AGM : 17th September 2018

Present (at Framlingham Technology Centre)

Jenny Stockman (Chair) – Framlingham Technology Centre
Richard Whitaker (Vice-Chair) – Fram B&B, Richard The Architect
Steve Calver (Management Committee) – DJ and S.R Epic Sound and Lighting
Victoria Perkins (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Guy Downes (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Allan Williams – AW Artwork
Mick Hutton – Magic Media Street
Kelly Goody – GFT Bootcamp
Charles Rowett – Gotelee Solicitors
Sonia Lambert – Economic Development Officer, Suffolk Coastal & Waveney District Councils
Jacqueline Ward – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator

Dan Wood (FBA Treasurer, Management Committee) –  Framlingham College
Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing CompanyUK Ltd
Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges

Meeting commenced at 5.30pm, with brief introductions from all present.
Attendees – noted and apologies given, as above. 

1.Review of the Year

Jenny Stockman’s Chairman’s Report had gone out in advance and follows below.  Jenny highlighted a number of points.

It had been a busy year with new members joining and an increased general and social media presence.  FBA had won the Encouraging Tourism award category at the Suffolk Coastal Business and Community Awards 2018, in recognition of the positive impact that its programme of events has had on the economy of the town.  The programme of events is designed to boost business in the town both retail and non-retail, helping ensure it is a good place to do business, for recruitment and for the community.  Last year FBA obtained funding from SCC, ESP and SCDC to enable the appointment of Steve Calver as Events Manager, reducing the reliance of volunteer help and increasing the business approach to events.  It is felt that a fresh programme of events could happen in the coming year.

Jenny expressed FBA’s gratitude to Deep Space Marketing for their moving FBA forward on social media, which has been a big boost to FBA’s profile.  There is also a place for face-to-face with the businesses, as shown by the work of Richard and Jacqueline promoting events both FBA and non-FBA resulting  in effective engagement with and feedback from businesses in the town – including issues that FBA can act upon.

Suffolk Coast Business is currently on ice, hopefully to be re-activated soon.  Meanwhile there is shortly to be an East Suffolk Business Festival, a first for the area’s businesses.

Chairman’s Report 2017/2018

Current committee

Jenny Stockman       Chair
Richard Whitaker     Vice Chair
Dan Wood           Treasurer
Kelvin Gibbs               Committee member
Steve Calver               Events Manager and committee member
Victoria Perkins         Committee member
Guy Downs         Committee member
Jacqueline Ward       Association Co-ordinator, Secretary and Admin Assistant

Annual Report

Membership and personnel

Currently the FBA has 91 Members and interest in the Association continues to grow as members of the committee take time to personally visit and talk to businesses in the town.

The current Chair, Jenny Stockman has been Chair for one year, having held Interim Chair position prior to being voted in officially at the 2017 AGM. “My aim was to revitalise the Association. Strengthen the committee and build on the events programme through investment in an events manager. I’m very pleased that our members were also able to benefit from Suffolk Coast Business extended networking and opportunities – especially the SCB Showcase back in February which was opened by Levi Roots.”

Following on from feedback gained via the SCB survey in 2017, the FBA has implemented a few changes which are now attracting new members on a steady basis. Improved communications, higher visibility and revised arrangements for Christmas have all improved engagement between the FBA and its members.

Subs are now £60 annually and support increased general running costs, insurance, the many activities of the Business Association that are aimed at promoting the town, creating opportunities for members, putting on events and being a part of activity and initiatives that drive economic growth to benefit members.


The annual programme of events such as Framlingham Sausage Festival continue to generate interest in the town, create footfall, boost trade and increase awareness of all the town has to offer. Community groups are also helped and take an active role in the events.

In 2017 the Sausage Festival attracted approximately 10,000 visitors into the town. The vision, as always, is for that footfall to benefit businesses in the town and we’re pleased to report that at least one business saw a 9 fold increase in sales for the day.

2017 Heritage Open Day with a theme of Fun Food and Heritage was a great success and is set to take place again on September 8th 2018.

The success of the Christmas and Charity Market organised by the FBA in 2017, and the separate retailers late night shopping event have encourage the FBA to bring the whole town together for a united three day Christmas event for 2018. Plans are well underway for the end of November/beginning of December 2018. In 2017 the FBA continued the traditional display of real Christmas trees around the town and as a centrepiece on Market Hill.

