Tuesday 13th November 2018 Bi-Monthly meeting – DRAFT Minutes

 Present (at The Conservative Club, Church Street, Framlingham):

Victoria Perkins (Chair) – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman (Vice-Chair) – Framlingham Technology Centre
Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – Fram B&B, Richard The Architect
Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd
Steve Calver (Management Committee) – DJ and S.R Epic Sound and Lighting
Guy Downes (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Lisa Hamon – LA Global Management
Mick Hutton – Magic Media Street
Rachel Dawson – Gotelee Solicitors
Eileen Coe – Town Clerk and RFO, Framlingham Town Council
James Overbury – Deputy Town Clerk, Framlingham Town Council
Lesley Clouting – Chair PR & Markets Committee and FBA rep, Framlingham Town Council
Jacqueline – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Lisa Handley – Windmill Lodges
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Allan Williams – AW Artwork 

Meeting Chaired by FBA Chair Victoria Perkins

1.Attending –

See above.

2.Minutes from the last meeting (17th September 2018)-  for approval

Minutes for the September Bi-monthly meeting, were approved by Richard Whitaker and seconded by Steve Calver.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 17th September 2018
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.
  3. Framlingham Town Council Update

Members of Framlingham Town Council present had another meeting to attend this evening so were placed earlier in the agenda. The link to their current newsletter is: https://framlingham.com/newsletter/

Floral Fram – Eileen Coe commented that FTC currently own and are responsible for the 11 sponsored tubs and the War Memorial garden, the care of which is carried out by volunteers.  They would like to do more in 2019, and the watering will be done as part of the Grounds and Property Contract. Also Cllr Hopkins is painting 5 bikes black and they are to have planting and be sited around Fram for extra colour.

The Town Council also organises  an annual allotment competition with trophies and prizes are presented by the Town Council Chairman at the September Framlingham Horticultural Show. In May 2019 there will also be a Flower Festival in St Michael’s Church.  FTC would like to work with FBA to contribute to the town looking even better, perhaps with hanging baskets and linked competition.  FBA had suggested Britain In Bloom, but EC has previous knowledge of this and there isn’t the time or resources to take it on with all the other FTC priorities this coming year.

FBA consider this a great idea. RW has already contacted SCDC regarding the acceptability of hanging baskets on buildings in central Fram – and there isn’t a problem with this.  Permission would be required from building owners, possibly insurance cover to be considered. EC restated the advice from Suffolk County Council that the Fram town centre lamp posts owned and maintained by FTC are not suited to the weight of hanging baskets and can’t be used for this purpose.  Costs would need to be considered, and potential vandalism issues.

ACTION: FBA committee to produce a letter to businesses and premise owners asking if they would be interested in participating.

ACTION: A community/business/FBA sub-committee to be set up to co-ordinate. To Be considered at the January committee meeting.

EC also asked if there could be consideration to planting the Lime Tree beds as well.  FBA expressed concern that voluntary help with weeding and watering would be the issue, as this would not be covered by the Norse watering.

CCTV – FTC are interested in the progress on CCTV, there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour so it has become a higher priority.  JS explained that the delay had been because the person we were dealing with was on long term sick leave and we hadn’t been notified.  A new person is now working on the CCTV quote, but has not yet updated FBA.  The information will be passed to FTC as soon as we hear back.  FTC are looking at funding again, and will need to get a second quote based on the quote FBA are seeking.

Town Centre WiFi – James Overbury gave a brief overview of the possibility of getting WiFi for Market Hill. He had discovered there is EU funding grants of about £15,000 and he met with SCDC regarding an application.  The funding would cover just Market Hill, SCDC would prefer the coverage be up towards Fram Castle and down to Well Close Square.  If WiFi was set up there would be ongoing costs of £29 per month per unit, 2-3 units would be required. Options include analytical software which could be useful for marketing and possibly revenue.  There could also be sponsorship options.  The installation costs could well cost another £2000 on top of any funding, and would be a long term financial commitment.  FTC will also talk to local providers for alternative solutions.  FTC were keen for FBA members to be informed, it is also of interest to out of town members.  Improved WiFi may also be of interest in relation to CCTV plans

Any feedback would be welcomed by James through the FTC town clerk contact email.

