Present (at The Lemon Tree, Framlingham):

Jenny Stockman (FBA Chair) – Framlingham Technology Centre/Seckford Foundation

Richard Whitaker (FBA Vice-Chair) – Fram B&B/Richard the Architect

Steve Calver (FBA Management Committee) – DJ/S.R Epic Sound and Lighting

Rebecca Winn – Winnthinking Ltd

Herve Duvoid – The Lemon Tree

Jenny Labbett – Jenny Labbett Computer Services

Jacqueline Ward – FBA Secretary and Association Co-ordinator


Kelvin Gibbs (FBA Management Committee) – Charnwood Milling Company Ltd/Micronizing Company UK Ltd

Victoria Perkins (FBA Management Committee) – Deep Space Marketing

Meeting Chaired by FBA Chair Jenny Stockman

1.Attending –

Attendees and apologies noted, as above. Introductions were made.

2.Minutes from the last meeting (14th May 2018)-  for approval

Minutes for the March Bi-monthly meeting and AGM, were approved by Jenny Stockman and seconded by Richard Whitaker.

  1. Matters Arising from the last meeting – 14th May 2018
  2. Community Action Suffolk (CAS) – Volunteer Policy to be actioned.

Action: Volunteer Policy to be done by JW.

  1. FBA Insurance. Awaiting a final quote from alternative broker. Have requested full breakdowns per event, quote may be a Year quote rather than for specified 3 events – which could be less expensive.

ACTION: SC to continue to pursue, final quote to be considered by Management Committee at September meeting.

  1. Speaker – Rebecca Winn

 A summary of Rebecca Winn’s presentation to Framlingham Business Association – How the Ancient Greeks Made Friends and Influenced People

The period 500-336 BCE is known as Classical Greece – an era of new thinking, exploration and cultural change. Much of Ancient Greek thinking remains with us today.

Why do I think the Greeks are so brilliant?

They invented ‘democracy’ (unless you were a slave, woman, foreigner, non-landowner or male under 20 – but you have to start somewhere…). Everyone else could be heard at the assembly once a month.

Greek theatre – we still design our modern theatres to a strongly Greek model, including scenery and stage props. Our plays are also full of Ancient Greek echoes and conventions. Plus, they invented the word ‘obscene!’

Philosophy and science: Some scholars believe they worked out the basics of atomic theory, just by sitting and thinking about it. Consider this fragment of text: “Nothing exists except atoms and void. Everything else is opinion.” Accredited to a thinker called Democritus, who lived in Thrace at the end of the 5th century BCE. Mindblowing.

Medicine, though they didn’t always get it right… Philosopher Heraclitus tried to cure his fluid retention problem by burying himself manure. It didn’t end well.

Debating! Skilled debaters were the superstars!

In 500-200BC, as a great debater and influencer of others you were an A-lister! One of the most celebrated is Aristotle (384-322 BCE), and here it becomes interesting for us in the business world today.

The Aristotelian ‘modes of persuasion’ model is used by great negotiators, salesmen, customer service professionals and people managers, often without realising. It’s also commonly adopted by political columnists and speechwriters. When I cover the approach with training and coaching clients, I like to call it The Three Greeks.

The Three Greeks are:

Ethos – Credibility (distinctive character, spirit, ethics)

Pathos – Empathy (to do with emotions)

Logos – Logical Argument (reasoning)

To find out how to make friends and influence people like Aristotle, you can visit an article I wrote about it in 2012 here:

Rebecca was thanked for her thought and discussion provoking talk.

  1. Framlingham Town Council

Members of Fram Town Council were unable to attend this meeting.  The link to their current newsletter is:

5.FBA Events 

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival (TGFSF18), 10-4 on Sunday 14 October 2018

Event launch was at The Crown on 2nd June, attended by sponsor Suffolk Cottage Holidays.  JS has listed TGFSF18 onto the Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.

Trade stands are booking, some would even like a 2 day event, but it was felt that wouldn’t be practical, SC will attend a similar style of event in Essex to research.

In the last 3 weeks 18960 have liked the last TGFSF18 post, and still being shared.  Website updates will be required, it was agreed that a student available for the summer would carry out updates at £5pr hour.  We have continued to receive a few on line ticket bookings.

SC would like to investigate aerial photos of TGFSF18. JW commented that we have a new member qualified to take aerial photos.

ACTION: JW to provide contact details of FBA member Ben Nichols to SC.

