5.30pm Wednesday 17th January 2019 – The Railway Inn, Framlingham

Victoria Perkins, FBA Chair – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman, FBA Vice-Chair – Framlingham Technology Centre
Kelvin Gibbs, FBA Management Committee – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company (UK) Ltd
Richard Whitaker, FBA Management Committee – Fram B & B/Richard The Architect
Steve Calver, FBA Event Manager – S.R. Epic Sound and Lighting
Lisa Hamon, FBA Management Committee – LA Global Management
Chris Plant, FBA Member – The Kitchen Range and Cookshop
Trisha Plant, FBA Member – The Kitchen Range and Cookshop/KR Bears and Dolls
Amanda Fisher, FBA Member – The Castle Inn
David Fisher, FBA Member – The Castle Inn
Jacqueline, FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator 


No apologies received. 

2.Minutes of previous meeting  23rd October to be agreed

Minutes approved by RW and seconded by SC.

ACTION: Management Committee Agendas and Minutes to go on FBA website from January 2019 .
ACTION: JW to bring spare agenda copies to future Management Committee meetings.

3.Matters Arising

FBA Union Jack bunting quote to be sought (UJ/FBA logo).
FBA Floor Standing Display boards replacement quote.  These are not often used, but useful for HOD, Q90 type events.
ACTION: SC to look at quotes and report back.
ACTION: SC to look at repairing current Display boards. 

  1. Management Committee

New committee member Lisa Hamon was welcomed.  VP acknowledged more committee members are needed, and a range of sub-committees formed.  This would help ensure that committee members are not overstretched, as they can’t do everything that is asked of them or wish to develop for members.

Discussion about what sub-committees would be needed – Marketing, Membership, Retailer/High Street, Non-retailer/out of Fram centre, Events.

Sub-committees would begin work on their planned activities from January, making direct approaches for sub-committee membership. They would meet as required, much work conducted by email, social media contact, and reports.  Main Bi-monthly FBA meetings and Management Committee meetings would continue, the forums for sharing sub-committee information and reports with FBA membership.  It is anticipated there would be cross-over relationships between sub-committees.

Action: VP to co-ordinate a sub-committee group list and report back for Management Committee approval. Invitations to join sub-committees could then be made. 

5.Events and Sub Committees

HOD – 08/09/18 

The finances have been further updated, now leaving a surplus of £320.15, ring fenced for HOD 2020 as future funding uncertain for this bi-annual event.

X18 – 30/11/18 to 02/12/18

Finances discussed, the current finance sheet splits X18 into the component events and associated costs and need agreed allocation.  An overall figure from the finance sheet indicated a cost of £4185.15, with further expected costs of about £600 plus an agreed £480 proportion of the annual FBA insurance policy.  Income was about £1808.74.

It was agreed to make a contribution to the Firefighters for their assistance putting up the trees in higher positions around the town. The Scouts had helped with tents, tables and chairs, it was agreed to recognise this within the donation to be given for helping with Sausage Festival, subject to JW checking this is what happened at X17.

ACTION: JW to withdraw £50 cash for Firefighters, SC to deliver to Firefighters.

ACTION: Final decision on donations to Scouts and Sports club to be agreed.

ACTION: Final finances agreed by Management Committee.

JS commented the FBA estimate of £5K for X18 costs, as stated in the FTC grant applied for in late June was accurate.  There had been concern expressed by 2 FBA members and I non-FBA member about the £5K Christmas event cost quoted in a recent FTC newsletter in Framfare.

ACTION: VP to contact FTC about the publication of the £5k figure without event cost details.

Feedback for X18 was dicussed:

CP commented that he understood why battery lights had been used, but felt on gloomy days it would have been nice to have lights on all day.  SC had some similar feedback, but advantages included that battery lit trees are easier to install and remove.

There were just 3 lots of feedback that the main tree was shorter and the small trees not as effective as last year.  FBA had also received many thanks and compliments verbally and by email, including that the main tree and small trees looked better.  There had been comments the main tree had lighting issues and a wonky just before Christmas, sadly this was due to vandalism, efforts rectified some but not all the issues.  The roundel and barriers help but it is impossible to vandal proof the tree.  There had been comments about the barriers taking parking spaces, and about sponsorship banners.  Sponsorship, other than the grant funding from FTC, made a valuable total contribution £650 to X18, and sponsors wish to have banners displayed. FBA checked the parking spaces concerned and found the barriers hadn’t impeded any parking spaces adjacent to the main tree on Market Hill.

