Monday 11th March 2019 Bi-Monthly meeting – DRAFT Minutes

Present (at The Crown Hotel, Market Hill, Framlingham):

Victoria Perkins (Chair) – Deep Space Marketing
Jenny Stockman (Vice-Chair) – Seckford Foundation/Framlingham Technology Centre
Steve Calver (Management Committee) – DJ and S.R Epic Sound and Lighting
Lisa Hamon (FBA Management Committee) – LA Global Management
Guy Downes (Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing
Rachel Dawson – Gotelee Solicitors
Nicola Weldon – Gotelee Solicitors
Eileen Coe – Town Clerk and RFO, Framlingham Town Council
Cllr John Jones – Finance Chair, Framlingham Town Council
Rev’d Mark Sanders – St Michael’s Church/Churches Together
Sonia Lambert – Economic Development Officer Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils
Michael Keo – Keo Street/The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival Sub-committee Chair
Chris Plant – The Kitchen Range and Cookshop
Trisha Plant – The Kitchen Range and Cookshop/KR Bears and Dolls
Nikki Hall – AIMS (Aldershot Independent Mortgage Service)
Kevin Coe – Visitor
Jacqueline – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Dianne Scott – Hall Farm Butchers
Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services
Allan Williams – AW Artworks
Lesley Clouting – Chair PR & Markets Committee and FBA rep, Framlingham Town Council
Mick Hutton – Magic Media Street
Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd
Richard Whitaker (Management Committee) – Fram B&B, Richard The Architect

Meeting Chaired by FBA Chair Victoria Perkins

  1. Attending –

See above.

  1. Minutes from the last meeting (29th January 2019)- for approval

RW gave approval by email, seconded by VP.  FBA meeting minutes are posted on the FBA website.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 29th January 2019
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.
  3. Speakers

Nicola Weldon and Rachel Dawson of Gotelee Solicitors gave a short talk about Dementia Friends and about Gotelee Solicitors.

Nicola Weldon and Rachel Dawson, both based in the Woodbridge office of Gotelee Solicitors spoke to the committee about the Dementia Friends initiative and the services offered by Gotelee Solicitors.

As a result of the nature of their legal work (Private Client) Nicola and Rachel are both passionate about spreading awareness about what it’s like to live with dementia and have both become Dementia Champions.  This means that they have been trained to deliver Dementia Friends Information Sessions.

Dementia Friends is:-

  • A social action movement
  • Led by the Alzheimer’s Society as one strand of its work to create Dementia Friendly communities.

The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness of dementia and to help people with dementia to feel part of their community.  This is done by improving the understanding of dementia and inspiring community members to take action.  The focus of the initiative is on an attitudinal/ behavioural change at an individual level to enable social change.  Nicola and Rachel want to change the way people think, speak & act.

A Dementia Friend is someone who comes along to an Information Session and learns a little more about what it’s like to live with dementia and then turns that understanding into action – anyone of any age can be a Dementia Friend.  Dementia Friends is about learning more about dementia and to understand the little ways we can all help to create dementia friendly communities.   From telling others about Dementia Friends to vising someone you know living with dementia, every action counts.

Dementia Friends Information Sessions are free to attend and last 45 mins to 1 hour.  They are interactive and engaging sessions.  At the end of each session all participants should leave having learnt 5 things everyone should know about dementia and the opportunity to take action.

Nicola and Rachel are keen to help Framlingham to develop as a dementia friendly community.  Nicola is already working on this in Woodbridge and is a member of the Woodbridge Dementia Project steering group.

Nicola and Rachel expressed their gratitude to Gotelee which supports their activities – as a firm Gotelee is really keen to engage with the communities within which we work.

