1.00pm Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – at RW House

Victoria Perkins, FBA Chair – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman, FBA Vice-Chair – Seckford Foundation/Framlingham Technology Centre
Richard Whitaker, FBA Management Committee – Fram B & B/Richard The Architect
Steve Calver, FBA Event Manager – S.R. Epic Sound and Lighting
Lisa Hamon, FBA Management Committee – LA Global Management
Jacqueline, FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Dan Wood, FBA Management Committee – Framlingham College
Kelvin Gibbs, Management Committee – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd

2.Minutes of previous meeting  27th February to be agreed

Minutes approved by VP and RW.
JW asked if Michael Keo should have main Bi-monthly minutes sent to him as he attended and is SF Chair.

ACTION: JW to resend to committee, and to send Bi-monthly minutes to attending Michael Keo by email, and request uploading to website when appropriate.

3.Matters Arising

Quotes for FBA Union Jack bunting, flagpoles, and FBA Floor Standing Display boards replacement/repair.  The Flagpole and standing display board quotes can be looked at a later date, SC commenting that replacing the original (funded) flagpoles would be approx. £12 each.  The bunting may be requested for the Fram Gala Fest and Cycle Tour in May and June 19.

ACTION: SC to send Bunting quote to the Management Committee for consideration.

  1. Management Committee and Sub-committees

Membership and marketing Sub-committee – 6th March meeting had taken place, see March Main Bi-monthly minutes agenda item 5.  Keith Snowden has set up the Survey Monkey format for the membership questionnaire, it’s free for 10 questions, so need to decide how to incorporate a question about the responder being retail or non-retail. Once the questions are agreed, they will be forwarded to the Management Committee for approval. The next meeting will be Tuesday 9th April, 6.00pm at The Crown Hotel.

JS produced the Felixstowe Chamber of Trade and Commerce booklet for consideration, it was thought a good format and will be taken to the sub-committee meeting.

ACTION: LH to forward questions to sub-committee, before sending final version the Management Committee. 

5.Events and Sub-committee reports

X19 Working Group – Brainstorming meeting took place 1st April, commencing with a feedback summary followed by discussion about ideas for trees and a Christmas event.

Trees – Consideration was given to having artificial trees, paid for and possibly stored by each tree-holder. Storage had been offered by Chris and Trish Plant and Diane Scott, plus offers to help with lifting the main tree into place. Trees need to be of outdoor quality and pre-lit, RW had received one low quote of £30 while most were £50-90 and asked if one should be ordered to judge quality and suitability, this was agreed.   The cost of about 90 trees would be approx. £2700, but could last 5 years.  If people were willing to purchase this would reduce the annual cost. The quality would need to be checked, it was agreed RW should purchase one tree to check, before asking the tree holders.  Ordering would need to be early to ensure the lower current prices, bulk discounts may be available.  Although artificial trees are plastic, it is becoming more difficult/expensive to dispose of 90 real trees each year.

A taller main tree was the preferred option, ideally selecting and ordering a specific tree.  There would be baubles, already purchased cheaply, and increased lighting.  RW has designed a tree container to reduce vandalism without reducing parking spaces. This would require 15/16 x 3mtr length redundant scaffold boards, storage would be needed and people to stain and assemble the container. Any extra required timber can be sourced locally from Fram DIY.  Sponsorship would be discrete on the container.  It was thought possible that someone may have a tall tree on their land that could be used instead of purchasing one.

Consideration should be given to the responsibility of checking consent, storage and tree ownership and insurance.

All trees would be lit from 1st December to 6th January, there would be static not flashing lights, and no Lighting Ceremony.

JW confirmed that the X19 grant for trees from FTC is now in the FBA account, JW had passed on FBA thanks via Eileen Coe.

Event – This would likely be a one day event, on Saturday 7th December to fit with FOSM Tree Festival. Content to include music, trade stands, grotto and choirs.  The event wouldn’t be FBA led, but would have FBA support. Another meeting has been arranged for 29th April at 5.30pm. It was agreed that FBA could take the lead on the trees, but don’t have the manpower to run an event as well, but able to support. RW has a contact able to project manage an X19 event.  Discussion followed on alternatives to a shopping event, RW commented that a much bigger Window Competition would fit with the Double Street windows and be a good website/social media/press story and attraction to the town.  There were concerns that if there wasn’t an event it might reflect on FBA, as there are expectations of an event, with the press asking for details each year.  Consideration needed to be given to the costs and lack of committee manpower.

ACTION: RW to prepare costings on trees and event components on a stand-alone event, to share with the management Committee and in time for the 29/04 meeting. To include insurance, Special Event Order, Raffle.

ACTION: Contact Sonia at East Suffolk Council to see if ECB money could be available for artificial tree funding.

ACTION: RW to order artificial tree.

ACTION: JS to check tall tree in her garden/VP to ask on social media.

ACTION: JW to sort storage of scaffold boards, once sourced.

ACTION: JW to re-arrange meeting venue, then distribute meeting notes to attendees and others expressing interest.

SF18 – It was agreed to write off the £60 post event invoice for excess trade stand size.

SF19 – Road Closure payment has been cashed by Network Assurance.  The spreadsheet is being updated, sales are predicted as higher than last year due to the VIP tickets.  JS research indicates confidence in the value and content of the VIP ticket experience. The Lemon Tree has indicated they can be used exclusively at the event.  Trade stands are signing up and are to be invoiced soon.

It was felt lack of marketing last year had affected event profile and sales, the sub-committee are to receive a cost effective marketing quote by next week.  Marketing should make better use of The Suffolk Coast DMO and community group websites etc to promote.  A consistent content calendar would maximise impact. An event administrator has been appointed. SC is working on trade stands, chasing traffic management and preparing for SAG meeting, LH and JS are working on sponsorships.