As a result of feedback from retailers and others a few more trees were put up this year in return for voluntary payments or raffle prizes, but this wasn’t financially successful.  Tree costs had been kept low, a quote from previous supplier Elveden was approx. £4K, and last year’s supplier unable to supply all our requirements.

Tree holders kept informed, but need to tighten up for those with electric lights next year.

SC had help for the lighting, installation and removal of the main and 3’ trees, mostly from friends, backed up by committee members.  FBA had made a donation to all the volunteer helpers.  One tree holder had issues with water shorting their 2 outside plugs, however it isn’t know why because no-one else had this issue.

The issue around consent and public liability insurance, due to having a new insurance broker and new information on how the xmas tree scheme was set up, had meant extra work.

FBA committee members had taken on a lot of X18, Dianne Scott had done a huge amount of work for the shopping evening, with the help of retailers (Ruby Tyger, Impulse, Bulstrodes, The Kitchen Range and Cookshop and Castle Inn in particular) and volunteers, Primary School, Fram Churches Together, local Choirs and Rotary.  The X19 committee for the shopping evening needed to be bigger so that whole tasks can be assigned.

RW asked if help was needed to de-light the 3’ trees. JS replied that the trees are at her home, and all help would be welcomed, RW volunteered.

ACTION: JS to email those present about time and directions for any volunteers to assemble on 19/20th Jan and work on the lights.

Discussion that some businesses who benefit from the X18 event days are not members, and FBA have been criticised in the past for not running events by people who are not members.  Some members not on Market Hill feel they benefit less than Market Hill non-members during events.  LH asked if FBA have done surveys to find out why people don’t join, or what they want – there had been a member survey in July 2016, and a useful SCB survey in 2017.  LH asked if walkabouts to engage with non-members had been done – a number of walkabouts had produced useful feedback. LH is happy to do walkabouts to engage more and encourage membership.

It was also agreed that FBA focus should be on FBA members and what is beneficial to them.  FBA should not give too much voice to those who are not members or volunteers.

It had been noted that the Festive Framlingham 3 day event had been publicised in Framfare, but unlike other local xmas events, not on fram.com

ACTION: VP to enquire about the process to ensure this can be in place for the future.

SFestival 18

Finances continue to be updated. The event fulfilled its remit to be a unique event that brings visitors both new and returning to the town.  Final figures will be published shortly.  The amount to donate to Scouts and Sports Club in recognition of their valuable assistance and lending of vital equipment such as tents and chairs was discussed.

ACTION: It was agreed to finalise decision by committee once figures finalised.

ACTION: Finance overview to be amended and published to members asap, and for the 29th January meeting.

2019 Events


A break had been planned for 2019, however feedback has been the event should carry on.  JS and SC have met with interested parties, and JS has written a SWOT analysis that highlighted the event needs a revamp, it needs to be more beneficial to producers and the town, reduce some costs, increase income, more trade stands and music for interest, and the awards held at the end of the event on Market Hill, more sponsorship and volunteers are needed.  Date Sunday 13th October, fixed as 2 weeks after the linked Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. Ticket sales happened from early 2018.

Those present agreed that work on the event should go ahead.  A sub-committee will be needed, The Crown had previously expressed interest in being involved, and Lisa and Amanda expressed interest in joining an SF19 sub-committee.

ACTION: JS and SC to write an event proposal, and use to find sponsorship as soon as possible to ensure viability.

ACTION: SC and JS to report back on progress by end of Easter.

ACTION; SC and JS to look to sign people up for the sub-committee.

ACTION: Need to publicise the event date from now – This is for producers, sponsor, venues, trade stands, local businesses, ticket purchasers etc.


It was agreed that a dedicated Christmas committee should form, and begin soon. They could review the feedback to inform planning for X19.

The FOSM tree Festival is set for Saturday 7th December 2019.  The X19 sub-committee and FBA need to publicise the X19 event ASAP to help prevent so many area events on the same dates.  The sub-committee needs to look at the event afresh, perhaps in collaboration with the Saturday Market, park and ride could be considered. The committee could also look at tree charging, and annual consent/PL insurance.

Other 2019 projects

Working with FBA members outside of Market Hill

LH and VP want to engage with members who are not on Market Hill.

FBA needs to find what businesses need, what they would like to see, what would work for them.  Ideas include a directory for members to refer to for skills and services, local showcasing events, FBA stands at other events, an FBA Academy could offer focused and specific training and information sessions on, for example, social media and business tips.