Whilst Nicola and Rachel both specialise in Private Client work, Gotelee offer a wide range of legal services from all of their offices in Woodbridge, Ipswich, Felixstowe and Hadleigh, including conveyancing, family, employment, corporate and commercial, crime, Person Injury and Clinical Negligence as well as some other specialist areas of law.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people in Framlingham travel further than necessary for legal services – possibly when local services can offer the same service, perhaps for less?  As well as the legal firms already situated in Framlingham, the Woodbridge Gotelee office is only a 20 minute drive away.

Rachel spoke to the committee about Lasting Powers of Attorney.  These are really important documents to have in place in case you need assistance to manage you property and financial affairs in the future or someone needs to make a decision about your health and welfare on your behalf because you do not have the capacity to do so yourself.

It was also pointed out that if you (or someone you know) registered a Lasting Power of Attorney or an Enduring Power of Attorney between 1/4/2013 & 31/3/2017, you can apply for a refund of part of the Court fee – online, by telephone or on post.

if you would like any more information about Lasting Powers of Attorney or any other legal service that Gotelee offer, or your business would be interested in arranging a Dementia Friends Information Session, please contact Nicola or Rachel on 01394 388605 or and


Discussion followed about Rachel and Nicola delivering some Dementia Friends training for local businesses, schools, and the public – as a public event, an FBA event, or delivered at individual business premises.  It was thought a public event could initially be the way forward and FBA could publicise to members.  FBA is keen to promote this training, and to look at the potential for developing the idea further into being a dementia Friendly town.

VP thanked Rachel and Nicola for the interesting talk.

ACTION: Rachel and Nicola to keep FBA posted about training plans.

5.FBA Events  and Sub-committees

Membership and Marketing Sub-committee

This group met on 6th March to discuss a range of agenda items: Website and Social Media; FBA Membership Pack; FBA Networking and Workshops/Tradeshows; and Engagement with current members and attracting new members.

The meeting considered a number of initiatives including marketing of the proposed new FBA website, and the use of social media to improve member communication.  The membership pack was reviewed, with ideas to improve and update, highlighting the FBA brand and what it has to offer.  Networking, which occurs on every 4th Wednesday of the month, was reviewed.  It is going well, bringing prospective members, and the opportunity for businesses to meet each other.  The meeting also looked at developing workshops, and at ways to engage with current and potential members. A survey of current members was proposed, questions covering what members like and ideas about how to improve FBA communications and events and activities. Questions are being developed to be quick and easy to complete on Survey Monkey.

VP suggested that members could also forward any ideas to LH, sub-committee Chair, via the email.

The next meeting will be April 9th, 6pm at The Crown.  Meetings are planned to be monthly.

ACTION: The Survey once finalised to be highlighted in the FBA newsletter by JW, and a request for ideas from members.

TGFSF19 (Sunday October 13th 2019)– Michael Keo of Keo Street introduced himself as the new Chair of TGFSF19 sub-committee.  He has a food business, and an understanding of the sausage market.  He explained that there had been keenness for the event to continue, but with a new angle.  There will be more involvement with the producers, including engagement with their customers.  They are looking at a refundable £150 fee to join the event, looking at sponsors for the event, and at making the event more appealing to visitors both new and returning.  Other ideas include VIP tickets which would incorporate meals and a special tour of Framlingham, continued efforts to attract a vegan sausage stand, and more effective marketing to reach potential visitors and producers in the area who haven’t yet heard about the event.

A budget meeting had been held on 1st March, a spreadsheet has been produced and details will shortly be ready to share with the Management Committee.

More help is needed for the event, both sub-committee members and volunteers, neither have to be FBA members.

X19 – RW and JW had made a walkabout, speaking to members and other businesses previously engaged with X18.  Ideas were discussed and interest gauged for an informal brainstorming about Christmas in a local pub in the next few weeks.  There had been interest and RW proposed either 1st or 8th April for the brainstorming, which would cover ideas, what works, a wish list, and researched costings.  Those attending would not be initially making any commitment, just sharing ideas.  RW and JW will be making a further walkabout.  The 1st April was chosen, at 5.30 pm, at The Castle Inn if available.  JW reported that FTC had kindly agreed a £250 funding application from FBA for Christmas 19.

