Present (at The Crown Hotel, Market Hill, Framlingham):

Victoria Perkins (Chair) – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman (Vice-Chair) –  Seckford Foundation/Framlingham Technology Centre
Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – Fram B&B, Richard The Architect
Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd
Steve Calver (Management Committee) – DJ and S.R Epic Sound and Lighting
Guy Downes (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Mick Hutton – Magic Media Street
Rachel Dawson – Gotelee Solicitors
Eileen Coe – Town Clerk and RFO, Framlingham Town Council
Lesley Clouting – Chair PR & Markets Committee and FBA rep, Framlingham Town Council
Jack Fairweather – Fairweather Law
Jacqueline – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Lisa Hamon  (FBA Management Committee) – LA Global Management

Dianne Scott – Hall Farm Butchers

Rev’d Mark Sanders – St Michael’s Church/Churches Together

Amanda Fisher – The Castle Inn

David Fisher – The Castle Inn

Sonia Lambert – Economic Development Officer Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils

Meeting Chaired by FBA Chair Victoria Perkins

1.Attending –

See above.

  1. Minutes from the last meeting (13th November 2018)- for approval

Eileen Coe of FTC had supplied wording amendments to Floral Fram part of Fram Town Council agenda item 5, amended wording was agreed.  Currently the draft minutes are uploaded to the FBA website with 2 approvals from Management Committee members.  JW suggested that in future the draft minutes in relation to the Fram Town Council Agenda item should also be approved by EC before the uploading.  This was agreed.

Minutes for the November Bi-monthly meeting, were approved, subject to the revised wording.

ACTION: JW to send revised wording to JS for FBA website.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 13th November 2018
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.
  3. Fram Groups meeting – it was agreed to revisit the need mid-year once the sub-committees are established.
  4. FBA Budget 2019 – it was agreed to review once 2019 plans further established.
  5. Framlingham Town Council Update

Members of Framlingham Town Council had another meeting to attend so were placed earlier in the agenda. The link to their current newsletter, due out by 04/02/19 is:

Town Centre WiFi – There is funding available for free WiFi and FTC and SCDC are moving forward on this initiative.  This initiative has been well received, central Framlingham has poor coverage and it is seen as very useful for businesses and visitors.  The working group has a 3 month deadline.

There is to be a meeting on 04/02/19, VP will attend with FTC.

Parking – From 1st April there will be Civil Parking Enforcement in Framlingham.  Pay and display  parking charges will apply at The Elms Car Park and on Market Hill, on Market Hill the first hour will be free,  with no return after 2 hours parking.  Cllr John Jones has offered to come to an FBA meeting to explain the changes and other strategies being worked on, including sites for business employee parking and residents parking.

Information is available on at

ACTION: JW to invite Cllr  John Jones to the next FBA main meeting in March to give members an update on the Parking Strategy.

CCTV – FTC have received the CCTV quote from FBA.   EC and LC from FTC will be meeting JS from FBA on 30/01/19 to discuss.  One consideration is the potential use of WiFi for CCTV delivery, without needing monitors at each CCTV site and implications for GDPR.

4.FBA Events 

Heritage Open Day (HOD18)

The HOD finance figures are finalised, with an amount of £320.10 ring fenced for the next HOD event, likely to be in 2020.

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival (TGFSF18)

Finance figures distributed, complete except for agreement on the amounts to be donated to The Scouts and Guides group and Fram Sports Club in recognition of lending of equipment and manpower.  It was agreed they should receive £300 each.

ACTION: JW to organize payments and then complete the Event finance figures, producing headline figures to be published with the minutes.

Christmas 18

Finance figures have been done, they had been fairly complex.  A loss had been made.

ACTION: JW to produce a simplified version to go out with the minutes.

FBA Events 2019

FBA plan to introduce new sub-committees, to provide a fresh approach with new ideas and perspectives, to ask questions, and for there to be less pressure on the small group currently delivering FBA initiatives and events.  The sub-committees are: Membership and Marketing; Retailers; Christmas 19 (X19); The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival 19 (TGFSF19).

Interest has already been shown, and volunteers so far are:

TGFSF19 – Lisa Hamon, Amanda Fisher, SC, JS

X19 – RW, Chris and Trisha Plant, David Fisher

Marketing and Membership – VP, LH, RD, JW – (will include working with members outside Market Hill)

ACTION: VP and sub-committee heads to speak directly to those expressing interest in joining sub-committees.