Nearly new crowd barriers have been purchased by SC for FBA, cost £370.  SC will arrange collection soon, also will arrange FBA branding for the barriers.  Barriers purchased to improve crowd experience and reduce queues at TGFSF18, most producers very keen on new format.  Barriers will also be available to FBA members, and partner local organisations, for their events.  JS reminded that FBA have a range of useful items available to borrow, see

ACTION: SC to arrange collection, branding, and storage arrangements.

JW had been asked by Patrick’s Newsagents about the set-up time for TGFSF18, after a poor access experience around the Cycle tour (see below).  SC commented that set up begins from 5am until about 9am, but that should not disrupt Patrick’s as it is FBA led rather than at the Cycle Tour.

ACTION: JW to inform D C Patrick’s.

The Harvest Exhibition of local businesses planned by St Michael’s Church to coincide with TGFSF18, will not now go ahead due to workload changes.  It is hoped to revisit this great idea in the future.  St Michael’s have been thanked for their input.

Heritage Open Day 8th September 2018 – Organisation in full swing.  National HOD website event content now launched, FBA have 7 events including a Photo Trail, History Trail, Food.  These events were sent to HOD, but they are behind uploading them, see:

Some event details being finalised currently, including food venues and camera club photo trail. Promotional materials have arrived, including a new banner.

HOD visitors will need to sign in as last year, they will only then receive a HOD sticker that entitles them to free entry/food/trail maps. One event will need to be booked, as there are limited numbers on the History Walk.  The sign in page will be analysed, as last year, for feedback to SCDC and to aid future planning.

Press will be done asap, the leaflets will be done soon once all details confirmed, as they need to go out the first week of August.

ACTION: SC will locate the 2 HOD banners from 2017

ACTION: Banner to be put up at the Co-op (permission sought)

FBA gazebo will be needed, JS commented that the gazebo is now stored with other FBA items (including TGFSF voting boxes and FBA display boards) and no longer at the Technology Centre.

Parking discussed, it hasn’t appeared to be a problem in past years, will review after the 2018 event.

Event future – RW has been advised that SCDC will not be able to provide funding for Fram HOD in 2019, but could again in 2020.  In line with other towns it is suggested we run HOD on a 2 year cycle.  This was agreed, and could allow focus on another event in Fram in intervening years, possibly around Suffolk Day 21st June – to be reviewed.

Christmas 18 – An initial meeting had taken place on 9th July, including representatives from FBA, Fram Town Council and Framfare.  Apologies had been received from interested retailers and Churches Together.  It was agreed that a 3 day event should take place:

Friday 30th November – Christmas Shopping evening and Tree Lighting, traditional theme.

Saturday 1st December – FOSM Tree Festival at St Michaels Church.

Sunday 2nd December – Christmas Market: Charity/Community/Business.

There would need to be separate groups to organise and run the event elements – with autonomous committees.

There would be a pooling of resources for road closures and traffic management, insurance, funding and sponsorship, raffle, promotion, branding and leaflets, event figures.

Another meeting is needed to ensure that tasks can be allocated, and to gauge progress on actions already set.  FBA are already looking at insurance quotes, have applied for some grant money (will find out in September), and will be looking at branding and promotion shortly.

FBA plans to ensure that Framlingham is appropriately decorated for the festive season, and are currently looking at tree quotes and the plan for installation and disposal.

ACTION: JW to arrange the next meeting, ensuring that key retailers and committee members can attend, plus other parties.

OVO Women’s Cycle Tour – 13th June 2018

Stage One departed from Market Hill Framlingham at 10.30am on 13th June, after a community ride out. The race returned to the top of the town around 12.30.  Two FBA committee members attended the VIP breakfast on Market Hill, 3 committee members attended an SCDC breakfast briefing followed by distribution of the new Framlingham Z Booklet to visitors to the town. This is a guide to what is currently happening in Framlingham – including Heritage Open Day, the Cycle tour and the Fram Lawn Tennis Club 125th anniversary Tennis tournament.  FBA are very grateful for the sponsors of this – Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils, Chris Hudson, Clarke and Simpson, Fram Town Council and FBA.  Booklets have been distributed within Framlingham at locations tourists and visitors can easily find, some have been delivered out of the area.

ACTION: RW to continue to distribute the Z Booklets, a list of suitable tourist venues has been drawn up.