ACTION: JW to book The Castle Inn, and publicise via FBA newsletter and the next walkabout. VP to publicise on social media.

Michael Keo commented that in Woodbridge one person is tasked with sorting everything for the small trees, everyone is charged £50 per tree plus a hire charge for the tree lights and uptake is high. A small team puts the trees up.  VP had researched the Halesworth Christmas decorations, they receive no funding and raise the £12,000 required by holding fund raising monthly from January.

ACTION: MK to find out a bit more about Woodbridge details.

Other Events

Floral FramACTION: JW and EC to collaborate on promoting from May.

Women’s Cycle Tour – Day 1 on 10th June is confirmed as starting in Beccles and finishing at Stowmarket , running  through Framlingham about a third of the way along the route. The route details seem to show a route from Brabling Green/Fore Street/ Fram college/Denington, but a route through Market Hill is another possibility.

ACTION: Sonia to speak to Sarah Shinnie at SCDC for an update on times and precise route.

  1. Framlingham Town Council Update

The link to their current newsletter is:


Cllr Jones explained the background to the Parking Strategy.  From mid-2017 FTC looked at issues reported about parking in Framlingham. The issues were: insufficient capacity; fragmented approach; the abuse of parking regulations; and lack of enforcement.

FTC conducted surveys to find out about business parking habits, parking uptake, and residents parking and what residents would like.  The survey results showed that 340 business employees drove into Fram each day, with 220 using public or street parking.  Taking into account 25% of employees were on shift pattern working, the resulting net spaces used by employees was 165 spaces – 45 on-street parking and 120 in public parking spaces.

Other facts to note are that the Co-op has parking spaces, for both Co-op shopping and public use, and that public parking does not include St Michael’s Rooms parking and EH parking as they are privately owned.

Residents Parking Zone (RPZ) – these are controlled parking zones, the 2017 survey to test reaction to introducing this initiative had a good return, but failed to achieve the 51% positive replies required to move forward.  Cllr Jones explained that at that time full information had not been available, the picture was much clearer now.  Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council (soon to be East Suffolk Council) are both in favour of cohesive parking across the district and county. In light of all this FTC will be looking at RPZ again.

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) – From April 2019 parking offences in Suffolk are being decriminalised and the Police will no longer be involved in public car parking (other than in situations of danger), this includes on street parking.  It is reported that due to Brexit issues the necessary legislation won’t be in place until the Autumn, this could  result in a gap of approximately 6 months between Police ceasing involvement in the parking offences and the new regulations being in place for local authorities to deal with parking offences, which could lead to some problems.  FTC completed an inventory for Suffolk County Council of the current parking regulations in Framlingham, and those regulations have been issued for public consultation.

Parking proposals – These were agreed and approved February 2018 by Framlingham Town Council

FTC is looking at providing additional spaces at Framlingham Sports Club, to be available for business employees, and at more capacity at the edge of town.

There will be Pay and Display at The Elms car park in line with the Fore Street car park, tariffs are likely to be revised at some point to bring into line with parking in nearby towns.  On Market Hill there will be Pay and Display, with an initial free hour followed by a charged hour, cars then have to leave and can’t return for 2 or 3 hours. Tickets must be displayed from the start of the free hour period.  Enforcement will be through SCDC and Norse Enforcement Agents. The free parking at the Co-op will continue to be limited to 2 hours, but will be enforced in future by their security team, with improved signage displayed.

Controlled Parking, where residents have preferential parking, is being looked at with SCC wanting ‘shared use’ including pay and display.

FTC are continuing to look at improving safety to encourage cycling, they have installed cycle rack parking and with funding available will continue to take opportunities to move this initiative forward.