X19 – RW has agreed to head this sub-committee and has recently made a grant application.  There are already ideas for the trees and the lighting, and quotes being sought for trees to make an early order and get a good deal.

TGFSF19 – The sub-committee head is likely to not be JS or SC to ensure a fresh eyes approach.  The event date is 13th October 2019.  JS and SC are working on the new ideas that have resulted from consultation with those involved with the event and an outside expert.  They are working on a refreshed event with focus on local products and a VIP area, and producing a package for potential sponsors and event participants.

Other Events

Floral Fram – FBA will support FTC by encouraging FBA members to put up hanging baskets.  FTC are currently working on Floral Fram and feel a joint promotion in early May, once finalized, would be the right time of year to encourage the hanging baskets.

ACTION: JW and EC to collaborate on promoting from May.

RW asked if anyone has information on any Women or Men’s Cycle Tours for 2019, as that might require FBA involvement as in 2017 and 2018.  SC commented that the Women’s Tour looks to start in Beccles, route unknown.

ACTION: RW to speak to Sarah Shinnie at SCDC for an update.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business

JS has been working on this for about 18months, recent questions asked by the potential funders have been dealt with by SCDC.  The next panel meeting will be 06/02/19.

ACTION: JS to update at next FBA meeting.

  1. Business Items of Interest

Revitalising East Suffolk Towns Survey –15th and 16th Jan business visits and questionnaires plus town user survey by People and Places for SCDC. JW publicised the online business version too, and will publish the town user version too. FTC has also publicised on  People and Places reported on 23/01 responses from 40 out of 97 businesses visited.  This is equivalent to 41% and is already well-over their 25% threshold sought. People and Places have asked for surveys to be sent to groups and parishes in the area to reach the town users.

ACTION: JW to put the user survey link in newsletter.

Clean-up – FBA has found out the WI plan a Spring Clean Litter Pick in Fram.  JW has asked for date and other details to promote to FBA members.  EC had also provided details about the Spring Clean 2019 part of SCDC Love East Suffolk, this scheme offers £20 to participating groups and the chance to win £200 for your group/town, see

ACTION: JW to publish link to about the Spring Clean 2019.

ACTION: JW to keep in touch with WI on their plans.

Phone Alert – An incident in December of a shoplifter in town had been circulated to some businesses by a shopkeeper, but too late for FBA to highlight in the newsletter.  The FBA have been looking at an inclusive scheme to circulate information as part of the CCTV initiative, still being reviewed.

Framlingham Market Information – The information for FBA members about Market pitch applications and the PR and Markets committee was agreed with FTC and has gone into a recent FBA newsletter.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

Social media numbers continue to grow, with more activity on twitter as well as facebook, more to be done with Instagram.  FBA are still attracting people to Networking meetings and FBA membership through social media.

FBA website is now about 5 years old, it has had some improvements but needs an update to ensure the directory is more user friendly, better member pages, and that it fully represents the FBA.

ACTION: VP to meet with Engage Web Design to discuss website ideas.

ACTION: JS to meet with MH to look at website update training.

SSL still needs to be installed on the FBA website.

ACTION: Management committee to look at the installation of the SSL certificate post research on website improvement.

  1. FBA Membership

As at 11/01/19 membership represented 80 businesses.  This includes new members, a number of who are new entrepreneurs coming to FBA via social media and networking.  Renewal deadline has passed, non-renewing members being taken from website and newsletter database.

ACTION: JS to remove old members from website.

ACTION: JW to remove old members from newsletter.

Membership pack is available, all membership matters to be discussed by the new sub-committee and reported back to Management Committee. VP suggested using google drive to share membership spreadsheet for the sub-committee and Management Committee.

Networking meetings –  going very well, with new people attending each time. Meetings continue for the whole of 2019, the 4th Wednesday of each month, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree.

  1. FBA Finance/Banking

Community account:  £ 4266.71

Active Saver account: £ 8608.73

Total FBA Accounts:   £12875.44 (including £320.10 ring fenced HOD funding and £600 to be paid out for TGFSF18)

All as at 28/01/19.

(Total figure 04/02/18 was £17727.37including ring fenced funding so equivalent to £11352.37, so similar figure to 2019).

The removal of old signatories – was actioned in March, process not yet complete.

ACTION: SC to progress his paperwork.