4.FBA Events 

Heritage Open Day 8th September 2018

Draft finance figures have been done, but are not complete as awaiting some outgoing amounts to be finalised.  We are not allowed by Heritage Open Day to make a profit on this event and we were fully funded by SCDC, so it was agreed at the Management Committee meeting 23/10 to ring fence the surplus for next HOD in 2019 or 2020.

ACTION: JW to complete finance as soon as able, and pass to RW and Management Committee, figures to be published at Jan Bi-monthly meeting.

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival (TGFSF18)

This event had taken place on 14th October, final finance figures not yet available as a number of payments in and out are still going on.  These include invoices and expenses yet to be received, plus the inclusion of admin and event manager hours. The tickets sales that arrive into our bank account continued to arrive up to and including 22nd October.

ACTION: JW to chase up invoices and payments yet to be received, and complete interim finance figures for JS and SC to check, then the Chair and Management Committee, before publishing in January 2019

SC and JS discussed future plans for SFest.  One idea is to take a break from the event in 2019, and to spend time refreshing the event for 2020.  SC and JS have arranged a meeting on November 22nd to discuss feedback, ideas and plans with interested parties, including producers and venues.  It is felt that more volunteers are needed and also more back office help for the event. All are welcome to attend this meeting, please contact JS and SC via admin@framlinghambusiness.co.uk if you wish to attend or have ideas to put forward.

ACTION: JS and SC to report back to Management Committee in January 2019.

Christmas 18

There have been a number of meetings with a core retailer group and FBA about the Friday night Late Night Christmas Shopping Evening.  Plans are going well, with the involvement of local choirs, Primary School, Framlingham Churches Together and Rotary, alongside the sterling work of Diane Scott of Hall Farm Butchers, and the many retailers and businesses involved including Amy of Impulse, Bill and Karen of Bulstrodes, Sarah at Ruby Tyger and Chris and Trisha at The Cookshop and Amanda at The Castle Inn.

We have been very fortunate to have sponsorship and funding from Framlingham Town

Council, East of England Co-op, Clarke and Simpsons, Gotelee Solicitors and John Grose.

The raffle has some great prizes, donated by local businesses and others in the area, got float.

Some ‘to do’ things still ongoing including collecting all raffle prizes, organizing promotion

and ticket sales, sorting event schedule.  Posters and raffle ticket packs to be delivered by JW.

RW and JW can do 8.30am-12pm between them 17/11, VP and GD can do 12-3pm and JS 3pm

onwards. RW, JW, and possibly VP, on 28/11.

The Sunday Market has music organized and a number of trade stands, there is still room for a few more.  SC has been booking some different types of stalls to freshen the event.  We are borrowing the Scout tent for some of the stands to be sheltered.  Last year there was a carousel to encourage family attendance, SC has been looking for sponsorship for this. As a family attraction it was felt by those present there should be no set charge but to have a secure voluntary contribution bucket. The meeting felt that the carousel was a vital part of the event and should be booked anyway, the cost is £675 plus Vat for the traditional carousel SC has sourced.  JS gave contact details for a possible alternative if available.

ACTION: VP to ask for potential carousel sponsors and volunteers for raffle ticket selling and help on the event days  via social media, JW by newsletter.

There has been a delay with the partial road closure decision, this is due to SC not yet having attending the Road Closure Management Course.  He will have attended before the Festive Framlingham weekend, and be able to be our event accredited road closure person.  Eileen Coe of FTC has kindly taken this matter forward with our SCC Councillor Stephen Burroughes.  FTC have also offered FBA some old road closure signs FOC, which will be vital for doing our own road closures.

ACTION: SC to liase with Eileen Coe about both the road closure and the signs.