It was decided that a detailed project plan be completed and an event projections spreadsheet be set up, to allow FBA Management to continue to plan other initiatives.  Potential profit figures were discussed, noting that the projected profit isn’t the full picture as the event is also a marketing tool, encouraging visitors to the town and raising the positive profile of Framlingham.  It was also decided to extend, from Easter to the next Management Committee meeting on 2nd May, the period in which sponsorships would be in place.

VP thanked the Sausage Festival sub-committee for the huge amount of work they had done so far.

ACTION: LH to create a new spreadsheet, with information gattered from JW and SC, as soon as possible for the Management Committee to consider.

Other Events

Cycle Tour – VP had been updated by Eileen Coe.  Stage 1 will start in Beccles at 10am on 10th June, lead cars passing through Framlingham from 10.15 with racers likely to be 10.30/45.  The route will go down Market Hill.  Crash barriers will be in place very early, until 12 noon.  FTC will have their decorated bikes in place, and have suggested a breakfast event.  Consideration was given to running a Business Networking Brunch event, perhaps outside The Crown Hotel or The Prince of India.  There may be funding from Sarah Shinnie at ESC, and the Co-op may be able to help with refreshments, a barbeque by Hall Farm Butchers could be ideal for the food.

RW has a stock of the Z fold leaflets to give out to visitors, which as still very popular, SC and JS also have a small stock,

ACTION: SC to put his booklet stock in the Co-op for Easter.

ACTION: VP to check on the funding availability.

VP commented that retailers have fed back they would like more events, smaller events at different times.  This needs careful further consideration, and needs to bear in mind the current size of the management committee.

ACTION: To be reviewed at the next meeting.

6.Membership and Finance Update


Community Account  £ 2704.25

Active Saver Account £ 8608.73

Total as at 02/04/19  £11312.98

Ring fenced amounts in accounts: £600 new website, £400 fram.com ad, £320.10 for HOD, and £250 for X19 trees.

Change of signatories to be completed soon.

ACTION: SC to complete details.


Total membership represents 82 businesses as at 02/04/19.


  1. Marketing/Online

Website – Keith Snowdon has sent a first look at the front of the new website, with a number of potential colour schemes, retaining the monotone scheme for vinyl window stickers, and logos.  JS asked if any funding was available towards the website.

ACTION: VP to bring the website screen shots to the Membership and Marketing meeting for consideration.

ACTION: SC to speak to SCDC re potential funding towards website.

Social Media – VP is organising more facebook ads and will boost ads.  More work on the Contact calendar going on.  Looking to use Instagram more often, will do more on twitter once the new website in place.


  1. Broader Topics

Information from Vidoo – FBA member Vidoo has contacted FBA about their work on a tourism film for Framlingham.  This was discussed, further information is required on what support they would like, but FBA happy to publicise to the members who may wish to be involved or featured.

ACTION: JW to ask Vidoo for more information.

Request From EACH – EACH had contacted FBA about being involved with any Christmas Tree Lighting up, to promote their Light Up EACH Life fundraising.  It has been decided in X19 brainstorming to not have an official Tree lighting ceremony this year, but the organising group for any X19 event could consider this request.

ACTION: JW to reply to EACH contact, and pass the information on at the next X19 meeting

Tourism Project – There is confusion where the information came from that flagged this to Sonia at East Suffolk Council, and no further information has become available.   Will review should that change.



Suffolk Cost DMO Renewal – not received yet but due, cost appears higher but there is usually a lower business association rate.

ACTION: JW to contact them and then decision taken on membership rate.

Lawn Tennis Tournament – FBA sponsored the special anniversary event last year and we may be asked again.

Dementia Friends – No update on an event yet.

CCTV – Some councillors have asked to see research that CCTV is needed, and Eileen Coe had asked for information from FBA by the FTC meeting 4th April.  JS suggested FTC speak to a number of affected or interested businesses affected by shoplifting, fake money and anti-social behaviour incidents. RW commented that there is online access to Police crime information.

ACTION: JS to email Eileen Coe.

WiFi – Going to full FTC council 4th April meeting. VP had prepared a Letter Of Intent, relating to funding post the 3 year funded project period.

FOSM Quiz – An FBA team to be formed for this, 6 members at £10 per head Saturday 27th April.  RW, JW, LH to take part plus JS and Tony to confirm.

ACTION: RW to book a table.


10.Dates of next meetings

Discussion about taking Networking on the road, visiting members in working hours.

A reminder that FTC have their annual Parish Meeting (APM) on 7th May at The Westbury Centre, Fairfield Road.

ACTION: VP to prepare FBA information for the APM.

Networking Meeting

Date:  Wednesday 24th April, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree.

FBA Main Bi-Monthly Meeting

May Meeting – Tuesday 14th May, 5.30pm at The Railway Inn Snug

Management Committee meeting –

Thursday 2nd May, 2.15pm at RW house.

TGFSF Sub committee – 8th April, the Castle Inn

Membership and Marketing – 9th April, 6.00pm at The Crown Hotel, and 8th May, 1.00pm at The Tech Centre.

X19 – Monday 29th April, 5.30. venue The Crown Hotel, back ante room

Rest of 2019 Main Bi-monthly meetings –

Tuesday 14th May, 5.30pm at The Railway Inn. Speaker Kelvin Gibbs, subject Charnwood Milling Company Ltd.

Monday 15th July, 5.30pm at The Crown Hotel. Speaker Jenny Stockman, subject Seckford Foundation.

Tuesday 24th September (AGM), 5.30pm at Fram Tech Centre. Speaker Keith Snowden, subject to be finalised.

Wednesday 20th November, 5.30pm at the Fowler Pavilion, Framlingham College. No speaker yet.