Supporting businesses in Framlingham and the IP13 area

Framlingham is beautiful, historic market town set in the stunning Suffolk countryside. With a landmark castle and charming Market Hill, it is a

significant tourist destination and listed as one of the best places in England to live. Framlingham is also a great place to bring up a family, spend

leisure time, work and do business.

Framlingham Business Association brings together businesses and community groups, forging meaningful partnerships and making a positive

difference to the local economy. Be a part of the FBA’s growing community, benefit your business and share in the successful future of this area.

Together we will:

Promote all that is great about Framlingham and the surrounding district

Build strong links for local trade

Showcase our area as a great place to visit and do business

Co-ordinate events and mark significant dates on national and local levels

Gain greater lobbying power for local issues through wider connections

Bring like-minded business people together