Christmas Trees – Due to our change of insurance broker, and to some new information concerning the wall plate ownership, FBA discovered more about the scheme to put Christmas trees on the buildings in Framlingham.  The scheme was set up in 2010, and the cost of the wall plate, bracket and tree was included in the cost of membership that year, this meant that the wall plate and bracket became part of the fixtures and fittings of the buildings concerned. Approval from SCDC was sought as central Framlingham is a Conservation Area, this was agreed proving only the wall plate was a permanent feature, the associated bracket that holds the tree itself was to only be in place when the trees were in place.  This all means that while FBA is insured to install and take down the trees, FBA is not insured for the period when the trees are in place on the building owners wall plate.  The building owners are responsible for the maintenance of the wall plates and for public liability while the trees are in place.  In the case of building tenants, it is their responsibility to contact the building owners for this information.

As a result, after professional advice and consideration by members of the Management Committee, letters were hand delivered to tree holder buildings, following up with information in FBA newsletters, emails and a second letter drop to take place, all to ensure that building owners were aware, and appropriately covered on insurance for the trees.

ACTION: RW and JW to walk around with revised Tree Consent letters, to mop up the process.

The 3ft Christmas Trees have been delivered to Charnwood Milling Company, for storage and lighting.  Volunteers needed to help clip the lights on the trees – Sat 17th and Sunday 18th from 10am.  The big tree will be delivered to Market Hill on 27t November, after the end of the Tuesday Market.  SC has co-ordinated the required equipment and manpower required, and RW and JW will help with ensuring there is space around the roundel to install the tree.  FBA is grateful to Garnett’s Gardens for their hard work on the tree orders.

ACTION: SC to borrow the flagpole tree from FTC, so the pole can be removed and stored, prior to tree delivery.

The partial road closures on 30/11 and 2/12 have required that leaflets be delivered to local businesses and residents as appropriate, and posted on cars in the period before the weekend event.  SC, RW and JW will available to encourage the co-operation of car owners on the event days.

FBA Events 2019

Plans for 2019 are to be discussed from January 2019.  One idea in the pipeline is a zip wire event in collaboration with English Heritage and TMHS.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business

The 3 year business and financial plan, for funding from a specific organisation, is still progressing.  JS has been working on this for quite some time, to provide support for local business associations and events.

  1. Business Items of Interest

Clean-up – FBA to find out if the WI will be doing a Spring Clean Litter Pick in Fram, with a view to encouraging business participation generally and also specifically to their premises.

Riverside Clearance – It had been agreed by the Management Committee in October to contribute £100 towards the £525 cost of this year’s clearance that FTC organizes.

ACTION: Contact to be made with WI about participation and date.

Winter Conditions Strategy – FTC had commented there are some mis-conceptions about the actions people can take in snowy and icy conditions.

ACTION: FBA to liase with FTC about informing FBA members.

Shop concerns – Some concerns have been self-resolved.  Information of the way PR and Markets Committee works, and looks at market stall applications can be given to FBA members, subject to FTC ensuring the wording is accurate.

ACTION: JW to inform FBA members about the link to the FTC PR and Markets monthly meeting agendas and about the process.

Parking – A meeting is being arranged between FBA Chair VP, Eileen Coe and Cllr John Jones to further discuss parking strategies in Framlingham.

Benches – the new WW1 commemoration bench purchased by FTC is being sited in the Cemetery.  JW commented that there had been a comment about the benches by the Lime trees.  FTC had commented they are painted annually, however the complaint also relates to the wooden slats between the painted ends looking unattractive.  FBA is passing on this comment.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

Social media stats show this is growing well up to 227 from 53, with an agreed small budget for ads to build the page.  FBA are also attracting people to Networking meetings and FBA membership through social media.

FBA wishes to encourage sharing with the town, encouraging both members and non-members to share town and business news.  Any news, special offers, jobs can be shared both on social media and the FBA newsletter.  The liking and sharing of each other’s pages also to be encouraged.

