Report on Matters Arising, Events, Finance, Membership, and Management Committee for September 2018 Bi-monthly meeting 17/09/18 

Matters Arising

  1. Community Action Policy still to be actioned


Heritage Open Day took place on Saturday 8th September, there will be feedback at the September meeting.

The Great Framlingham Sausage Festival takes place on Sunday 14th October, there will be an update at the September meeting.

Christmas 18 (X18) will be a 3 day weekend event, a Shopping Evening on Friday 30th November, Friends of St Michaels have organised their Christmas Tree Festival for Saturday 1st December, and there will be a Christmas Market on Sunday 2nd December.

Two X18 meetings have already taken place, and a retailer’s sub-committee set up to organise the Shopping Evening, with some new ideas to increase footfall for the businesses.

FBA will be organising the Festive Window competition, and the Sunday Market.  FBA is also offering support to the Shopping Evening including organising festive decoration, Tree Lighting, insurance, branding and promotion, raffle license.

FTC and the Library will be running a Christmas Card competition, displayed in the Library during December.  FTC are organising a Meet Your councillor session, with refreshments, during the Shopping Evening.

More details will follow at the September and November meetings, and in the FBA newsletter and on social media.


As at 31st August 2018 total membership represented 88 businesses, this includes a number of recent new members.  Renewal invoices have been sent out for the 2018/19 FBA membership year.

A new membership pack is available, and there are plans to approach potential new members. 

Networking meetings – these take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month, the next ones are on 26/09, 24/10, and 28/11. The number of people attending is increasing.  Those attending include regulars and new people each meeting, some are non-members who find out via social media and posters. 

Finance and Banking Report as at 05/09/18

Community account:  £5569.88 (includes ring fenced funding)

Active Saver account: £6096.47

Total FBA Accounts:   £11666.35 (including ring fenced funding)

There is one un-cleared £35 cheque which will reduce the balance.

There will be an update on these figures at the September meeting

Removal of old signatories – actioned, but there have still been issues with the information Barclays required.  ACTION: JW awaiting confirmation from Barclays and will re-check.

FBA Management Committee

The Committee continues to seek members to join FBA and also the Management Committee.

There is a need for more members on the sub-committees for events.

At the September AGM meeting all the committee stand down and may be re-elected. The current chair will have been in post for 2 years so will not be able to be re-elected, the current Vice Chair will be unable to re-stand.

After this September Bi-monthly meeting, the next Bi-monthly meeting will be on November 12th at the Framlingham and District Conservative Club from 5.30pm.

Members who wish to find out more about volunteering to help at events, joining a sub-committee or the Management Committee, should email Jacqueline on or Jenny on