5.30pm Wednesday 27th February 2019 – The Lemon Tree, Framlingham


Victoria Perkins, FBA Chair – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman, FBA Vice-Chair – Seckford Foundation/Framlingham Technology Centre
Richard Whitaker, FBA Management Committee – Fram B & B/Richard The Architect
Steve Calver, FBA Event Manager – S.R. Epic Sound and Lighting
Lisa Hamon, FBA Management Committee – LA Global Management
Jacqueline, FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator 


No apologies received. 

2.Minutes of previous meeting  15th January to be agreed

Minutes approved by VP.  LH had not received the minutes.

ACTION: JW to redistribute to committee.

3.Matters Arising

FBA Union Jack bunting quote and FBA Floor Standing Display boards replacement quote/repair.

ACTION: To consider at a later meeting.

Management Committee and Sub-committees

The Management Committee meetings are open to FBA members, attendance by members is infrequent.  Discussion on whether to make these meetings open to the Management Committee only.  The reasons include: the set-up of more sub-committees/working groups means management meetings are likely to become monthly as required rather than bi-monthly to ensure being kept up to date with progress  – meetings will need to be more focussed in relation to overall strategies and the carrying out of action points; and some information is sensitive or confidential (for example when discussing the 2018 Women’s Cycle Tour before the official publication of the event details).  FBA members will remain fully informed as the Management Committee minutes will be published on the website as agreed.

The vote on this was Yes from 5, there were no abstentions or No votes (JS not present for whole meeting and missed this vote).  This provisional agreement will go to a Main FBA meeting for final approval.

ACTION: VP to check FBA Constitution on this matter, and it will be an agenda item at the March main FBA Bi-monthly meeting.

5.Events and Sub-committee reports

X18 – another £40 has been received for a Christmas tree, this amends the X18 figures slightly.

SF19 – Figures further amended to reflect a small error in the previous figures, plus a figure from the missing November Barclaycard statement not included before.  JW continues to chase the money that has been difficult to effectively invoice, and has been informed that some will be received 06/03.

ACTION: JW to confirm update on figures at next Main FBA meeting

2019 Events/Sub-committees

Membership and marketing Sub-committee – VP and LH have met to brainstorm ideas for this sub-committee to look at.  The sub-committee members are LH, VP, Keith Snowdon, Rachel Dawson and JW, a meeting has been arranged for 6th March.  The current membership pack has been distributed to the sub-committee. Other information to consider is a current membership list, a list of potential members, a map of the Framlingham and District Business Association area defined in 2015, and a member survey to be done soon.

X19 Working Group – Feedback received has indicated that a change in what happens for Christmas in Fram is wanted.  RW proposed an informal brainstorming gathering take place soon, with interested parties both FBA members and non-members, to discuss ideas and create a wish list. There would need to be consideration of potential costs, outside funding which will need to be applied for early, Conservation Area rules, and health and safety issues.  FBA made a loss at X18, which can’t occur again.  RW has been seeking quotes for trees.

Ideas so far have included a bigger central tree, perhaps no small trees but something alternative such as lighting, having a one day festival linked to the FOSM Christmas Tree Festival on 7th December.

FBA has applied for £250 funding from FTC.

People who have volunteered for the Working Group are RW, JW, Chris and Trisha Plant, David Fisher.  For the brainstorming meeting people to approach include those involved in X18 – Diane Scott, Sarah at Ruby Tyger, Amy at Impulse,  also non-members including Collated.  An X19 working group will need to be set up, this should include businesses that most benefit from the event, with event direction and decisions made by them with some FBA support.  This should ensure that by September 2019 everything will be in place, with all details agreed.

ACTION: RW and JW to have a walkabout to gauge member interest in having a brainstorming meeting and ideal dates/times for this.  Non-members also to be approached if there is interest.

ACTION: Set up the meeting, ideally 5.30/6.00 pm at The Railway

SF19 – Road Closure applied for.  The Sub-committee is up and running, led by Michael Keogh who is an ex-producer.  Also on the committee are SC, JS, LH, Amanda Fisher and Nicola Lynch. There is a budget meeting at 5.30pm on Friday 1st March, at The Crown Hotel.  The budget will then need to be approved by the Management Committee.  Meeting are planned to be bi-weekly at the moment, reporting into the Management Committee and Main FBA meetings regularly.

Quotes are being obtained for event amenities – security, first aid, toilets etc.