SSL still needs to be installed on the FBA website.

ACTION: Management committee to look at the installation of the SSL certificate.

The Z Booklet continues to be distributed, and has been popular with Fram Castle for their visitors wishing to look at the town.

  1. FBA Membership Update

Renewals have gone well, with about 66 renewals and new members so far.

There has been a delay in following up renewals due to increased admin workload in relation to events.  Renewals follow-ups will be made, with a cut-off date to remove member’s details from the website, and newsletter.

It was agreed that the annual membership process should include a date by which payment would be appreciated, followed by one reminder only, again with a set date, and to be completed in the autumn.

ACTION: JW to make renewal reminders, with a cut-off date.

Networking meetings – are going very well, with increasing numbers.  It was agreed to carry on in 2019.

ACTION: JW to contact The Lemon Tree about continuing with their venue for 2019, and agree dates.

ACTION: Management committee to consider the networking name.


  1. FBA Finance/Banking

Community account:  £ 12586.10

Active Saver account: £6096.47

Total FBA Accounts:   £18682.57

All as at 13/11/18.

SFest costs still coming in and out.  X18 tree invoice not yet received, will be approx. £1800 including lights, batteries and assistance.

The removal of old signatories – was actioned in March, process not yet complete.

ACTION: SC to progress his paperwork.  Consider adding VP to signatories.

JW had just received paperwork from Barclays concerning the updating of records, with some questions she was unable to answer personally.  It was agreed that it isn’t always easy to complete forms for voluntary organisations and associations.

ACTION:  JW will attempt to complete the form, JS suggested with the assistance of Trudy Hawes from Barclays if required.

  1. FBA Committee

There are spaces on the committee, enquires are welcome.  It is important to emphasise that the committee role is not just to be a volunteer.

ACTION: VP to write a call out to add to newsletter and social media on her view of the Chair and committee roles.


  1. AOB

FBA Email Issues –  FBA have been quoted £60 to make the change to gmail by Rob Chittock, must be in sync with the FBA website.  There would be ongoing costs. SC has some costings from elsewhere.

ACTION: VP to do more research on this.

FBA Budget – 2019.

ACTION- Management Committee to consider in Jan 2019.

Fram Groups Meeting – Planned for 14th October2018 the Management Committee decided at its recent meeting that groups are working together well for example on Christmas, so the Groups Meeting was postponed to 2019.

ACTION: Management Committee to consider in Jan 2019.

GDPR – FBA was asked to complete a technical GDPR questionnaire by a linked organisation. Further investigation indicated that we do not need to do this questionnaire.

Speakers for 2019 – Kelvin Gibbs happy to give a talk in 2019, also JS could give a talk.  Rachel Dawson from new member Gotelee Solicitors suggested a talk for local businesses about being Dementia friendly and aware.  She and a colleague are able to give this talk, but would also be open to doing a separate workshop, perhaps in conjunction with other local organisations.  (It is possible to become a dementia friendly town, this is a separate thing).

ACTION: JW to ask members for further ideas, then to book speakers for 2019.

Seckford Foundation – Mentors for Young People

JS is looking for mentors for young people doing their Young Enterprise at Thomas Mills High School. It would involve up to an hour a week during term time to listen, guide and provide suitable contacts.

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and VP via social media.

Xmas Tree FestivalRW and JW to decorate tree.

FBA Items – JW now has the Perspex FBA boxes and the FBA banner stand from Richard Harrison.

  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members and FBA members.  The networking meeting is a new initiative, a quick half hour or so chance to meet up at a central Framlingham location with other local businesses.

Next FBA Management Meeting:  5.30pm, Tuesday 15th January, at The Railway Inn

January Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting:  Tuesday 29th January, 5.30pm at The Crown (restaurant area)

Networking Meetings: Wednesday  23rd January, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard.  To liase with VP and JS and Management Committee about suitable dates for 2019 – March, May, July, September and November meetings.