Cllr Jones explained that FTC had investigated increasing the Elms parking into the Mere, for more spaces, with Suffolk Wildlife Trust and Historic England.  However this research highlighted that in 2014 Historic England had redrawn the protected area associated with Framlingham Castle, as this now incorporates the potential parking area this expansion is now no longer possible.

FTC continues to look for increased parking in the town, even for just a few spaces at any potential location, he asked that anyone with potential space however small to please contact FTC.

In regards to the Sports Club parking FTC were aware that in 2014 FBA had set up a legal agreement on a parking scheme with the Sports Club, and at Fram Farmers for weekend parking, allowing business employees to park during the week for a small charge.  The scheme had been very little used and the FBA had agreed that FTC could move forward on this strategy.  FTC are looking to seek a new and simplified agreement with the Sports Club, and to look at addressing the issues that prevented the scheme being used before.  The FTC survey had indicated that the Sports Club car park had been dark and muddy to access.  FTC would look at improving the lighting and at a path, the possibility of an exit at the Scout Club, and long term at more spaces.

FTC had looked at additional parking space at the Primary School for their employees to release 15 public spaces, but had heard this could not go ahead.

FTC have submitted an On-Street parking scheme to SCDC in order to receive feedback before moving forward public consultation and FTC approval.

Cllr Jones explained that all costings for the changes in the car parking to ensure commonality across the town had been completed and agreed, these include costs of improved signage and the Pay and Display machinery. The proposed date for introduction had been April, but is likely now to be end of June or early July at the earliest.


RD asked about parking for the school run at the Elms car park.  Cllr Jones explained that two ‘relaxed’ half hour slots, at the Elms car park only, matching the school drop-off and pick-up times will be available.

Cllr Jones concluded by saying he will keep FBA informed of progress.

CCTV – Eileen Coe commented that FTC have a second quote and requested a meeting to discuss moving this project forward as quickly as possible.

Town Centre WiFi –   Eileen Coe commented that FTC is waiting for an updated proposal from Elephant WiFi, which can then be taken to the Full FTC meeting on 4th April.  The initiative should then move quickly forward.  VP highlighted that one improvement to the initiative is it will be sustainably funded for 3 years, rather than the 1 year initially proposed, allowing time to work on a funding pot for the future.  More information will be available, and a press release issued, after the elections in May.

JS asked if funding would be available for training or workshops to inform businesses about the use of digital WiFi.  VP reported that FBA is in contact with SCDC about potential grant funding for this, there may also be funding for training in digital marketing.

ACTION: VP to continue to work with SCDC on funding availability.

Council Elections 2nd May –  Eileen Coe explained that District and Parish/Town Council Elections will take place on 2nd May, and from 15th March until after the Elections the Town Council will be observing the recommended code of guidance relating to the pre-election period (known as Purdah) so there will be no newsletter etc in April.

  1. Business Items of Interest

Clean-up – FTC will be holding a Clean Up on Sunday 14th April, meeting at the Shalom Centre at Thomas Mills High School.  The Clean Up commences at 10am, focusing on the Saxtead Road area, all are welcome to attend, with bags provided.

The WI Spring Clean Litter Pick will take place on Thursday 2nd May, between 10 am and 12pm, meeting place and items required to participate have not been fully clarified with FBA.

ACTION: JW to contact WI on their final plan details, and publicise both events to members.

Square/Cashless Pilot – VP explained there will be 10 free readers available for those currently not able to take cards, this could include both businesses and the market and would not be restricted to FBA members.  Other possibilities suggested were Churches and for FTC and FBA events.  There is a need to identify those who would benefit, and for the information about attached fees given – FBA will need to send information out.

ACTION: VP to keep FBA informed.

Trade show Partnership – Membership and Marketing looking at the possibility of a joint venture with Framlingham College Business Club.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Networking Lunch 1st May – 11.30am to 2.00pm at High Lodge Leisure, Darsham,  key note speaker is Nicola Beach Chief Executive at Suffolk County Council.  There is a discount available for FBA members – please book through Kayleigh Streeton at or 01473 694829.  More event details at

ACTION: VP to publicise through social media.