Before the event RW and JW visited all businesses potentially affected by the road closure and parking.  Some questions and issues were picked up and addressed, including that Patricks hadn’t heard from SCDC about arrangements, RW actioned on this. Some businesses had not received the SCDC letter, so we were able to update them. Some businesses opened earlier, some closed or cancelled morning appointments, most were very enthusiastic about the event.

Event feedback – The Crown and The Lemon Tree felt that it had not been as busy as the organisers had predicted in their leaflet, but had felt well prepared with staff numbers – footfall had been up and they had been busy.  They felt that visitors had not stayed long as hoped after the race left.  Committee members at the event felt that while SCDC had wanted visitors to stay, the fact that some visitors wished to cycle or drive to the end of the Stage at Southwold meant that they didn’t stay very long – and once the race left the event organisers started to demount the venue elements ready to go to the next venue.  If Fram was the start venue again there would need to be more consideration on what would encourage visitors to stay longer – entertainment, music etc.  However we had great TV and press coverage, including an hour on ITV4 in the evening, and peak time coverage on BBC1 Look East and ITV Anglia News programmes.  Coupled with visitors receiving the Z Booklets, FBA are optimistic that visitors will return another day.

FTC had one complaint that tour buses had been parked in Church Street but there had been no obstruction.

Negative feedback from Patricks Newsagent, they (and a local milkman) had not been issued with the promised official stickers allowing them through to enable deliveries (between 5am and 6am), finally allowed through at 6.30am after long discussion.

There are concerns this inadvertently reflected poorly on FBA, although FBA was not involved – just attempting to aid maximum benefit and minimum disruption to Framlingham.

ACTION: RW to feedback poor experience to Sarah Shinnie at SCDC, and request an apology for Patrick’s.

  1. Suffolk Coast Business

Still delayed, due a new form required by the deciding committee.  It looks promising for the 3 year funding, if confirmed recruitment will go ahead in time for a re-launch on 2nd November.  SCB is valuable, helping all the associated business associations including networking for the individual chairs.

Traffic Management Course should be available soon, this should reduce the cost of events.

ACTION: JS to chase TM course information, and share with SC and FBA local partners.

ACTION: SC to check local Ladder course availability.

  1. Marketing/Online presence

There will be a social media update at the next meeting, as VP away at the moment.

SSL for FBA website.  SSL has been installed on TGFSF website by the host.  An SSL certificate has been purchased for the main FBA website, but requires a knowledgeable person to install.

ACTION: JS to look at the installation of the SSL certificate.

A second set of the Z Booklet has been delivered, without the Cycle Tour information. The initial set continues to be distributed, and the second set will be used once they run out.  Suitable places for distribution further afield have been researched.  The booklets will also be distributed at Tennis Tournament, HOD, Best of Suffolk and with Suffolk Cottage Holidays.

ACTION:  RW to ask if Fram Castle would like the Z Booklets, others to be distributed.


8.FBA Membership Update

Total membership represents 88 businesses, this includes a number of recent new members, some approaches have been made.  A new membership pack was approved, but it was agreed advisable for the Join FBA form to have a tick box for newsletter opt-in/Privacy Policy read.

ACTION: JS to look at Join form again, and change as appropriate.

ACTION: Membership pack to adjusted by JW, to take account of any changes above.

ACTION: Prince of India keen, needs to be approached again. 

ACTION: SC to approach Kelly Goody, once form ready.

It was agreed that the annual membership process should include a date by which payment would be appreciated, followed by one reminder.  At that point details can be hidden on the website.  JW suggested an email to the few that didn’t renew last year in case they wish to re-join, one such person had already approached JW about this.

ACTION: JW to process annual membership invoicing in August, as above.

Networking meetings – going well, slowly increasing numbers.

ACTION: Management committee to consider the networking name.

Membership fee – Membership fee is currently £60.  Those present at this meeting voted to keep the fee at £60 for 2018/19 membership year. It was noted that members would not be charged for Christmas trees, only non-members, so that the town would be appropriately dressed for the festive season.

  1. Management Committee

Management Committee Minutes – currently the minutes form these meetings are only published to those attending, these can only usually be FBA members and members of the management Committee.  In the interests of transparency the Management Committee feel that a report from the minutes should be available to all FBA members on the FBA website.

ACTION: JW to write a report for approval, then request uploading onto the FBA website.

AGM – reports should be sent to JW in time to send to members/post on website by around 20th August.  Reports include: Chairman’s Report, FBA Accounts, Election Procedure, and forthcoming events.