ACTION: VP to meet with Martin Myers-Allen of Fram College to discuss their Framlingham Business Club.

ACTION: Sub-committee to form, VP and LH so far.

Meet Up Mondays

This growing charity is looking for a suitable Framlingham venue.  This would involve offering, from 10am to 11am each Monday morning, the opportunity for lonely people to turn up and be offered a free cup of tea and the chance to meet like-minded people.  Amanda and David at Castle Inn expressed interest in being involved.

ACTION: VP will publicise on social media and FBA newsletter.

Floral Fram 2019

FBA had looked into Floral Fram and had reported back to FTC a committee would be needed. RW had found out from SCDC that it would be allowable to have hanging baskets on Market Hill.

Now that FBA has had this January Management meeting to re-focus and prioritise, the need to recruit more Management Committee members, and the need for a number of new sub-committees has been identified within FBA.  FBA wants to deliver new look events for the businesses and community, and needs to grow FBA and offer members more.

As a result FBA don’t have the manpower to be able to take this on in 2019 but are happy to encourage members to display hanging baskets and are in discussion with the WI regarding their annual local Clean-up, with a view to encourage participation by the businesses. FBA is happy to publicise anything about Floral Fram on the newsletter and social media.

ACTION: JW to keep in contact with WI regarding their clean-up and publicises and encourage participation, plus a reminder to keep shop front areas tidy.

ACTION: JW to contact FTC regarding decision on Floral Fram, suggesting direct contact with others who may be able to help and offering to publicise.

It was agreed that major events such as Christmas and Sausage Festival need dedicated sub-committees, ideally with about 8 members.  Other events such as HOD can be organised with just one or two people, RW did alone this year.

So far volunteers for sub- committees for 2019 events:

SF19 – Lisa Hamon, Amanda Fisher, SC, JS

X19 – RW, Chris and Trisha Plant, David Fisher.

Membership – VP, LH and JW

Working with members outside Market Hill – VP and LH


6.Membership and Finance Update – JW


Community Account £7530.84      

Active Saver Account £6108.73, includes £12.26 annual interest applied 31/12/18.  

Total as at 13/01/19 £13639.57

JW confirmed that the X18 trees have been paid for.

JW commented that money had not been transferred into the Saver account recently.  KG commented that from Oct 18 interest is improved so more worthwhile to keep more money in that account.

ACTION: KG to make a transfer between accounts, JW to make further transfers as the year progresses.

Change of signatories, yet to complete.

ACTION: SC to complete details soon.


Total membership represents 75 businesses as at 13/01/19, we have had 10 new members August 18 onwards.

Final renewal reminders have been done and a final cut-off date set, after which businesses will be removed from website and newsletter. Ideas to improve this process, and to encourage and develop membership were discussed – there is a membership pack and a list of potential members which includes some out of Fram locations, KG pointing out that FBA is Framlingham and District Business Association. Some businesses would be entitled to joint membership.

ACTION: Membership sub-committee to form, and review process.

ACTION: JW to prepare list of removals for JS to action.

ACTION: JW to analyse renewal data to inform an improved procedure and time frame for 2019.

JW reminded that she has had issues with spreadsheet access.  It was decided that some updated IT be researched and costed for admin role.

ACTION: VP to discuss with Keith Snowden.

JW gave some membership updates:

Liz and Barry Jones at The Railway Pub, have reassigned the lease to Darren Springle.

Keith Snowden has rebranded Today Type and Design Ltd as Engage Web Design Ltd based at Framlingham Technology Centre.

The Conservative Club very sadly closed effective 31/12/18.  FBA will keep an interest in what happens to the premises.

Networking meetings booked for 2019 – all 1.30pm on 4th Wednesday of the month, at The Lemon Tree.  Dates:  23/1, 27/2, 27/3, 24/4, 22/5, 26/6, 24/7, 28/8, 25/9, 23/10, 27/11.

  1. SCB

Nothing yet to report, still moving forward.

ACTION: JS to continue to report.


Social media – Facebook up to 305, Instagram to 295, Twitter similar.  Most focus is on Facebook, which has a small agreed budget for boosting.  Next VP plans a Content Calendar with Monday Spotlight on a member and Wednesday Business Tips for example.

ACTION: VP to set up Content Calendar, and publicise.

ACTION: JW to publicise Content Calendar and remind about sharing on Newsletter.

The Framlingham Z folding booklets continue to be distributed by RW, well received, good uptake.

SSL – Issue concerning the application of the FBA website SSL certificate.

