at The Railway. Ernest Doe sponsoring and providing trophies, and gifts for each producer. Will need to pay for some refreshments. Emma Collingridge is making awards, Simon Leeder (Ernest Doe) is MC.

Advance Ticket sales – 3rd October in Co-op, another volunteer required for stint. £330+ advance sales so far.

Paperwork – Tori, of EP Marketing, submitting risk assessments and event plans to English Heritage, John Grose and Insurance co. All traders, producers and entertainers also required to do risk assessments and submit relevant docs. Looking for designated first aiders for the split sites.

Transport – 1 free minibus from John Grose, 1 from CATS for £30 with volunteer driver, may need to find own driver.

SausageFest 2016- date set Saturday 8th October, 2 weeks after Aldeburgh F&D.  Already listed free on Activity Superstore and

ACTIONS: For all of below, please email

Volunteers – needed for selling tickets/programmes on October 3rd, for set up on Friday 9th October, and throughout Saturday 10th October (including clear-up).

We also need:

More trade stands

More community groups par

Driver needed for CATS bus

26 boxes for voting tokens (charity tokens borrowed from Co-op)

Balloons in SausageFest colours


  • Fab Fram Christmas (late-night shopping, lights-on ceremony, market stalls, Santa’s Grotto, entertainment) – all on Friday, December 4th (6pm – 9pm)

We’ve had grants promised from SCC and SCDC to a value of £1550.00, which will help FBA cover the cost of the event, plus we’ve already received a grant from Fram Town Council for £400.00 – so many thanks for that.

Sponsorship to date £850.00, another £150.00 (at least) required to cover costs and prevent us running at a loss. Sponsorship gets your name and/or logo on the FBA website page for the event, as well as on the flyers that will be produced and distributed both before and on the night.  You’ll also be mentioned on social media and in the press releases we send out.

We also need to hear from members who would like to have a stall on Market Hill on the Friday night.

Please contact re sponsorhip or having a stall.

Richard Whitaker from The Round House is working on getting raffle prizes in, and those donating will be mentioned in our marketing. We’ve had prizes promised by a number of members, but more are welcome.

Please email the FBA Chair or

We also need a Santa! If anyone knows the contact details for Jet Stone, who did it last year, please email the FBA Chair as before.


  • Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations (2016)

With the success of previous events related to royal occasions, it seems a good idea to consider a celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday next year. Jacqueline has researched and got some useful info on what’s happening when.

On Sunday 12th June there’s a street party/picnic in The Mall (with video screens set up in some of London’s parks too) and communities around the country are being encouraged to hold similar events and raise money for local charities and projects.

Richard Harrison and Dan Wood of Fram College have had a preliminary discussion about holding an event on the front lawn of the College on that day, and we’d like to liaise with Fram Town Council on this.

ACTION: Richard Harrison to arrange a meeting to discuss further.


  1. A.O.B.
  • We have leaflets from MENTA (the Suffolk Enterprise Agency) detailing their Autumn training and seminar dates.  Please contact FBA Chair if you’d like one – or get the info from
  • Trish and Chris Plant raised an item on behalf of Bill Bulstrode concerning the lack of parking facilities within the town, and the use of FBA parking facilities by members.

The Chair would like to remind everyone about the car parking facilities that FBA set up last year for the EXCLUSIVE use of members.

Members can park both at Fram Farmers (on Saturdays – for free) and at the Sports Club (Mondays to Fridays – for a small fee, which helps support the Sports Club) and doing so would help to alleviate congestion in the town centre. In turn, this may help to encourage visitors and increase footfall.

For more information on the facilities, please contact Richard on

  1. Date of next meeting

19th October 2015, from 5.30pm at the Conservative Club