The management committee steps down at the AGM, and can be voted back in.  JS is unable to remain Chair as she has been in position for 2 consecutive years (FBA Constitution), RW is unable to remain as Vice-chair as he will be moving from Framlingham.  JS is willing to become Vice-Chair which would support a new Chair, in addition there is admin support.

ACTION: FBA members to consider Chair position for 2018/19. Nominations can be made anytime between now and the AGM.

FBA continues to look for new committee members, new FBA members and those considering joining the Management Committee members are very welcome to come to a Management Committee meeting (open to all FBA members) and/or talk to the Chair or other Management Committee members. Being a committee member is really interesting, and not just about volunteering to help. Please contact Jacqueline on or Jenny on

  1. AOB

CCTV – FBA Management Committee had met with Secure Response, awaiting further information and a new quote.  Information on CCTV unit style and colours is needed so SCDC can give initial opinion on suitability on the Grade 2 listed buildings, which will require (free) listed building consent, applied for by the building owners.  The new quote will take account of having just 1 DVR in a central location linked to all CCTV units.  This will mean there would not be the GDPR issues associated with individual DVRs on business premises – it would not be allowable for business customers to even accidently view DVR sight of Market Hill which is a public place.  It may also make CCTV a bit more affordable, currently there is £1K funding available for CCTV, but FBA have identified that on top of the set up costs, there would be annual maintenance visits costing nearly £900 per annum.  A discrete survey can be made to ensure the system would be workable, including the wi-fi signal required to the central DVR.

Once FBA have all the information they will inform all interested parties, and discuss with FTC the possibility of CIL funding.

Fram Business Phone Alert – A number of options have been considered by FBA, and Secure Response has also advised – FBA are awaiting more information from them before moving forward.

Framlingham Groups Meeting – this will be discussed at the next Management committee meeting.

Email Issues – SC had had a second opinion from Olly Stockman about the issues experienced by some of the committee.  The conclusion is that we should change to gmail.

ACTION: SC to contact Robert Chittock regarding codes to make changes.  He will continue to host.

Local Business Issues – Some FBA members had spoken to FBA about some concerns they had about duplication in the make-up of the market and in relation to the shops.  The shops had contacted FTC with their concerns and had copied FBA in.  Both the shops and FBA are supportive of the market.

RW had looked at the Market regulations, and felt that accurate factual evidence of issues should be collected by those concerned, he is happy to collate for members if they wish him to.  It was thought useful for those concerned, and a representative from FBA, attend the next PR and Markets meeting in September.

ACTION: RW to make a supportive walkabout.

Lime Trees –

During the recent walkabouts some FBA members had complained about the Lime trees on

Market Hill.  The complaints were that the trees had been insufficiently pollarded last time,

that the growth at the base of the trees was too bushy, that the tree overhang on the

Market hill pathway meant that people couldn’t walk along the path without being brushed

by the trees, that customers and staff had complained they had sap on their clothing, that

the buildings along the top path were in relative darkness, that the trees hid the view

of the businesses – with both customers and business deliveries not able to see the

shops.  The beds were untidy and had litter, customers had commented that it wasn’t what

they expected in Framlingham.  It was believed that pollarding would not take place for over

a year.  Previous complaints had not been satisfactory, as there was confusion about who to

complain to.  There had recently been a very light trimming of some of the overhang, but it

was insufficient.  It was felt that the community could become involved in improvements to

the area, one premises would be happy to water. The state of the wooden benches was also

commented on.

This matter was discussed in the meeting, noting that the ownership and responsibilities of

the lime trees and beds was a complicated issue it was agreed that the affected members

should contact Fram Town Council to ask who should be contacted about the trees, beds

and benches.

ACTION: JW to feed information back to one of the complainants.


  1. Next meetings

Please note that the FBA Bi-monthly meetings are open to all, including non-members, the Management Committee meetings are open to both committee members and FBA members.  The networking meeting is a new initiative, a quick half hour or so chance to meet up at a central Framlingham location with other local businesses.

Next FBA Management Meeting:  5.30pm, Wednesday 12th September, venue TBC

September Main FBA Bi-monthly meeting and AGM:  Monday 17th September, 5.30pm at Framlingham Technology Centre , guest speaker Victoria Perkins, Deep Space Marketing

Networking Meetings: Wednesday 25th July, 1.30pm at The Lemon Tree and Wednesday 22nd August.

ACTION: JW to publicise in newsletter and on Noticeboard

Meeting closed at 7.30pm

Herve was thanked for hosting the FBA meeting