ACTION: To be reviewed at the next meeting.

Website – need to update with crowd barriers and publicise to members and partner organisations re hiring/borrowing and agreements.

ACTION: To be reviewed at next meeting.

 Broader Topics

Free WiFi in Fram (SCDC and FTC)– This £15K project would be funded and is being offered first to Framlingham.  The working group has a 3 month timeline to get WiFi in. FBA asked for the project to be expanded to a wider area than just Market Hill.  There will be sensors within the WiFi with valuable data for analysis.  Part of the project is to ask businesses about their digital set-up including cashless, to see if everyone is tech knowledgeable and advice or training required. FBA role is to support, and inform members.

ACTION: VP to keep everyone updated in next couple of weeks.

Revitalising East Suffolk Towns Survey – People and Places carrying out surveys in Fram on 15th and 16th Jan, an online version will be available later – link to be sent to FBA. The survey work is on behalf of SCDC and will create baseline evidence of issues to underpin the revitalisation of East Suffolk town centres, influencing decisions and interventions.

ACTION: JW to inform members by newsletter, VP by social media.

FTC Parking Strategy – VP and JW attended a meeting with Eileen Coe and Cllr Stephen Jones on 10th December, for an update on the FTC Parking Strategy – with measures including parking charges to apply from Spring 2019.  It was agreed FTC develop the parking scheme originally set up by FBA, FTC plans would include a path and lighting, identified issues.

ACTION: JW to invite Cllr Jones to the next FBA meeting to talk about the parking strategy plans.

ACTION: FBA to support plans and keep members informed as we are updated.

Market and Shop Issues –

ACTION: JW to publicise process and provide a link to the PR and Markets agenda on Fram.com. Need to agree wording with FTC.

Community and Business Action on Cleaner Fram –

WI have confirmed they normally do an annual ‘clean up’ around April/ May time, co-ordinated by Norse.

ACTION: Need wording for newsletter to encourage members to keep their frontage tidy and perhaps assist on the date selected by WI.  JW to keep in touch with WI.

Email Issues – Admin email had issues with one company being invoiced.  Need to consider if admin@ easily goes to Junk folders. A read tag was suggested, but this can be avoided by the receiver.

ACTION: VP to further research.

CCTV  and Fram Phone Relay – Quote from Secure Response was given to FTC by JS, quote was high and included WiFi to preclude individual monitors in shops and associated GDPR issue – but would require dedicated fibre to the police Station.  FBA had researched a more cost effective way to bring in fibre, but FTC had indicated this is not an option.

ACTION: Agenda item at main FBA January Bi-monthly meeting, Jan 29th Meeting.

KG forwarded on an email from BB to JW in December re a shoplifter in Impulse, but found too late to send out on newsletter and walk-about letter.


Small Society Lottery License – It was agreed  the two FBA members who are appointed to certify the returns are Richard Whitaker and Steve Calver – and signed the Statement of Lottery Returns for the Festive Framlingham Grand Prize Draw held 2nd December 2019.

ACTION: JW to send return to SCDC 18/10/19.

Sausage Festival Website Hosting Fee 2019 – Those present agreed to the increase to £20 a month cost, due to GDPR.

Sizewell C Consultation Document – FBA had received a more detailed document than received in local households, and included a questionnaire as a followup from earlier in the process.

ACTION: JW to find SCDC Planning link to the document and put on newsletter for members.

Woodbridge Parking Space boost – Woodbridge had received £850K to increase identified need for increased parking by 63 spaces.  RW explained the funding introduced by government, allowed Councils to retain some business rates to pay for this, but is no longer available.

FBA Meeting Venues – Discussion about meeting venues as Fram has lost some venues recently.

ACTION: JW to make bookings for March, May, July, September and November meetings.

Parkrun in Fram-  FBA have been approached by a member to consider contributing towards the on-off set up fees setting up this national community running initiative in Framlingham.

ACTION: JW and VP to request further details, and to publicise in the newsletter.

Visitor Map of Framlingham – JW brought along some copies of this map in case not everyone had seen, FBA is on the map.

11.Dates of next meetings

Networking Meetings – 1.30pm

Date:  Wednesday 23rd January

Venue: The Lemon Tree

FBA Main Bi-Monthly Meetings – 5.30pm

Tuesday 29th January at The Crown Hotel

Management Committee meeting

Feb 2019 – tbc.

ACTION:  JW to book Feb Management Meeting and rest of 2019 bi-monthly meetings.

ACTION: VP and JW to continue to promote Networking meetings.