ACTION: JW to send a reminder in the newsletter.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

The current website was set up in 2014, the Chair and Management Committee had identified and discussed the need to update it to be more professional and better represent the FBA and its members.  This would also be more attractive to prospective new members.  The Management Committee had agreed the new website, and discussed with Engage Web Design Ltd.  A quote of £1200 had been given for a website that will deliver many new benefits, including a ‘mini-website’ page for each member with room for more business details, opening hours, map, and a gallery of photos – all easily updated.  There will be SEO and blogs.  The new website will take about 6 weeks, including time to get the member pages prepared.  The meeting agreed and approved the quote.

ACTION: JW to ensure the deposit is paid by 12th March.

ACTION: VP to meet again with Engage Web Design Ltd this week.

  1. FBA Membership

As at 11/03/19 membership represented 82 businesses.  2 members who did not renew in time have indicated they wish to remain a member, the others have been taken from the website and newsletter database.  A new member commented that the uptake of membership seemed high in relation to the total number of businesses in Framlingham.

  1. FBA Finance/Banking

Community account:  £ 3052.60

Active Saver account: £ 8608.73

Total FBA Accounts:   £11661.73 (including £320.10 ring fenced HOD funding, £1200 for new website and £400 for ad).

All as at 04/03/19.

The figures for TGFSF18 had been updated, with two corrections to the previous figures and the recent receipt of £380 payments that had been problematical to invoice and some late trade stand payments.  The new balance figure is £2103.00 profit.

The removal of old signatories, to be completed.

ACTION: SC to progress his paperwork.

  1. FBA Committee

There are openings on the Management Committee and the sub-committees, VP expressed her thanks to those who have already volunteered to join the sub-committees. The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival sub-committee currently has 5 members and would welcome more, noting that people don’t have to be an FBA member to join the sub-committee.

The Management committee had met on 27th February, it was proposed that the Management Committee meetings become closed meetings for the management committee members only, and that meetings become monthly as required.  This is because some of the agenda items can be sensitive and not yet available to become public, and the meetings need to be focused on sub-committee feedback.  The Management Committee meetings will continue to be available to FBA members on the FBA website. This proposal had been agreed in principle at the quorate Management committee meeting, subject to being an agenda item at this March Bi-monthly meeting.

It was noted that the next Management Committee meeting was 3rd April, not 4th as on the agenda.

  1. AOB

Speakers for 2019 – KG and JS (July) happy to give a talk in 2019, there were 2 suggestions that Keith Snowdon be approached as AGM speaker. That will leave one more speaker to be found for November 2019.

ACTION: JW to book speakers for meetings.

Business Alert – Hopefully will know more in relation to CCTV.

The Hold Framlingham Time Capsule – JW had attended the burial of the Time Capsule. ad – To report the Management Committee had agreed to have an annual slot on  This ad will ensure FBA have its information prominently on, and can be updated as required with FBA information on events and activities.

Thank You’s – JW reported that FBA had received a Thank You from both Framlingham Sports Club and Framlingham Scouts for the donations from FBA, given in recognition of their invaluable help and lending of equipment at X18 and TGFSF 18 events.

East Suffolk Council – VP and JW had received notification from SCDC about the change to East Suffolk Council on 1st April, the main change for FBA would be a change of invoice address.

  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members only.  The networking meeting is open to all local businesses.

FBA Management Committee Meeting:  Wednesday 3rd April, 1.00pm at RW’s house.

May Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting: 5.30pm, venue tbc.

Networking Meeting: Wednesday 27th March, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree.

Membership and Marketing meeting: 6pm at The Crown, Tuesday 9th April.

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard. 


Meeting closed at 6.45 pm

The Crown Hotel was thanked for hosting the meeting.