Sponsorship also being worked on at the moment, applying out of Fram area for food related sponsors. This should therefore not impact on potential funding for X19.

Floral Fram 2019

ACTION: JW to keep in touch with Eileen re publicising hanging baskets from May, plus a reminder to keep shop front areas tidy.


6.Membership and Finance Update


Community Account  £ 3764.72   

Active Saver Account £ 8608.73

Total as at 21/02/19  £12373.45

Change of signatories to be completed soon.

ACTION: SC to complete details.


Total membership represents 82 businesses as at 21/02/19, includes a few joint memberships and some recent joiners.

The final cut-off date has passed, non-renewing businesses removed from website and newsletter database.  2 have expressed the wish to renew still.  There has been one member resignation.

Networking meetings booked for 2019 – all 1.30pm on 4th Wednesday of the month, at The Lemon Tree.  Dates:  27/3, 24/4, 22/5, 26/6, 24/7, 28/8, 25/9, 23/10, 27/11.


  1. SCB

Latest NDA Panel met on 06/02/19, and the SCB funding application was rejected.  However   the application will go back in June via Magnox. SCDC are assisting with the application, the plan is to send in a down sized application identifying need, and for SCB to grow organically from there.

ACTION: JS to continue to report.


  1. Marketing/Online

Website – Following research by VP and email discussion, the possibility of the FBA website being renewed was discussed. The current website is 5 years old and despite some improvements was no longer adequately represents FBA and its members.  VP had discussed with FBA member Keith Snowdon of Engage Web Design Ltd, who had produced a mock-up member page with more useful and relevant member business information including opening times, location map, photographs and gallery.  Also included would be a Blog, the SSL certificate, SEO to improve hits for members and FBA, and Google Analytics.  The member page would be easily updated with news and changes to content. VP had received a quote of £1200 for the whole website, including the work to create the member pages.  The website would take 3-4 weeks to build.  A new website would be valuable to existing members and also to encourage new members, noting that not all existing and potential members have dedicated websites.

A vote on whether to go ahead with the website followed.  A majority of 6 Yes votes, with no-one voting No or abstaining.  It was decided to check the vote was valid within FBA Constitution rules before going ahead with the website order.

ACTION: RW and VP to check FBA Constitution for quorate rules, before confirming the vote and actioning the new website.

ACTION: SC to speak to SCDC re potential funding towards website.


  1. Broader Topics

Free WiFi in Fram – VP has agreed to be the FBA rep for this project. FBA role is to support, and inform members.

ACTION: VP to keep everyone updated, more info at the next main FBA meeting in March.

Revitalising East Suffolk Towns Survey – Feedback not yet received.

ACTION: JW to inform members by newsletter, VP by social media once informed by People and Places.

 FTC Parking Strategy – Cllr John Jones has been invited to the next main FBA meeting on March 11th to update members.

ACTION: FBA to support plans and keep members informed as we are updated.

Community and Business Action on Cleaner Fram –

JW has contacted WI, who have confirmed they normally do an annual ‘clean up’ around April/ May time, co-ordinated by Norse.

ACTION: Need wording for newsletter to encourage members to keep their frontage tidy and perhaps assist on the date selected by WI. 

CCTV  and Fram Phone Relay – FTC and JS have met since the Jan 29th FBA meeting to discuss, update to follow.



FBA Barriers – Framlingham Sports Club would like to borrow these for the Gala.  This was unanimously agreed.

ACTION: SC to ask if we can have FBA banners on the barriers.

Framlingham Country Show (April 13/14th) – it was asked if FBA would have a presence at this show.

ACTION: VP to look at.

Arts Market on Market Hill – SC asked if it would be an idea to have an Arts Market on Market Hill, perhaps on the day the Soap Box Race (2nd June) was to have taken place.

ACTION: SC to contact FTC and see if Road Closure still in place, and to discuss an Arts Market.

11.Dates of next meetings

Networking Meetings – 1.30pm
Date:  Wednesday 27th March Networking, all 1.30pm on 4th Wednesday of the month, at The Lemon Tree.  Future dates:  24/4, 22/5, 26/6, 24/7, 28/8, 25/9, 23/10, 27/11

FBA Main Bi-Monthly Meetings – 5.30pm

May Meeting  – TBC

Management Committee meeting

Wednesday 3rd April, 1.00pm at RW house.

ACTION:  JW to book rest of 2019 bi-monthly meetings and speakers

ACTION: VP and JW to continue to promote Networking meetings.