Tuesday 13th November– 5.30pm: at Framlingham Conservative Club, Church Street, Framlingham, IP13 9BH.

Attendees – brief introductions and Apologies for absences.


Minutes from last meeting (17th September 2018) – for approval.


Agenda Item Notes Meeting actions required
Matters Arising from meeting dated 17th September 2018.




FBA Events 2018 The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival

Christmas 18 – Shopping Evening and Sunday Christmas Market

FBA Events 2019



Framlingham Town Council Update from FTC
Please see

for news and updates from Framlingham Town Council.

  Discussion on CCTV, WiFi in Fram,

Floral Fram 2019


Suffolk Coast Business Update from Jenny Stockman




Business Items of Interest Clean up

CCTV and Business Phone Alert



Marketing/online presence Updates on Social media and website


FBA membership update  


FBA finance and banking    


FBA committee There are still positions open on the FBA committee.  
AOB FBA Meeting dates and Speakers

FBA email issues

FBA Budget 2019                                

Next meetings Management Committee meeting (open to FBA members and FBA committee members) TBC – January

Networking meeting at The Lemon Tree, 1.30pm on Wednesday 28th September

January 2019 Bi-monthly open meeting TBC