  1. FBA Committee

Lisa Hamon has joined the Management Committee, and has agreed to head the new Marketing and Membership Committee, and to go on the TGFSF19 sub-committee.

ACTION: VP and sub-committee heads to speak directly to members about joining sub-committees.

  1. AOB

Speakers for 2019 – JW had asked if members had any ideas for potential speakers for 2019, so far there had not been any ideas.

KG and JS (July) happy to give a talk in 2019, RD plus a colleague would like to give a 15 minute talk about being Dementia aware. RD available to speak in March or May.

ACTION: JW to book speakers for meetings.

FBA Email Issues –  Gmail looks to be the best option, but VP asked for information from current FBA email users to clarify the backing up of old emails.

ACTION: Committee members to send info to VP to enable more research on this.

Parkrun – This new initiative in Framlingham is being spearheaded by FBA member Robert Mawson of Standing Bear who had asked FBA to consider offering a donation towards set-up costs.  Parkrun is a national charity and part funds the set-up in local areas, the rest of the funding has to be raised locally.  Rob has provided further information about Parkrun, which was discussed.  It was agreed to be a good initiative, with some present knowing about other Parkrun’s.  It was noted FBA do not usually give money to anything other than in relation to the benefit of the businesses and with sponsorship opportunities.  A vote was taken, and it was agreed to not offer funding to Framlingham Parkrun.

However FBA would be very happy to support by promoting the need for funding on the FBA noticeboard and newsletter, and also when Parkrun is launched.

ACTION: JW to inform Rob of the decision, and the offer to promote.

GDPR –   Last year FBA had been advised at GDPR training to register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).  This was done and a cheque sent off, FBA have been receiving the ICO regular newsletters.  Very recently ICO contacted FBA asking if we wish to be registered as we had done the paperwork but not paid, it appears the cheque went missing (date no longer valid and not cashed).  They advised that the criteria for the tier-assessment had changed since May 2018, and the cost is £40 now.  JW went through the self-assessment procedure again and found we don’t now have to register, although we can if we wish.  In either case we do have to follow GDPR regulations. One question concerned if we use CCTV for crime prevention purposes, JW answered No, but noted that a Yes answer would require FBA to register, not sure of any implication for the need to have a DPO if Yes to CCTV question.

EC commented that legislation has been revised and a DPO is no longer a requirement. However, FTC has appointed one as good practice.

It was decided that FBA will not register with ICO, but continue with GDPR practices.

ACTION: JW to inform ICO.

Christmas Trees X19 – RW asked for consensus on the size of main Market Hill xmas tree, as there had been some comment the 7m tree for X18 wasn’t tall enough.  It was agreed a 25/30ft tree would be ideal, bearing in mind the tree drops into the roundel and the lower part not visible.

ACTION: RW to seek quotes for a broad picture on prices.

The Hold Framlingham Time Capsule –In December FBA had been asked for advice on promoting and potential siting of the Time Capsule, which had been given, promotional reins taken up by SCDC and FTC.  The deadline for contents is 7th February at FTC offices. The Time Capsule is to be buried at 2pm on February 28th at Framlingham Cemetery, near the new WW1 bench and Ghostly Silhouette. FBA registered interest in attending.

Winter Conditions Strategy –  FTC putting in their February newsletter.

ACTION: JW to publicise in FBA newsletter.

Seckford Foundation – Mentors for Young People

JS is looking for mentors for young people doing their Young Enterprise at Thomas Mills High School.

ACTION: JS to provide information to JW for FBA newsletter and to VP for social media.

Stonham Barns Business Competition

JW had just received info on this business completion for new entrepreneurial ideas, the prize is start-up capital of £5K plus 6 month’s rent free retail pod at Stonham Barns.  This is sponsored by the Stonham Barns site owner, and the judging panel includes Dr Dan Poulter MP.

It was agreed to look at promoting on FBA Social media.

ACTION: VP to review promoting on social media, and inform JW of decision

ACTION: JW to inform the competition promoter

  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members and FBA members.  The networking meeting is a new initiative, a quick half hour or so chance to meet up at a central Framlingham location with other local businesses.

Next FBA Management Meeting:  Wednesday 27th February, 3.00pm at The Lemon Tree (straight after Networking)

ACTION: SC to confirm with Herve at The Lemon Tree

 March Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting:  5.30pm on Monday March 11th at The Castle Inn

Networking Meeting: Wednesday 27th February , 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard. 

Meeting closed at 6.45 pm