Grant funding was successfully obtained to train and contract a dedicated events manager in order to sustain the programme of events. We are very proud to report that the FBA won the Encouraging Tourism Award in March 2018 in recognition of the impact its programme of events has on tourism in the county.

The FBA is very grateful to the people that continue to give their time voluntarily to assist with events and make sure the town is presented appropriately.

Bi-monthly FBA open meetings now feature a different speaker each time to provide inspiration, information or insights into matters of interest. These are open meetings and the refreshed agendas help encourage engagement from members and other businesses.


The FBA is now enjoying the professional management of its social media sites by Deep Space Marketing, who are FBA members and also committee members. Engagement and membership sign-up is increasing as a direct result of this activity with 3 new members within a month of starting.

Pro-active Business Association

Monthly informal networking meetings are now held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Lemon Tree. Starting at 1.30 and with no agenda other than informal chat and getting to know other local business people, these meetings are increasing in popularity as people get to hear about them.

Regular newsletters are now delivered via MailChimp so members are kept up to date with what’s happening.

The website is also gradually being refreshed and updated with a few changes to make it easier to navigate and find information.



2.Consideration of FBA Accounts and current balances

Dan Wood, FBA Treasurer was unable to attend the AGM, but had supplied the following balance sheet:

BALANCE SHEET 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018
TOTAL FOR YEAR £36,289.23
TOTAL INCOME £36,300.85
PROFIT/-LOSS -1,193.71
ADD FUNDS FROM END 2016 6473.9
TOTAL £11,376.66
Submitted by Dan Wood

A full detailed end of year document is also available on request, please contact admin@framlinghambusiness

In the absence of Dan Jenny asked Jacqueline to give a quick overview of the account summary. (Please note that the small loss was not highlighted at this point due to Jacqueline not being familiar with the figures).

3.Retirement and Election of Management Committee      

Information about the election procedures had been sent out in advance of  the AGM , including information on standing for the committee and how to vote in advance or by proxy.  Jenny explained that anyone standing for a Management Committee position isn’t signing up for specific duties and that it is the ideas, views and opinions that are valuable.  Anyone with a skill or a local association is able to be nominated whether currently a member or not.

All the Management Committee members stood down at this point of the AGM.  This was followed by those willing to continue on the Management Committee standing to be re-elected.  All retiring from the Management Committee, were willing to re-stand, there was a vote, and they were duly re-elected.

The Chair and Vice Chair positions were also voted for, with both Jenny Stockman (Chair) and Richard Whitaker (Vice Chair) standing down. Victoria Perkins was nominated and proposed by Jenny Stockman, seconded by Richard Whitaker, and stood unopposed as FBA Chair for the 2018/19 membership year, and Jenny Stockman stood unopposed for the Vice-Chair position.

Victoria expressed her thanks for being voted as Chair, and hopes to be a fresh set of eyes in FBA. She intends, with the help of the Management Committee, to assist businesses get what they need moving forward.

Jenny expressed that is has been a honour to be Chair within a forward thinking local business association, and that she is very pleased to be Vice Chair.

Please let the Management Committee know if you are interested or wish to have an informal chat about what is involved in becoming a member of the Management Committee, contact via


It had been agreed by the Management Committee that the annual FBA membership fee should remain at £60.

5.Forthcoming Events

To be discussed in the September meeting that follws, see following for a summary:

Framlingham’s Heritage Open Day took place 8th September 2018, the event went well, attracting a good number of visitors.

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival takes place on 14th October 2018. The event planning is going well, with good pre event ticket sales.  It is hoped the event will attract 5000plus visitors to the town.

The 3 day Framlingham Christmas Weekend takes place from 30th November to 2nd December.  There is to be a Christmas Shopping Evening on Friday 30th November to include the Tree Lighting and a Christmas Market  on the Sunday 2nd December.  There will be the Friends of St Michaels Christmas Tree Festival on Saturday 1st December. In addition there will be an FBA Festive Window Competition, Fram Town Council and the Library are organising a Christmas Card Competition and FBA will be taking part in the FOSM Christmas Tree festival.

  1. A.O.B.

There were no items for discussion under Any Other Business.
Jenny Stockman was presented with some flowers and wine as a token gift in recognition of her hard work as Chair over the past 2 years.
The FBA 2018 AGM was declared closed at 6.00 pm.

  1. September Bi-Monthly Meeting

This meeting followed the AGM, separate minutes are available.